10 Best Gym Bags For Women 2023 (All Things in One Bag)


Are you looking for a good gym bag for your daily workout sessions?

A good gym bag can elevate your workouts by helping you carry all the essential things in one bag. There are many things that you may need during your workouts like an extra set of clothes, shoes, napkin, energy bars, and water bottle. Choosing the right bag can make your life easier but there are so many types of bags available in the market that you can get confused. We have compiled a list of ten best gym bags for women which are great in terms of space and design:

Editor Pick Best Gym Bags For Women

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Adidas Squad III Duffel Bag

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Available in 9 color combinations, this duffle bag from Adidas comes with a lifetime warranty and is made up of polyester. It has an adjustable shoulder strap which can be adjusted as per your height and an external zipped compartment for keeping your shoes. It also comes with a mesh pocket for water bottle and the main compartment for keeping your clothes and small gym equipment. The price of the bag is moderate as compared to other bags.

What we like about it:The external small pockets and mesh pockets of this bag are perfect for keeping your essentials like keys and phone. The separated compartments keep the dirty items and the clean items apart.

Runetz Chevron Hot TEAL Blue Gym Bag

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With 2 sizes and 8 colors to choose from, this chevron print gym bag is very versatile as it can be used for various purposes. The padded and adjustable shoulder strap along with dual handles provides you maximum comfort. The size of the bag is good and you can carry many things in one bag. The bag also has a ventilated pocket for keeping your shoes and soiled clothes. The price of the bag is affordable.

What we like about it:The design of this bag is feminine and chic. The padded strap makes it comfortable to carry the bag for long periods also and the price is an added advantage.

Nike Gym Club Women’s Training Duffel Bag

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Water-resistant gym bags are hard to find and this duffle bag from Nike is a great option to consider. It is available in 13 colors so you can choose the one which suits your style. The bag has a dual zippered compartment for large items and smaller pockets for keeping your other gym essentials. It comes with dual handles and a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. The price of the bag is moderate as compared to the quality.

What we like about it:This gym bag is perfect for storing wet clothes or shoes as it  is water-resistant and very easy to clean. The multiple compartments make it easy to separate items.

Fila Advantage Small Travel Gym Sport Duffel Bag

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If you are looking for a spacious gym bag which can also be used as a weekend bag, this roomy gym bag from Fila will solve all your space issues. It comes with a secret shoe compartment with mesh to ensure that there are no bad odors when you open the bag. The bag is available in four color options available in this bag. The lightweight design and the durability make this bag a great investment for your gym sessions. The price is also quite affordable.

What we like about it:Fila is known to create great bags for everyday use and this gym bag is quite sturdy and spacious. It can carry all your gym clothes and the secret shoe compartment is an added feature.

MIER 20″ Sports Gym Bag

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Made with heavy-duty nylon, this sports bag from MIER is a cross fit tote bag with ample space to carry your shoes and clothes. It is available in two colors black and pink. It comes with dual handles with Velcro lock and a detachable shoulder strap. The bag has one main compartment, one zippered shoe pocket, and other small pockets for keeping earphones, wallet, and keys. The price is moderate but you can get it at a discount online.

What we like about it:The design of this bag is very compact yet it fits all gym essentials efficiently. It can be carried anywhere for a short trip also as it fits plane cabins also.

Vooray Burner 16″ Compact Gym Bag

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Designed with leather magnetic handles and a hard shell water-resistant base, this bag from Vooray is a gym goer’s delight. It comes with a ventilated shoe pocket and a faux fur-lined media pocket. It is available in 7 color options with trendy prints. You can clean the bag easily with a wet cloth. The internal compartments are big enough to hold your toiletries and other accessories. The price is high but the quality of this make makes it worth the high price.

What we like about it:The leather magnetic handles and the hard shell base are some of the unique features of this bag. The material and the quality are better as compared to other gym bags for women.

Coreal Sports Gym Duffle Bag

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Most gym bags are quite small in size but this sports duffle bag from Coreal comes with a capacity of 3.2 liters to fit all your belongings. It is made with high-density nylon which is water-resistant and lightweight. The bag also has an inner shoe compartment and two mesh bags for storing your soiled clothes. It is comfortable to carry and the price is also moderate as compared to other gym bags of similar quality.

What we like about it:You can go for this bag if you want a gym bag with larger capacity as compared to normal bags. The base of the bag is quite sturdy and the zippers work well.

Everest Gym Bag

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Most gym bags do not have a separate compartment for a water bottle and this leads to other items getting wet due to the condensation of water on the outside of the bottle. This bag has an outer mesh compartment for keeping the bottle outside the bag along with two other small zippered compartments. It is available in five trendy color options. It also fits in most gym lockers easily. The price of the bag is affordable.

What we like about it:The outer and inner compartments of this bag have ample space and the stylish color options make it easier to match the bag to your gym outfit.

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Forestfish Women’s Lightweight Gym Tote Bag

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Some women do not want to carry heavy items in their gym bag and only need a small tote bag for carrying some essentials. This gym tote bag from Forestfish is available in three colors and is very lightweight. It is made up of nylon and has 8 small and big compartments including 2 main big compartments. The size of the bag is perfect for a casual day out also. The price of the bag is a little high as compared to other bags.

What we like about it:This bag is great for women who like to carry small tote bags to the gym. The number of pockets is adequate for all essentials and the lightweight design is an added benefit.

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Foldable gym bags are perfect for occasions when you want to travel from gym to some other place without lugging around your gym bag. This foldable gym bag fits into any purse when folded and has enough space to keep clothes, shoes, and other gym essentials when unfolded. The quality of the material is good and the adjustable strap makes it easy to travel with this bag. The price is really affordable.

What we like about it:The unique feature of this bag is that it can be carried and packed easily as it is foldable. The bright and vibrant color options are

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The right gym bag can make your gym sessions more effective and exciting as you can carry all your belongings easily without any hassles. Choosing a wrong bag can not only make you look and feel uncomfortable but you will not be able to keep all essentials in the bag without feeling short on space. There are a few factors which should be kept in mind when choosing a gym bag for women so that you get the right bag for your daily gym sessions:

  • Material

Most gym bags are constructed out of nylon, polyester, or canvas. Some bags are also made up of leather but buy those bags only if you plan to carry only dry things as water can ruin the leather. High-density nylon or polyester are durable and sturdy enough for daily use and are easy to clean as well.

  • Size & Design

The size of the bag is very important as the size range of gym bags is quite diverse. Some people prefer smaller tote bags and some prefer bigger duffel bags to carry all their belongings in one bag. The foldable bags are also a great option if you want to go from the gym to some other place or vice versa.

  • Number of Compartments

The most important criteria while choosing any bag are the number of compartments available in the bag to fit the number of things you carry to the gym regularly. Bags with a separate mesh shoe compartment should be preferred as keeping the soiled shoes with clean clothes or accessories can ruin the other items. Make sure that the bag has a good combination of small and big pockets for ease of use.

  • Price

You can get a good gym bag in around 20$ to 50$ depending on the material and the brand. Do not buy very flimsy bags which will get damaged after a few uses. Invest in a good quality bag which has a sturdy design. You can also search for online discount coupons to save some extra money.

  • Customer Reviews

Read what the other customers have to say about the bag you are planning to purchase as these reviews can give you a genuine idea about the design and efficiency of the bag.

Here are some general tips and tricks which you should follow when buying and using gym bags to get the most out of these bags:

  • Make sure that you keep your wet and dry belongings separately in different compartments in the bag so that your clean clothing does not get wet or dirty.
  • Some gym bags also come with wheels for people who do not like to or can’t carry their bags with the shoulder strap.
  • Check for the warranty or guarantee that comes with the bag so that you can claim refund or exchange in case the bag is faulty.
  • If you carry a yoga mat for your workouts, buy a bag which has separate straps for carrying the mat as most bags do not have space for a yoga mat.
  • Give preference to darker colors on lighter colors as light colored bags can begin showing dirt very easily and you will have to wash them often for making them look clean.
  • Do not buy gym bags which are high on style quotient and less of functionality as the looks of the bag will not matter when you are struggling to fit the things which are intended to be carried in the bag.

So these are ten of the most popular gym bags for women which will help you carry all your gym essentials comfortably to the gym every day. All these bags are very spacious and have individual compartments for every item. You can choose from the bags depending on your preferences. Use this buyer guide to understand more about the factors that you must consider when buying gym bags.


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