5 Best Flat Irons For Fine Hair 2023 (the Most Voluminous look)


Can fine hair look good when straightened with a flat iron? Or do they look limper?

Having fine hair can mean limited options of styling as most of the hairstyles need volume. One good option for styling fine hair is to straighten them and then blow-drying for some volume. Using a flat iron is a good option but most flat irons will damage the hair and make the hair appear even more damaged. Choosing a good flat iron is important to get healthy and lustrous locks which look voluminous. We have compiled a list of five best flat irons which work on fine hair:

Editor Pick Best Flat Irons For Fine Hair

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MHD Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener

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With three adjustable temperature settings, this hair straightener is suitable for all types of hair and especially for fine hair. It has contoured edges with which you can create waves and curls also. It gives a smooth and shiny look to the hair. The straightener comes with negative ion technology which seals in the moisture and reduces static charge and frizz. It comes with an auto shut-off feature which switches the device off it is not touched for 30 minutes. This helps in avoiding any mishaps. It comes with a one-year replacement and two years warranty. The two salon clips that come with this model help to divide the hair into sections so that they can be straightened easily. The titanium plates keep the hair soft and shiny and protect them from the heat by distributing it evenly. The cord is also of a sufficient length. The price of the straightener is great for the quality and results it offers.

What we like about it:At this price, this is a great straightener which works for fine hair and makes them look healthy and shiny. The negative ion technology controls frizz and the sleep mode is an added feature which makes this device safe for homes and salons.

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Le Beaute Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

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At 15$, this is one of the cheapest straighteners you can buy which gives quality results and does not damage the hair. It comes with a temperature control knob which heats the ceramic plates and straightens the hair easily. This model uses infrared technology which keeps the moisture of the hair intact and protects it from the heat. It also keeps frizz and flyaways at bay. The highest heat setting of this model goes up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit which is sufficient enough to straighten the hair perfectly. The iron gets hot in just 30 seconds so you save a lot of time while ironing your hair. It makes your hair straight in just a few minutes so it is a perfect tool to have when you are running late. The price is obviously a great advantage as you will not get this quality at this price in any other model.

What we like about it:If you are looking for a good flat iron on a budget, this model is perfect for daily use. It heats up fast and straightens the hair quickly. The adjustable temperature knob makes it easy to control the heat and the ceramic plates distribute the heat evenly.

Remington Pro Series S9130P T|Studio Thermaluxe Wide Hair Straightener

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The size of this flat iron is bigger as compared to other brands which makes it easier to straighten bigger portions of hair. It is made up of ceramic and has 10 times more ceramic than other irons. This distributes heat evenly and makes the hair free of frizz and flyaways. The ergonomic design and classy colors make this flat iron a great tool to own. It heats up instantly and saves a lot of time. Another great feature of this iron is that it comes with more than 30 heat settings and an auto shut-off feature which shuts off the iron if not used for 60 minutes. It comes in a heat-protective pouch which makes it easy to travel with the iron. The cord can swivel 360 degrees for easy usage and is tangle free. The results of this flat iron last for up to 24 hours so you can style your hair and forget about them for the whole day. The iron is available in two colors and two sizes to choose from. The price is also great for people on a budget.

What we like about it:The multiple speed settings of this iron help to control the heat on the hair. The ceramic plates also help in reducing frizz and giving a smooth look to the hair. The price and color options are an added benefit.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

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The size of this iron is so compact and lightweight that it can be carried anywhere in your purse. The plates are very thin and covered with titanium which gives a sleek and shiny look to your hair. The iron is available in three sizes so you can choose the size which suits the length and thickness of your hair. The iron uses negative ion technology to reduce frizz and control split ends. It comes with 50 heat settings with the highest setting at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows better control over the temperature. The ergonomic design of the iron is easy to handle for long periods if you have long hair to straighten or curl. You can also create subtle waves with this iron because of the plate size. If you want to create bigger curls, go for 1.5 or 2” plates. The price is moderate but the quality and results of this iron are great for all types of hair.

What we like about it:The heat settings of this iron are greater than any other iron and it keeps the hair soft and smooth while ironing them for a salon-like look. The thin plates make it very lightweight for traveling.

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HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

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Specially designed for fine hair, this flat iron comes with a travel pouch, a glove, and an argan oil leave-in treatment to protect and soften the hair. It is designed to straighten and curl the hair. One unique feature of this iron is that it comes with dual wattage settings so it is compatible with all plugs in any part of the world. The heat settings of this product range from 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The tourmaline and ceramic plates give you smooth and shiny locks without any frizz. Available in four styles, this iron is good for traveling purposes also. The higher models are more suited for professional use. You can also use this iron for thick and curly hair to give them a sleek look. The gentle heat protects the hair from damage and the iron heats up within seconds. You can apply a heat protectant on the hair before using the iron to further protect the hair from damage if you are using high heat settings. At 40$, this iron is a good choice for people who are looking for a quality hair styling tool.

What we like about it:The dual wattage compatibility of this iron eliminates the need of carrying an adapter everywhere you go. The glove and argan oil hair treatment are great additions as they protect the hair as well as the hand from burning.

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If you have fine hair, the first thing on our mind is that they should not become thinner or weaker with constant styling. Flat irons make fine hair look healthy and shiny but the wrong iron can play havoc on your hair. Selecting the right type of flat iron for fine hair is a tricky job but keeping the following features in mind will help you to find a good straightener for your hair:

  • Hair type

Fine hair can also be of different types like curly hair, straight hair, dry hair, oily hair etc. If you have already straight hair but need the shine and sleekness provided by the iron, you can go for a straightener with medium or low heat settings. If you have curly hair which needs more straightening, you should opt for a model which has higher heat settings. Using high heat for straight hair can burn your hair and make them look plastic-y. If your hair type is dry, applying a conditioner or serum helps in reducing the damage.

  • Plate size

Fine hair has lesser volume and can be straightened easily with 1” or 1.5” plates. Bigger plates can leave portions of hair while ironing so it will be difficult to straighten your hair with irons which have bigger size plates. Thin plates also make the iron lightweight and travel-friendly. Choose a model which has thin plates with which you can iron all types of hair like side bangs, baby hair, curls etc. If you are looking to create curls with your iron, these plates help to achieve tight curls. For loose waves, you can choose a model with bigger plate size.

  • Heat settings & Material

Most models come with multiple heat settings which can be controlled as per the type of hair styling you want. Do not go for very high heat as this can damage your hair and burn it. Keep it moderate for natural healthy locks. Look for ceramic and tourmaline coated plates which reduce frizz and static charge.

  • Design

Sturdy, lightweight, and ergonomic design should be preferred as heavy irons can cause your hand to pain because of the weight. A grip on the handle and the 360-degree swivel cord make it easy to control the iron while using it. Irons that come with a travel pouch should be preferred for traveling purposes.

  • Price

Flat irons can generally range from 30$ to 200$ depending on the material and brand. There are various models available in the market which are equipped with better technologies so they can cost higher. Choose a model which has all the features you need and fits your budget. A flat iron is a one-time investment so it is better to buy a quality model than cheaper models which can ruin your hair. You can go online to get some deals on your favorite straightener which can help you save some money.

Here are some general tips and tricks you should follow while buying and using a flat iron for fine hair to get gorgeous hair:

  • Applying a heat protectant before straightening the hair controls frizz and reduces heat damage drastically.
  • Keep your hair protected from sun rays as the continuous exposure can make the hair dry and brittle. Use a scarf to protect the hair from sun damage.
  • Use moderate heat settings if you use the iron daily as constant high heat can burn the hair shaft. Give your hair a break once in a while to breathe.
  • Keep the cord of the iron untangled to protect it from wear and tear. You can also roll the cord around the iron for keeping it compact.
  • Using gloves while ironing your hair protect your skin from the accidental burn that might happen due to the high heat of the iron.
  • Applying a serum after straightening your hair keeps the hair sleek and shiny for a longer period of time.

So these are some of the most popular flat irons available in the market which work effectively on fine hair to give them some life and make them look healthy and voluminous. These straighteners are of good quality and provide results without damaging the hair. This buyer guide will help you find the right iron for your hair which will help you get smooth and salon-like hair within minutes. So choose the one which works for your hair type and flaunt the straight hair all day.

Do you have fine hair? Which is your favorite flat iron to straighten your hair?


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