10 Best Feminine Washes 2023 (Safe and Gentle to Your Intimate Area)

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Do you think a gentle feminine wash forms an important part of a woman’s skincare regime?

A woman’s skin is very different from a man’s skin and it needs a gentle feminine wash for keeping the skin moisturized and clean.

The intimate area also needs to be cleaned with a gentle feminine wash to maintain its pH and keep it hygienic.

There are many feminine washes available in the market but only a few are safe and effective on the intimate area and other parts of the body. We have compiled a list of five best feminine washes which are known for their gentle formula:

Editor Pick Best Feminine Washes

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Lemisol Plus Gentle Daily Cleanser

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Available in 7 sizes, this feminine wash is hypoallergenic and pH balanced to give you a clean and fresh skin in one wash. It is suitable for all skin types and even sensitive skin can use this wash. It comes in a compact packaging and comes with a flip-open cap which is easy to use in the bath. The cleanser is good for daily use and has a faint mint fragrance which invigorates the senses. The fragrance lingers on the skin for many hours. The wash is very gentle on the skin and removes dirt and bacteria to maintain an optimum health of the skin cells. It feels a little warm on the skin when you apply it but leaves a cool sensation as you wash it off the skin. It can also be used in the intimate area as it is hypoallergenic. The wash gives you a fresh feeling all day long and lathers well for a luxurious bath. You can try a smaller size before buying a full size as there are 7 size options available in this wash. The price of the cleanser is moderate and the quantity is also worth the money.PROS:

  • It is suitable for all skin types and maintains the pH and hygiene of the intimate parts as well.
  • The light mint fragrance refreshes the skin and controls bad odors if any.
  • It lathers well and is easy to rinse off the skin.
  • It is available in seven sizes to choose from so you can try the wash before purchasing a bigger size.


  • The formula is a little thicker than other feminine washes.
  • It contains alcohol which can dry out the skin in the long run.

What we like about it:This feminine wash is a good budget option if you are looking for a cleanser which lathers well and is gentle on the skin. The fresh scent is an added advantage at this price.

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Oleavine Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree and Neem for Body

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If you are looking for an organic body wash which has antifungal and antibacterial properties, this soap from Oleavine is a very good option as it is free from parabens, thickeners, detergents, and other harmful chemicals. The main ingredients of this cleanser include coconut water, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, neem oil, tea tree oil and other ingredients beneficial to the skin. Shea butter hydrates the skin and neem oil provides antibacterial and anti-fungal protection. It is very effective in removing body odor which is responsible for many skin ailments. The wash has a cooling mint fragrance and is rich in natural botanicals which moisturize the skin. It can also be used as a soothing foot soak by athletes. The wash is enriched with tea tree oil and neem oil which has antifungal and antibacterial properties. You can also use it to treat damaged and itchy skin as it has soothing properties. The price of this wash is high but the quantity is also more as compared to other washes. Its multiple skin benefits make it worth it.PROS:

  • Organic formula which offers protection from bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Coconut water and coconut oil hydrate the skin and prevent dryness.
  • The wash feels cool on the skin and has a fresh mint fragrance.
  • Controls body odor and can be used to treat athlete’s foot.


  • The price of this feminine wash is higher than other body washes.
  • It is not very suitable for sensitive skin and can cause rashes.

What we like about it:This body cleanser is the right product for you if you suffer from any skin ailment. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties with fresh fragrance make it an apt feminine wash for the delicate feminine skin.

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Organyc Intimate Wash

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Made with 100% natural and organic ingredients, this intimate wash is made especially for the intimate area. It comes in a convenient pump packaging which is easy to use in the shower. The cleanser has lactic acid, blueberry extracts, calendula extracts, and chamomile extracts as main ingredients which maintain the pH of the skin and soothe any irritation or itching. Calendula and blueberry extracts have a very pleasant and soothing feeling on the skin. The wash contains no artificial chemicals or preservatives which are harmful to the delicate area. The feminine wash is good for people with allergies also. It creates a light lather as it does not contain any artificial detergent or soap. The formula also has natural emollients which moisturize the skin and promote cell renewal. The wash has a pleasant scent which is not too strong as strong fragrances can irritate the delicate skin. The organic and hypoallergenic formula works well for sensitive skin and prevents any further irritation or drying. The price of the intimate wash is lesser as compared to other chemical-laden formulas. It is also available in a pack of two if you want to buy more quantity.PROS:

  • Is specially formulated for the intimate area to keep it protected from infections.
  • The packaging is easy to use and travel-friendly as well.
  • Contains natural botanical extracts like chamomile and blueberry which soothe the skin and make it feel clean and refreshed.
  • The price is affordable and the quantity is also good for the price.


  • The formula has a strong smell which can irritate the skin further.
  • The natural ingredients might cause allergies so it is advised to check the label before purchase.

What we like about it:Organic skincare is very good for delicate skin and this intimate wash contains 100% natural ingredients at a very cheap price. The subtle fragrance and light lather makes it a perfect wash for the whole body.

Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash for Sensitive Skin

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With 26 sizes and 10 variants, this feminine wash is good for every skin type. It has a very faint scent and works best for sensitive skin. It can also be used for cleaning the intimate area as the formula is very gentle. The wash lathers well and maintains the moisture levels of the skin without irritating it or causing rashes. The wash gives a slight tingling sensation during the first wash but the skin adjusts to the formula with subsequent washes. The scent keeps the skin feeling fresh and clean for the whole day and you can choose the scent of your choice from the multiple variants available in this product. It also works in cleaning the intimate area after the menstrual cycle. The gentle ingredients make this wash suitable for every skin concern and the price is also affordable. You can try this product in a smaller size before buying a full size of the same product.PROS:

  • It is available in multiple sizes to choose from and comes in ten variants.
  • The gentle formula is suitable for all skin types and can be used to clean the intimate area as well.
  • It comes at an affordable price and the packaging is lightweight and portable.
  • The fresh scent makes the body feel clean and healthy all day.


  • The formula does not lather as well as other formulas available in the market.
  • The wash can leave a tingling sensation on the skin which can be uncomfortable for some people.

What we like about it:This product has many variants and sizes available to choose from so every skin type can use it. The pleasant scent and the pH balancing formula are good for the sensitive skin of the intimate area also.

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Organic Glide Probiotic Natural Feminine Intimate Body Wash

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A wash with a mousse-like consistency, this feminine wash is made with magnolia extracts which remove odor-causing bacteria from the intimate area. The pump packaging is compact and convenient to use during traveling. It also contains jojoba oil, shea butter, chamomile extracts, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and the Dead Sea water which soothes the skin and reduces any irritation or itching. Vitamin E also lightens the intimate area and reduces dark spots. Sweet almond oil moisturizes the skin and prevents moisture loss. It promotes a healthy culture in the vaginal region with its probiotics formula. The formula does not contain any parabens or alcohol as these ingredients damage the skin and make it feel dry. The wash has a mild fragrance which keeps the skin feeling fresh and pleasant. It does not leave any residue on the skin and gets cleaned very easily. The price is a little higher as compared to other washes but a single bottle lasts for around a month and a half so the quantity is worth the price.PROS:

  • Controls bad odor with the magnolia extracts to make you feel refreshed and healthy.
  • Maintains the pH of the skin and keeps it hydrated all day long.
  • The mousse-like formula is easy to use and softens the use with prolonged use.
  • The quantity is good and one bottle lasts for 1-2 months.


  • The price of this feminine wash is a little higher than other washes.
  • It can make the skin breakout if you have oily skin as it contains natural butters.

What we like about it:The mousse-like texture of this wash is easy to use and rinses well. The ingredients are beneficial for the skin and make the skin feel soft with every use. The price is high but you can get this product on discount online.


How do you use feminine wash?

Feminine washes work in the same way as regular body washes and shower gels. The main difference between the two is that while regular body washes can be too harsh for the intimate areas, feminine washes can be used all over the body to clean it regularly. You can use a feminine wash by simply taking some quantity on a loofah and using the loofah to create lather. Rinse the feminine wash carefully to get a clean and healthy skin every day.

What is the PH level of feminine wash?

Most intimate feminine washes come with a pH of around 3.5 – 4.5 so that they can maintain the natural pH balance of the intimate areas. The pH of any feminine wash can be inferred from the label which comes with all the information about that particular formula.

Can i use a feminine wash to cure a vaginal infection?

Most intimate feminine washes can be enough to treat mild bacterial or yeast infections but it is strongly advised to consult a doctor before using any product for treating intimate infections as the wrong product can worsen the condition further. These feminine washes prevent infections rather than cure them so it is better to start using them when you do not have any infections to prevent them in future.

Are intimate feminine washes safe for other parts of the body?

These washes have a very gentle formula and are safe for the whole body except the face as they contain lactic acid. Feminine washes can be used for the whole body but the common body washes are not suitable for cleaning your intimate area as the strong fragrances and harsh formulas can irritate the skin and can disturb the pH of the skin.

Why should we use a feminine wash?

Using a dedicated product for your intimate areas can help you clean the sensitive skin without the risk of bacterial and fungal infections. These feminine washes leave the skin clean and soft and are very gentle as compared to other harsh body washes available in the market. It is very important to ensure that the feminine wash you choose should be free of chemicals and artificial fragrances.

Can feminine wash be used by pregnant women?

Mild lactic acid-based feminine washes to wash the outer portion of the intimate area is fine but it is strongly advised to consult your doctor before using any feminine wash during pregnancy.

How long should i use a feminine wash to see effective results?

if you are suffering from mild bacterial or fungal infections, it can take some days to a couple of months to see effective results. Since these feminine washes are very mild in nature, they take some time to treat these infections. You should use the feminine wash for at least one-two months regularly to see a pleasant change in the way your skin looks and feels.

Pros & Cons Of Using A Feminine Wash:

While using a feminine wash for keeping your intimate area clean is a good habit, people should be aware of the pros and cons of using a feminine wash before investing in the product:


1. It cleans the skin without disturbing its pH balance.

This is the basic advantage of feminine washes which separates them from regular body washes. The pH of the skin in the intimate area should be maintained in order to keep it protected from infections and these feminine washes are designed to keep the pH balanced.

2. The feminine washes keep the odor under control and make you feel fresh always.

Many women complain about unpleasant odors due to the warm and humid environment in the intimate region. These feminine washes eliminate bad odors and make your skin feel and smell fresh and clean. Products with clean and natural scents should be preferred.

3. It has a milder formula as compared to body washes and is specially formulated for the soft skin of women.

Another difference between regular body washes and feminine washes is that the former has a harsh formula while the latter has a very mild formula. These feminine washes are formulated for women who have a slightly thinner skin as compared to men. These washes clean the skin effectively without irritating it further.

4. It keeps bacterial and fungal infections under control and treats existing infections also.

One of the most common issues that women face in terms of personal hygiene is the bacterial and fungal infections they usually have to face. These mild infections are very common as bacteria thrive in warm and humid environments. Using a feminine wash regularly keeps bad bacteria under control to protect the skin from such infections.

5. Reduces itchiness and discomfort in the area by controlling dryness.

Dryness is the basic cause of any skin discomfort or itching and feminine washes use hydrating agents to keep the skin moisturized. Hydrated skin is happy skin so this reduces itching, discomfort, and redness in the area.


1. Can lead to other infections if you use the product too close to the intimate areas and it enters the organs.

The only thing you need to keep in mind when using a feminine wash is that these formulas are designed to be used for outer use only and not very near to the intimate areas. The product should not enter the inside organs as this can cause many infections.

2. They are expensive as compared to regular body washes.

Since natural ingredients are used in these formulas, these washes are comparatively expensive as compared to regular body washes. They are completely worth the investment as only a small amount of wash is required for each use so one bottle lasts for a very long time.

3. These feminine washes take some time to show effective results.

These washes take some time to show results as they have mild formulas and natural ingredients which work at a slow pace. They might be slow in showing the results but are good for your health and hygiene in the long run. Do not expect instant results while using a feminine wash.

Buyer Guide

Using a feminine wash for the cleaning the body and especially the intimate area is important as it needs the gentle care. Harsh washes can create pH imbalance in the skin and lead to dryness, itchiness, and rashes. It is important to choose a feminine wash which is good for the skin and leaves it soft and clean after every bath. There are some important features that must be considered when buying a wash to get a great product for your skin. Some of these factors are:

  • Skin Type & Concern

Determine your skin type and which concerns you want to address before choosing a feminine wash as all products work differently for different skin types. If your skin is dry, choose a hydrating wash and if it is oily or greasy, choose a fresh and light formula. People with sensitive skin should take special care when choosing the wash as the skin is very reactive to any adverse ingredients. Do a patch test first to make sure that the formula of the feminine wash works well for your skin type and does not cause an adverse reaction.

  • Ingredients

Skin-soothing ingredients like chamomile, shea butter, and tea tree oil should be preferred when buying a feminine wash as they keep the skin clean and free from itchiness. Another important ingredient is glycerin which is a safe and well-known humectant and reduces dryness. Feminine washes with added glycerin have many advantages. Lactic acid is also a must-have as it controls bacterial infections and balances the pH of the skin. Make sure that the ingredients are safe for the skin and are beneficial in the long run. Avoid products with parabens, SLS, SLES, and other harmful chemicals which can damage the skin.

  • Formula

Choose a formula which is comfortable on the skin and does not cause a burning sensation when used. Read the label carefully to see if it is hypoallergenic. It should be easy to rinse and should not leave any residue on the skin. Do not go for very strong fragrances which irritate the skin and disturb the pH balance. Keep a small bottle of your intimate wash with you during traveling as your skin gets used to the formula and can react adversely to a new formula.

  • Fragrance

Using heavily-scented feminine washes can do more harm than good for your skin and they irritate the skin and cause itching. Do not go for very strong fragrances which irritate the skin and disturb the pH balance. These artificial fragrances can also cause allergies in the intimate area. Try to find a feminine wash which is completely unscented but products with a very mild natural fragrance are also suitable.

  • Price

Feminine washes are a bit expensive as compared to regular body washes but they form an important part of the female skincare routine. You can get a good product in this category for approximately 7$ to 35$. Do not buy very cheap products which are use filler chemicals. Since the quantity required each time is very less, the bottle lasts for a very long time. You can buy a bigger size if you want to save some money. Go online to find some discounts on your favorite product.

  • Packaging

Feminine washes are to be used in the shower and the packaging plays an important role in the process. Try to get a product which comes with a pump packaging as they are easy to use as compared to bottle caps. They also dispense just the right amount of product for each use. Do not go for bulky bottles which are difficult to use as the product loses its potency over time.

Here are some general tips and tricks you should consider while buying and using a feminine wash:

  • Keeping your vagina clean is very important in terms of personal health and hygiene so it is important to trim the pubic hair regularly for the wash to work effectively.
  • Use a very little quantity of the wash in every use as using more product than required can leave a residue on the skin.
  • Do not use the same wash for the body and the face as the feminine washes contain lactic acid and cleaning ingredients which are too harsh for the face.
  • Buy a wash which has a very faint fragrance or no fragrance at all as strong scents can irritate the skin of the intimate area and the body.
  • Intimate washes can be of different types and a wrong choice can create havoc on your skin. Choose a product which is easy to use, clean, and soothes the skin with regular use.
  • Wipe your vagina clean with an intimate wipe after every bathroom break to keep it free from odors and bacteria growth. Try and use the wipe of the same company as of the feminine wash so that the two products do not clash.
  • Avoid changing your body wash too frequently as the skin takes time to adjust to the new formula which can disturb the pH balance. Try a sample of the product once and if it does not suit you, give your skin a break to recover before trying a new product.
  • Do not use the product very close to the intimate area as the inner region is very sensitive and cleans itself naturally.
  • Keep the area dry and clean as moist environments can lead to bacteria growth. Dry yourself after bathing to control bacterial infections.
  • Make sure that you do not use talcum powders, strong body washes, and douches in the intimate area when you are pregnant as this can lead to many other inner infections and can harm the mother as well as the baby.
  • Use clean warm water to keep your intimate area clean when you are traveling if you do not have access to a feminine wash of your choice.
  • Keep the bottle of the feminine wash closed at all times when not in use to keep the formula protected from outside pollutants.
  • Do not use the feminine wash more than twice a day. Use it once in the morning and once in the evening or at night to keep the area clean and healthy.
  • Avoid buying products which claim to show instant results as these products are filled with harmful chemicals which can damage your skin.

So these are some of the most popular feminine washes available in the market which keep the gentle skin of women clean and fresh. They are good for all skin types and are gentle enough to clean the intimate area also. Choosing a right feminine wash is very important as a wrong product can affect your intimate health to a great extent. You can choose the cleanser which suits your skin and has good ingredients. This buyer guide will help you find the right feminine wash for your skin which is good for daily use and keeps your intimate area free of all body odors and bacteria growth.

Find out more about these five feminine washes and how they compare against each other in terms of performance and ease of use.


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