Top 12 Best Electronic Mouse Traps Reviews in 2023

Best Electronic Mouse Traps

Rodents can be a real pain. All you want is to have them out of your house. In the past, only solutions involving chemicals and poisoning, or inhumane methods such as glue traps have been used to treat the rodent problem. With the evolution in technology, however, electric traps that work by delivering a lethal high voltage shock have come into existence. With these traps, rodents can be eliminated without the use of chemicals and poisons. The following are some of the best electronic mouse traps there are.

Victor Electronic Mouse Trap 50 Mice Mice$46.22Buy on Amazon
Electronic Rat Mouse Rodent Trap Zapper (Without Adapter)$44.99Buy on Amazon
Eliminator 11 Robust Electronic Rodent, Mic, Rat TrapBuy on Amazon
Verfanny 11 Electronic Traps,Effective and Powerful Killer for Rat,Sq, BlackBuy on Amazon
Victor M2-2P M2 Smart-Kill Wi-Fi Electronic Rat Trap-2 Pack,Black$135.28Buy on Amazon
PestZilla 1 Humanitarian Control Zap Trap High-Voltage Electric Switchin, Black$59.15Buy on Amazon
Eliminator 111 Powerful-Humanized, Efficient and Safe Tox, BlackBuy on Amazon
Ebung Electric Mouse Trap and Rat, Rodent, Chipmunk Zapper That Work— Instant and Humane Rodent…Buy on Amazon
Victor M241 No Touch, No See Upgraded Indoor Electronic Rat Trap – 1 Trap,Black$39.97Buy on Amazon
Electronic Humane Rodent Zapper – Effective Mouse Trap Killer for Rats, Mice – No Poison Use -…Buy on Amazon
Victor M250S No Touch, No See Upgraded Indoor Electronic Mouse Trap – 1 Trap,Black$19.97Buy on Amazon

12. Victor Electronic Mouse Trap 50 Mice.

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This electronic mouse trap is the solution to all the mice in your house. It quickly eliminates all the mice in your property using a high-voltage killing power. The trap has a built-in bait cup and a removable kill chamber to give room for easy setup and disposal. The device has a kill rate of up to 100 mice per set of 4 AA Batteries.

All these are not withholding the fact that it has a green LED light to notify when a kill has been made. You need not worry when using this device in a home setup as it is equipped with a built-in safety switch and tunnel design which helps in protecting children and pets.

Another good thing with this device is that it uses no chemicals or poisons. The only disadvantage of this device is the fact that it’s only suited for indoor use.

11. Electronic Rat Mouse Rodent Trap Zapper (Without Adapter)

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This electronic mouse, rat and rodent trap by True power is the answer you’ve been looking for as appertaining to those irritating mammals in your house. First things first, the device is hygienic and safe to use as it has no-touch disposal.

This means that after the rodents have been killed, you don’t have to use your hands to dispose of them. I mean, that would be disgusting, right? The device is then equipped with a metal plate which delivers a pleasant, high voltage shock which kills the rodents on the spot. All you have to do is set it up on the power source and leave it to do the rest. I know, sounds fantastic.

The device uses 4 “D” size batteries hence not entirely dependent on electricity. As far as Amazon is concerned, this products price has gone down from $43.90 to $38.95. It also has a 3.6 stars rating. Get yourself one while the stocks last.

10. Eliminator 11 Robust Electronic Rodent, Mice, Rat Trap

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This electronic mouse trap comes with tons of features. First of all, it is equipped with a precision detection technology that automatically activates the trap on detecting movements of rodents within the house. This makes it effective for all kinds of rodents from rats, to mice, squirrels, chipmunks and other rodents. The electronic trap emits a 7000V shock when a rodent enters the trap, thus killing it instantly. The device then has an indicator light which then flashes indicating a rat has been exterminated and needs to be discarded.

This device guarantees no mess as well as safety since there is no use of chemicals or poisons involved. Discarding of dead rodents has also been made very comfortable with this device since you only have to pick up the device, slide the dead rodent into the trash bin and place back the trap to its location ready for the next catch.

The device comes in with a 3 feet plug-in adapter for hassle-free unlimited kills. It can also operate with 4 “D” batteries allowing up to 30+ kills per set of batteries. The device is also clean as there is no blood involved and no physical touching of dead rodents.

9. Verfanny 11 Electronic Traps, Effective and Powerful Killer for Rat

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This powerful electronic trap by Verfanny is a great killer and extermination solution for mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks and other similar rodents. It is equipped with a precision rodent detection technology which helps to detect movements made by rodents within the house.

It emits a 7000V electric shock which kills the rodent instantly with no pain, thus making the process more humane. The device is perfectly safe for use in homes, commercial kitchens, and even warehouses as there are no chemicals involved. It is also effortless to operate as you’re only needed to set bait inside the trap, and then plug in the device with the provided adapter.

It can also be used with four batteries as an alternative power supply mechanism. Disposal of the killed rodents is super efficient as you pick up the device and slide the dead body into the trash with no blood or physical touching involved.

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8. Victor M2-2P M2 Smart-Kill Wi-Fi Electronic Rat Trap-2 Pack, Black

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There are lots of frustrations when dealing with rodent problems indoors, but having to remember to check your traps regularly shouldn’t be one of them when you have this device. With this electronic trap, you get updates from your trap regardless of where you are. That is made possible by its Wi-Fi connectivity ability.

The device pairs up with an app on your phone or other mobile devices, and then sends notifications of catch alerts, letting you know when to empty the trap without necessarily having to check. Getting started on this device is quite easy; you only need first to download the Victor Pest App, then connect the trap to your Wi-Fi network, then monitor the trap with your mobile devices.

This device works by delivering an excellent high-voltage shock to kill rats and other rodent invaders and is capable of eliminating up to 50 rats per set of fully charged 4C cell batteries. Another advantage is that with this trap, there is no use of chemicals or poisons, thus making it safe for use anywhere.

7. PestZilla 1 Humanitarian Control Zap Trap High-Voltage Electric Switchin, Black

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This electronic rat trap by PestZilla delivers ultra-powerful 7000V shock killing rodents instantly and painlessly without the use of any chemicals or poison. The device also comes with an extension indicator light in case the trap is placed in areas that are hard to check.

The device comes with a convenient 5 feet long power cord which suits it for hassle-free unlimited kills. This also makes it possible for the device to be used outdoors, which is an added advantage. With this device, it is easy to bait the rodents as it comes with a hatch in the back for adding your choice of baits.

With this electronic mouse trap, you don’t have to touch or see the dead rat since it has a removable chamber for easy cleaning and baiting. The device can also be used with 4D batteries and hence power supply is not just dependent on electricity.

6. Eliminator 111 Powerful-Humanized, Efficient and Safe Tox, Black

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This powerful device by Eliminator is actually amazingly effective. This is because it features the precision detection technology, which instantly activates the trap on sensing some rodent movements around the house. The electronic mouse trap is also effortless to use as you’re only required to insert the batteries or plug in the device with an adapter which it comes with, then apply a small amount of bait and wait.

To add to its pros, the device is safe as you get to eliminate the rodents without the use of dangerous poisons or chemicals. Also, to discard the exterminated rodent, you simply pick up the device, slide the dead rodent to the trash and place the trap back to its location. The device comes with a 3 ft — plug-in adapter which is suitable for hassle-free unlimited kills.

It can also be operated with 4 ‘D’ batteries which allow 30+ kills per every set of batteries. The device also features an extension plug-in indicator light for hard-to-reach areas. Extermination involves emitting a 7000V electric shock which instantly kills the rodent with absolutely no mess.

5. EBUNG Electric Mouse Trap and Rat, Rodent, Chipmunk Zapper That Works

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This advanced electronic mouse trap by Ebung features a cutting edge technology with an intelligent wireless circuit sensor that quickly detects when a rodent has entered and instantly kills it. The trap runs on either AC power with included adapters or 4D batteries.

With a powerful electric shock of 7000V, the electronic rodent zapper ethically kills the animal without pain or suffering. The trap is also safe and non-toxic as it does not incorporate the use of chemicals and poisons, which would be harmful in a normal home setup.

It measures 11 inches x 4.5 inches x 5 inches with a rodent tunnel measuring 3.23 in x 3.42 in. The reusable rat trap has an easy disposal design; that is, simply lift the lid of the rodent repellent device & empty the remains in the dustbin. Simply a no-touch cleaning system.

4. Victor M241 No Touch, No See Upgraded Electronic Rat Trap, 1 Black

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This brand is one of the most affordable electronic mouse traps designed specifically for mice. It can kill up to 100 mice with a single set of batteries with a removable kill chamber that makes it easy to clean and bait the trap. The advantages of this trap include but not limited to, delivering a high voltage shock to kill rodents in seconds.

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It uses 4 AA batteries that can kill up to 100 mice, smart circuit technologies which detect movements of a mouse into the tunnel, blinking green LED light which indicates a kill, a removable kill chamber which makes cleaning of the device and adding of new bait efficient, and finally a no-touch no see experience which allows you to dispose of dead mice without a mess.

One drawback with the device is that it is only designed for mice. This means that it will not accommodate squirrels, chipmunks and other rodents.

3. Electronic Humane Rodent Zapper – Effective Mouse Trap Killer for Rats, Mice – No Poison Use

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This is an innovative electric mouse trap that works with an intelligent wireless circuit sensor that senses when the rodent enters eliminates any possibility of escape. It works well for mice, rats, squirrels, and chipmunks. The device disseminates a powerful electric shock of 7000 volts which instantly kills the rodent without any pain.

With it, it is easy to dispose of the dead rodent by merely lifting the lid & emptying it into the dustbin. This mouse trap is the only one of its kind that will self-inspect after shocking. If a dead rodent is detected, the device will beep and stop working for safety purposes, allowing you to empty the trap, and you will need to reset it manually.

The electric rat trap kills rodents without the need to resort to toxic substances and is hence the perfect rat trap for homes with small children or pets. It runs on either A/C Power with included power adapter or four alkaline D batteries. Finally, the device comes in a size of 11×4.5×5 inches with the rodent tunnel being 3.23 x 3 inches making it the best mice/rat trap for your home.

2. Victor M250S No Touch, No See Upgraded Electronic Mouse Trap – 1 Pack

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This awesome mouse trap by Victor uses innovative technology that delivers a 7000V  shock, killing the mouse within seconds. This powerful tool is capable of killing up to 100 mice per set of batteries (4 AA), making it a great value. It’s also easy to use! To use, you only need to place a high protein bait in the provided bait cup, place in a location with high rodent activity and power on. It also features an advanced smart circuit technology that can detect when a mouse enters the tunnel, then releasing the shock.

After a killing has been done, a green LED light blinks to notify of the event. The kill chamber is easily removable so you can easily get rid of the dead rat or mice without having to come into contact with it. This removable chamber also makes giving bait somewhat easy. Especially with the new and improved design, the electronic trap provides better plate access so you can easily clean it at your comfort. In addition to all this, the tunnel design and built-in safety switch, which automatically deactivates the trap when opened, helps to protect your family.

The unique tunnel design and beveled columns help in holding mice in place over the electrified plates to prevent escapes. These electronic mouse traps use neither poison nor chemicals. You can use it, whether inside your abode or business to make sure that you have years of effective mouse control.

1. Rat Zapper RZC001-4 Electronic Rat Trap

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With this Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap, cleanup is as easy as it ever can be. You don’t need to contact or take a gander at dead rodents. The rodent is contained inside the enormous kill chamber, which conceals it from sight, while the marker light tells you when it’s a great opportunity to empty.

After extermination, dump the dead rat into the garbage without contacting it. From set-up and use thorough cleaning and upkeep, each zap will be a snap because of the simple to-utilize plan. This compassionate rodent trap murders rodents are utilizing a high-voltage stun. Since rodents can resist death easily, the stun is applied for 2 minutes to guarantee higher kill rates.

Intended for indoor use or any place it won’t be presented to open-air components, the Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap is ideal for a position in storage rooms, carports, storm cellars, and sheds. The snare doesn’t utilize any toxic substances or synthetics; hence safety is assured. However, as with any electronic gadget, use it with caution around youngsters and pets.


These are the trusted electronic mouse traps that you need to forget of all your rodent problems. Any other similar commodity apart from this would be risky to buy. Chances are, they could be fake or a new entrant into the quality brands. Nonetheless, you do not have to take opportunities as such articles are here to do that on your behalf. Ensure that the next time you are out searching for some electronic mouse traps; you make these your number one choice. It is always good to get it right the first time, and there might be no other way to get it right if you ignore these products.


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