Top 10 Best Electric Coolers Reviews in 2023

Electric Coolers

When talking about the best electric coolers, many things come to mind. Some people are thinking in lines of energy efficiency and reliability, others desire functional capacity and effective cooling, and some are after reduced noise, low energy consumption, and advanced cooling technologies. All these aspects are real. Unfortunately, finding a cooler that meets all the characteristics above isn’t always easy. You may need to spend lots of time or effort looking at several products. Too much conflicting information may also undermine your decision making. It’s also essential to compare the top selections. The good news, fortunately, is you can simply pick an item from the following review that lists down the best electric coolers in 2023.

List Of The Best Electric Coolers

Igloo Iceless 40-Quart with 110-volt Converter Coolers, SilverCheck It Now
Koolatron P75 36-Quart Kool Kaddy Electric Cooler/Warmer, Light GreyCheck It Now
Travel Cooler and Warmer. 27.5 Liter (29 Quart) 12 volt Thermoelectric Iceless…Check It Now
Rockpals 30 Quart Electric Cooler/Warmer On Wheels and Handle, Portable…Check It Now
Dometic CFX-28US Blue; Gray CFX28 Portable Electric Cooler Refrigertor/Freezer…Check It Now
Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer (4 Liter / 6 Can): AC/DC Portable…Check It Now
Koolatron P-20 Thermo – Electric 12-Volt 18 Quart Compact Cooler/Warmer (P20)Check It Now
Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler (Silver/White, 28-Quart), 00040369Check It Now
NutriChef PKTCEC28SL Portable Electric Cooler Fridge/Food Warmer, 30 Can-28L…Check It Now
Wagan EL6224 24 Liter Electric Car Cooler and WarmerCheck It Now

#10 Igloo 40375 Iceless Converter Cooler, 40-Quart

Igloo 40375 Iceless Converter Cooler, 40-Quart

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By: Igloo

First on this list of the top electric coolers is this simple yet attractive cooler from Igloo. It has a decent capacity to suit everyday needs and is also very portable thanks to the light materials. The silver accessory is very sleek and will look good in most areas. It’s also one of the most silent coolers on this list thanks to the superior converter technology and doesn’t produce space-wasting ice. Designed to operate with either 12 or 110-volts, this unit isn’t suitable for 220volts unless you use a power converter /transformer.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Polypropylene construction from lightweight and energy efficiency
  • Convection cooling fan for improved circulation of cold air
  • 40-quart volume to cater for everyday application
  • Cools down to 38 degrees Fahrenheit for the best ambient temperature
  • Dual orientation to serve as a refrigerator or ice chest
  • 12V orientation to plug into a car adapter

#9 Koolatron Kool Kaddy Cooler, 36-Quart

Koolatron Kool Kaddy Cooler, 36-quart

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By: Koolatron

The Koolatron Kool Kaddy is one of the versatile electric coolers in the market. You can use it vertically as an upright fridge or horizontally as a chest freezer. It also has a good capacity to accommodate most things and to suit daily needs. Like other top products, it’s relatively lightweight and comes in a compact design for better transportation. It can run on 110 volts or plug into the car’s 12-volt power outlet. Other things that make it a top choice include seamless operation, low noise level, and energy efficientReasons To Buy This:

  • Polypropylene construction for lightweight and improved portability
  • 12-volt option for plugging into a car power source
  • Versatile design for using it vertically or horizontally
  • Removable shelf for improved organization and easy cleaning

#8 Koolatron. Voyager Cooler, 29 Quart

Koolatron. Voyager Cooler, 29 quart

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By: Koolatron

If you wish for a stylish, energy-efficient, and decently sized electric cooler, then this grey-colored Voyager should be fine. The medium-size unit is famed for its practical and portable design that makes carrying it very convenient. The unit can easily be plugged into the car’s 12-volt power outlet and will still perform exceptionally. It’s a good buy for short and long trips, camping, tailgating, or even as a backup refrigerator at home. Unlike the compressor-type fridges, the Koolatron Voyager is super silent, and this is because it has no gases, coils, or compressors. It only features an ultra-silent cooling fan.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Grey color for a sleek and professional look
  • Polypropylene construction for optimal performance
  • Decent capacity to hold up to 48 12-ounce soda cans
  • Advanced thermoelectric cooling technology for improved efficiency and energy saving
  • 12-volt orientation to plug into the car’s power outlet

#7 Rockpals Wheeled Electric Cooler/Warmer, 30 Quart

Rockpals Wheeled Electric Cooler:Warmer, 30 Quart

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By: Rockpals

This is not your ordinary electric cooler. It’s one of the quietest types and also energy-efficient chillers in the market. It works like a charm and delivers the same or even better operation despite being powered via the 12-volt source such as the car’s cigarette adapter. Thanks to its lightweight, small size, and portable design, it makes a perfect choice for camping, tailgating, beach, travel, office, RV, truck, short trips, long journey, and the home as well.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Thermoelectric technology for improved energy efficiency
  • 30-quart capacity can handle up to 40-cans/ 2-liters of soda
  • Dimension of 18.9(H) x 15.3(L) x 13(W) inches to suit a small space
  • Versatile nature to act as a chiller or warmer

#6 Dometic CFX-28US Electric Cooler, 26 Liters

Dometic CFX-28US Electric Cooler, 26 Liters

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By: Dometic

Dometic has been making strides when it comes to electric chillers. This one is among the well-known from the brand and is commonly seen in camping, tailgating, sporting, and other outdoor events. It’s very lightweight, compact, and moving it around isn’t a problem. To suit different situations, it can run on 12V, 24V, or 120 VAC. Consumers love the user-friendly soft-touch digital controls; covenant drops down handles, strong latches, and fairly quiet operation.Reasons To Buy This:

  • 26-liter capacity to hold up to 31 12-ounce cans
  • Multiple power options to support, 12, 24, and 120 volts
  • Easy-use digital control for improved performance
  • Drop-down handles for improved handling and convenience
  • Strong hinges and latches for enhanced functionality

#5 Cooluli Mini Electric Cooler / Warmer 4 Liter

#5 Cooluli Mini Electric Cooler / Warmer 4 liter

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By: Cooluli

With this white mini refrigerator, you will be able to keep your cold things very cool and hot things still hot even after several hours. It features good insulation and a tight sealing lid that helps maintain the same internal temperature. The cooler cum warmer is light and portable and also has a tiny footprint. It easily switches from warmer to cooler and vice versa at the touch of the button. In addition to being very portable, energy efficient, running quiet, and versatile, this cooler is loved for its nice looks and simplicity.Reasons To Buy This:

  • 4 Liter capacity to hold up to 6 12-ounce cans
  • Thermoelectric system for enhanced performance and durability
  • Versatile design to switch from cooler to warmer and vice versa
  • Powered via 12V DC, 120V AC, or via a USB adapter

#4 Koolatron Compact Thermoelectric Cooler, 23 Can

Koolatron Compact Thermoelectric Cooler, 23 Can

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By: Koolatron

Because of its small size and compact nature, this electric cooler can be found in cars, hotel rooms, small apartments, vacation homes and other places. It can work as a cooler or warmer courtesy of the advanced technology and is made from sturdy hard-sided plastic. The foldable handles improve portability and also conserve space during storage. It is powered via a 12V Dc or 120V AC power source.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Slim and compact design for fitting in small spaces, cottages, homes, cars, minivans, and SUVs
  • Sturdy plastic for strength and reliability
  • Folding handle for convenient carrying
  • Quiet fan and motor for silent operation

#3 Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler

Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler

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By: Igloo

Are your tired of the ice that usually forms inside the cooler? Well, with this thermoelectric cooler from Igloo, you won’t have to tolerate the ice. Despite the lack of it, it still maintains very low temperatures and is also among the fastest. The silent electric cooler is ideal for the home, office, vehicle, hotel rooms and other places. It comes in a trendy and mode looking silver/white color.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Silver/White for a modern appearance
  • Iceless design to save space and improve efficiency
  • Curved back for improved ergonomics
  • Brushless motor for extra-silent operation
  • Convection cooling plus effective fan for improved cold air circulation

#2 NutriChef Portable Electric Cooler, 28 Liter

NutriChef Portable Electric Cooler, 28 Liter

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By: NutriChef

With this thermoelectric cooler / warmer, you are guaranteed of a cold or hot drink anywhere. It comes in a small and compact size to fit in small spaces such as in the car, dorm room hotel room, boat, beach, and office. It can keep things super chilled or very hot/ warm as you desire courtesy of the dual functionality. The accessory works with 120V, 12V, or via a USB adapter. It’s also easy to control thanks to the digital panel and LCD display screen.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Thermoelectric technology for maximizing efficiency
  • Dual functionality for cooling and warming
  • Small and portable size for use at the office, home, car, travel, beach, picnic, and other places
  • 28-liter capacity for holding up to 30 standard cans

#1 Wagan EL6224 Cooler/Warmer, 12V, 24L

Wagan EL6224 Cooler:Warmer, 12V, 24L

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By: Wagan

Enjoy your drinks or snacks anywhere with this electric cooler by Wagan. It runs on 12V DC and will easily plug into the car’s cigarette lighter. The cooler is quite fast but keeps the noise level to a minimal. Courtesy of the quality plastic and sealing, it doesn’t cycle too often and will maintain the ambient temperatures for longer. The strong materials are resistant to impact, scratches, and shocks and help in extending the cooler’s/ warmer’s lifespan. Other than cooling it also doubles as a warmer.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Dual functionality to work as a chiller or a warmer
  • 24-liter capacity to hold up to 27 cans or four 2-liter bottles
  • Size of 11(L) x 8(W) x 12(H) inches to fit in small spaces
  • Compact and lightweight for easy carrying and storage


Identifying a good product, although not rocket science is still a big task. Yes, you may find a product with a decent capacity and low noise level but maybe a power hog. The nice-looking cooler may be very energy efficient but is a little noisy or a bit small. It’s also possible for it to be very reliable, portable, energy-efficient, super quiets but very costly. Finding a top-rated electric cooler, though challenging, is possible. In fact, with the right knowledge and information, you’ll be able to identify the best. An even better approach is relying on this review that summarizes the best electric coolers in the market.


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