8 Best Down Sleeping Bags in 2023

Best Down Sleeping Bags

Sleep. We all need it. Especially at the end of a glorious hike through the mountains. If you’ve ever had your sleep interrupted by the shivering cold, you know how important having a cozy sleeping bag can be.

Getting the right sleeping bag makes all the difference. Sleep is so important during a hiking trip because if you don’t get enough, you could find yourself struggling through the following day. But, if you get a good nights sleep filled with blissful dreams of condors and sea lions, then you will be able to fully enjoy the scenery and the experience as a whole.

Not to mention, it is always better to sleep through a frosty night than to have to constantly be shifting from position to position to find the warmest one. (Pro tip: snuggle up to another human or your favorite canine).

We’re here to talk about down sleeping bags. Later on we will break down what makes a good down sleeping bag worth the benjamins, but first, let’s talk about our 8 best down sleeping bags in 2023.

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1. Hyke & Byke Quandary 15 Degree F 650 Fill

Hyke & Byke Quandary 15 Degree F 650 Fill

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The Quandary 15F down sleeping bag is enough to keep you warm during a freezing night on the hills. It is filled primarily with 650 FP Duck down and has LofTech summit on the bottom where high-quality down is not quite as important. With this sleeping bag, Hyke and Byke boast an impeccable warmth to weight ratio. It is designed for through hikers to be able to pack up their bag into a super compact bag in order to carry it on the trail.

The fabric is waterproof and contains hydrophobic material to keep out unwanted moisture. If you get wet in the middle of a cold night, it will feel like a long time till daybreak. This mummy style sleeping bag weighs less than 3 pounds and will cocoon you nicely to keep all of the warm air in and the cold air out. It is also notably durable.

With 400T 20D ripstop fabric, YKK zippers, and snag free sliders, you won’t need to worry about the zipper coming off the rails in the middle of the night and letting the warm air escape. Compress the sleeping bag down in the compression bag in the morning and carry on, you wayward son.

+ Super warm and waterproof
+ Durable materials
+ Lightweight and compressible
+ Anti-snag sliders and YYK zippers

Why we like it – It is just a super warm and lightweight sleeping bag. It is durable enough that you don’t need to worry about getting a tear in it, and it compresses small enough that you can strap it onto the hiking backpack with ease.

Don’t forget a comfy camping pillow!

2. Hyke & Byke Eolus 15 & 30 Degree F 800

Hyke & Byke Eolus 15 & 30 Degree F 800

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Hyke and Byke test all of their products extensively to make sure they are releasing the highest quality to their customers. Just like our previously listed Hyke and Byke sleeping bag, the Eolus down sleeping bag is made with LofTech filling on the underside which is more durable when compressed than down fill is.

Throughout the rest of the bag, the filling is made of 800 F goose down to keep you warm through temperatures as low as 15F. With the power of good down, the hydrophobic fabric and water-resistant materials will keep you dry through the night.

It has also been outfitted with the most durable ripstop material, strong zippers, and anti-snag sliders. This is a great variation of the Hyke ad Byke line up that will keep you warm in a mummified fashion while providing you the lightweight portability that you need from the best down sleeping bag. Snag-free velcro, an adjustable drawstring, vertical baffles, and a compression stuff sack add to the list of features on this sleeping bag that make it to our list of the top ten bags.

+ 800F Goos down
+ LofTech understuffing
+ Mummy design
+ Lightweight and compressible
+ Durable materials

Why we like it – 800F goose down is super warm and comfortable. It is more lightweight than many other forms of down and is easy to carry. This bag has pretty much everything you could ask for along with supreme durability.

3. Anyoo Mummy Goose Down Sleeping Bag

Anyoo Mummy Goose Down Sleeping Bag

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This down sleeping bag by Anyoo is outlined using waterproof yet breathable nylon. This will keep the water out but allow your body to experience breathability during the night. Sweating isn’t quite as bad as having cold air come in, but if you can avoid it, you’re better off. That is what breathable fabric can do for you.

The fabric also keeps the down feathers from poking through the material. This is a problem that some down products experience. The down is made of 1200g goose down which is extra fine and traps in all of the heat you need. It is appropriately sized to require less air to be heated in order to withstand cold temperatures.

This bag is lightweight, but not quite as much so as our previous 2 picks. It weighs almost 4 pounds which won’t be a massive difference but as we note, less weight is always better. The mummy shape is designed to keep you warm from head to toe and the bag features everything you want in terms of durability and adjustability. Strong zippers, waterproof and ripstop material, anti-snag sliders, and drawstrings to keep all of the warm air where you want it.

+ 1200g Goos down filling
+ Mummy shape
+ Less air inside which needs to be heated
+ Durable but breathable material
+ Compressible and portable

Why we like it – The comfort you get while sleeping in this bag is quite luxurious. 1200 g goose down is super fine and offers such a warmth that makes you want to stay in the bag even after the sun has broken.

4. Outdoor Vitals Summit 0°F – 20°-30°F Down

Outdoor Vitals Summit 0°F - 20°-30°F Down

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Outdoor Vitals has been tested thoroughly to make sure that their temperature ratings are as true as possible. They guarantee that the sleeping bags they offer will be within 5 degrees of their temperature rating. The bag is filled with 800 down fill which is incredibly warm and has a fantastic warmth to weight ratio.

The filling is wrapped in a baffled, high-quality ripstop material to guard against any tears or rips. The designers removed some of the down from the underside where it does not provide as much warmth and inserted it into the foothold where it is better suited to keep your entire body warm.

Keep condensation and moisture out with the waterproof material coating the outside of the bag. The filling material is designed to be super compressible to fit into the small stuff sack that comes with it. It is rated to keep you warm down to 0 degrees F. That will pretty much be enough to keep you warm on any hike unless you’re heading to the summit of Everest. Included when you buy an Outdoor Vitals sleeping bag is a lifetime warranty to make sure you’ll be protected for any hike you ever decide to do.

+ 800 F down filling
+ Warm feet down design
+ Best warmth to weight ratio
+ Rated for 0 degrees Fahrenheit
+ Durable, waterproof material

Why we like it – If you’re going to colder climates, this will be the bag that will keep you warm and comfortable on those cold nights. It is super comfortable and lightweight so it is easy to pack up and take with you. The warm foot design also adds a bit of comfortable if you’re prone to getting cold feet.

5. Hyke & Byke Eolus 0 Degree F 800 Fill Power

Hyke & Byke Eolus 0 Degree F 800 Fill Power

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This sleeping bag by Hyke and Byke is very similar to the second one on our list, except that it is rated for 0 degrees Fahrenheit. It has 800 F down filling which will keep you super warm on a cold night.

The outer lining has highly durable 400T 20D ripstop fabric to protect your bag from tears and breaks if you’re carrying it on the outside of the bag during a hike. It has the YKK zippers and anti-snag sliders to ensure that you won’t have any zipper problems in the middle of the night with the sleeping bag.

It is super lightweight and packable for you to be able to put it into the compression sack at the end of the night and get on the move. Different sizes mean different weights, so check for the right size for you and the weight that corresponds.

This down sleeping bag will allow you to go into the colder climates and still enjoy the comfort of a good nights sleep under the stars. A warm sleeping bag means a good sleep and that’s what you’ll get with the 0 degrees rated 800 F down bag.

+ Rated for 0 degrees Fahrenheit
+ Super comfortable down material
+ Ripstop fabric, strong zipper, and anti-snag sliders
+ Waterproof lining

Why we like it – We love being warm on the mountain. Compared to our other 800F filling down sleeping bags, this one will keep you as warm as you need to be.

6. Outdoor Vitals Atlas 0°F – 15°F – 30°F Lightweight Down

Outdoor Vitals Atlas 0°F - 15°F - 30°F Lightweight Down

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With some of the warmest and most versatile bags on the market, Outdoor Vitals has a winner with the Atlas line of sleeping bags. This particular model is filled with 550F down which has a really high warmth to weight ratio. The bag weighs only 3.2 pounds and is easily compressible into the stuff sack that is included with the purchase.

Ripstop technology has been infused into the outer lining to make sure you don’t have to deal with losing any down on the trail either. It has water-resistant fabric to keep moisture out and the heat in.

If you are with a significant other and you want to get closer, you can hook the bags together with the double bag compatibility. This will allow you to get close and keep the heat where it needs to be. When you’re finished with the sleepover, pack up the back into its lightweight stuff sack and be on your way.

+ Dual-bag technology
+ 550 F Down filling
+ Durable, lightweight, and waterproof
+ rated for 0 degrees F

Why we like it – This down sleeping bag has everything you need, ad it has compatibility to be hooked up to another if the mood s just right.

7. KLYMIT KSB 20 Down Sleeping Bag

KLYMIT KSB 20 Down Sleeping Bag

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This is a lightweight, compact, and comfortable down sleeping bag which will work for any of your long term hiking ventures. The bag has been rated for 20 degrees F which will work for three seasons of hiking. It is not specifically designed to be taken out into the winter months. It has been filled with 650 F down to keep your body warm overnight, but it is also breathable to keep you from getting too warm.

It comes with a draft collar, a super stuffed foot box, flexible baffles, and a mummy hood to give the various parts of your body the comfort they require. The chest area has also been expanded to offer extra comfort to hikers who have been hitting the bench press a little harder. It has a wonderful warmth to weight ratio and compresses down to a carryable size and weighs in at only 2.75 pounds.

+ Ultra lightweight
+ Designed for premium comfort
+ Expanded chest area
+ Overstuffed foot box
+ Durable, strong, breathable, and waterproof

Why we like it – It is one of the most lightweight options on our list and will allow you to carry the bag when compressed with a little more ease. It is also super comfortable and warm.

8. ZEFABAK Down Blanket for Indoor Camping

ZEFABAK Down Blanket for Indoor Camping

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This is a nifty little blanket that doesn’t quite qualify as a camping sleeping bag, but it will keep you warm and comes with a couple of versatile uses. It is a blanket that can be turned into a poncho style overcoat if you need something to keep you warm but you still want to have the use of your hands. It has nylon, ripstop fabric to keep your stuffing where it needs to be, durable zippers and sliders, and hand pockets to keep your mitts warm.

This down blanket is filled with 90% down filling and 10% feathers. It is not specifically designed to be a sleeping bag but is best suited for sleeping either at home or as an extra layer when out in the woods. You can also use it as a blanket to lay on in the park to read or have a picnic.

+ Versatile purposes
+ Strong, durable fabric
+ 90% Down filling
+ Lightweight, packable

Why we like it – For the times when you don’t need a mummy sleeping bag, and all you need is a blanket, this will do the trick. It adds a layer of warmth, or just a bit of protection to get you off the ground for various activities.

Down Sleeping Bag Buyers Guide

Frequently asked questions when it comes to down sleeping bags

Down sleeping bags are one of the most popular options when it comes to hiking sleepers. And that is for good reason. They are extra warm, lightweight, and durable. They are designed with camping and hiking in mind and any long term hiker can tell you that down is one of the most useful materials that he or she can have for their gear. But what makes up a good down sleeping bag? We’re going to discuss that here.

What is down?

Down is the name given to the very small feathers that are found underneath the larger exterior feathers of ducks, geese, and other birds. It is commonly used in hiking gear as the micro size of the down creates a trap so that warm air cannot escape the sleeping bag, therefore allowing you to say warmer overnight. The higher the down rating, the more air the down filling is able to trap.

What does a down rating mean?

Down ratings refer to the amount of space that the stuffing can support per ounce of down filling. Down feathers are at their most effective when they are fully “fluffed” which creates micro air pockets to hold a vast array of warm air to heat your sleeping bag. With a higher down rating, you will have a higher warmth to weight ratio.

So, if you have a high rating such as an 800F down rating, you will get 800 cubic inches of covered area per ounce of down filling. Generally, the lower the down rating, the lower the quality and warmth of the product.

How warm does the bag need to be?

Depending on the type of hiking you’ll be doing, and in which seasons you will be doing so, you will need to pay attention to the temperature rating. There is a little bit of variance when it comes to the temperature rating of many sleeping bags so it is usually a good idea to overshoot on your temperature than undershoot.

Most of the bags listed on this article have at least a rating of 15 degrees F. That will be enough for pretty much all spring, summer, and fall campers as long as the temperature doesn’t get too low. If you plan on going into the winter months where the temperature drops well below the freezing point, you’ll need to go with a lower temperature rating to ensure your warmth and comfort on the trail.

If you end up undershooting your temperature rating and you are cold on the trial, it will be a regret you’ll simply have to live with. Just don’t complain to your camp mates about your poor choice.


Down has a lack of ability to insulate when it becomes wet. If you get a tear in your bag and take on some moisture, or the material simply isn’t waterproof, you will end up with a down filled bag that is simply incapable of performing its intended purpose.

Make sure that the material your bag is outlined with is able to stand up to rips and leaks. Nylon ripstop technology equipped bags should be strong enough to keep the integrity of the bag together and keep the warmth where it needs to be.

The synthetic filling does a better job at insulating when it gets wet than down does. The issue with synthetic filling is that is doesn’t do as good of a job at a lightweight capacity as down does. Down is one of the most powerful insulating forms possible and if it is properly protected, you will reap the rewards of it.


Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on a sleeping bag. Cheap bags do not have the durability or technology that the more expensive ones do. That is simply because the higher performance materials cost more to produce and are in higher demand. When picking out your sleeping bag, remember that it is going to be one of the most important pieces of gear you have along with your shoes and your bag. The quality of sleep you get will largely depend on the quality of the sleeping bag you invest in.


As you can see, down sleeping bags are one of the best options for campers and hikers. They are lightweight, compact, and provide a level of warm comfort that synthetic bags just can’t compete with. Make sure you keep the buyers guide in mind when you are buying your favorite down sleeping bag and you will be a happy camper.

Expert Tip

If you’re looking at the difference between a duck and goose down, you may be wondering what it actually is. Geese are able to produce larger plumules for their down which gives them a high warmth to weight rating. Duck is still high-quality, but a goose is the cream of the crop.

DId you know?

The first down jacket was invented by the famous Eddie Bauer in 1936. It was originally called a puffer jacket and was given the name the Skyliner.


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