6 Best Disposable Razors For Easy Shaving

Best Disposable Razors

In today’s modern world, everything moves at a faster pace. Sometimes, I think time just moves faster than it used to back in the 80’s and 90’s when we sent letters to each other through the post and took the time to read the newspaper. Alas, how times have changed.

The modern man just doesn’t have the time or patience to use a good old-fashioned straight razor or safety razor.

Enter: best disposable razors. They may not be as high quality as razors of the past, but the best disposable razors will give you a good, close shave quickly and efficiently. Are disposable razors any good? Disposable razors are better than they used to be, and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg like cartridge razors will. Today, you’ll find blades with lubricating strips, gel reservoirs, rotating flex heads, and precision trimmers.

Take the Schick Xtreme 3, for example, which comes with a scented handle. Talk about luxury! Plus, with fewer blades, the best mens drugstore razors are less likely to irritate your skin.

In this article, we’ll discuss the four best disposable razors on the market today, and then we’ll take time to talk about how long you should really be keeping your disposable razors.

What to look for in a disposable razor

Before you jump into the reviews and just grab a highly rated razor, let me give you a few things to think about.

All of these razors are the best of their type, but each one is a bit different so you need to figure out which one you need. Otherwise, you might end up with a razor that isn’t living up to your expectations.

Types of razors

There are two main types of disposable razors. There are cartridge ones where you buy a handle and then throw away the cartridges when they are dull.

Since I already have an article about the best cartridge razors, I’ll stick to the kind where you throw the entire thing away, body and all.

The blades

There are throwaway razors that have two blades all the way up to 5. Does that mean that the ones with 5 blades are better than the ones with only two?

Not at all. They both have their pros and cons.

I rarely use disposable razors these days as I love to shave with a safety razor, but when I do, I like to use the ones with two blades.

They are not all created equal, however, and the quality of the blade varies. Which is why I wrote this article. This way you don’t have to waste money on an inferior product.

The benefit of having fewer blades is that there will be less irritation. Fewer blades against the skin can be a good thing as you aren’t as likely to get razor burn.

Now, five blade systems are good for a quick and very close shave. In one way there may be less irritation as you will not have to pass over the same spot multiple times to cut the hair closer.

Having many blades can increase the risk of ingrown hairs, however, so make sure you check out our article on preventing razor bumps when you are done reading this.

The problem is that the blades don’t cut the hair very cleanly and it is cut far too low to the top layer of skin. The hair on your neck especially is likely to grow up under the skin and get infected for a painful razor bump.

Lubricating strips

Many razors these days feature a strip of lubrication that melts slowly when it is wet to provide more glide for the razor.

I don’t always find that these work well, but it depends highly on the brand. The ones that have the strip on both sides of the blade make more sense and seem to work better. After all, if the strip is over the blades, then the blades pass first followed by the strip. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.


While I can vouch for any of the razors on this list and highly recommend them, you may not be so convinced yourself.

If this is the case, then make sure you stick with some brands that have a good reputation. Gillette, Shtick and Dorco are all good brands that you can depend on to give you a good shave even if they are the cheap disposable kind.

How to take care of your razors

Just because these razors are cheap and mean to be thrown away, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take good care of them. The longer you make them last the less money you spend. And if you care about the environment, then you’ll want to keep them shaving for longer so you won’t pollute as much.

Here are a few tips that also work with cartridge razors.

Keep the blades clean

I have been in too many bathrooms and have seen lots of cheap disposables with blades full of hair. How they manage to shave with that is anybody’s guess.

The first rule, don’t do that.

Yes, these disposable razors can get gunked up very quickly. This is why you have to rinse the blade more frequently than with other razors.

Every two or three swipes across the face with the razor, you should rinse the blades to get all of the hair and shaving cream off. At the end of the shave, take an old toothbrush and wipe all the hair off of the blades.

Hair is acidic and will cause the blade to get dull. This really speeds up the death of your razor. By simply wiping the hair off of the blades you can extend the life of your razor considerably.

Keep it dry

When you are finished with the shave, take a towel and dry the blades off. You don’t want water sitting on them that will cause the blades to rust and corrode.

Make sure you put the razor away and that the spot is dry and clean. Leaving your razor out on the sink can keep the razor wet. Not only that but you are attracting bacteria that you don’t want to be spreading across your face.

Sharpen the blade

There actually is a very easy way to sharpen those blades on your disposable or cartridge razors. You can do a DIY sharpener with an old pair of jeans.

Take a strip of your old jeans about 3 inches wide and 5 inches long and glue it to a board. Make sure it is nice and smooth and doesn’t have any bumps to snag the razor.

Also, make sure the lines of the jeans run perpendicular to the board. You want the lines of the material to be parallel to the blades. Then, before every shave, run the blade upwards against the jeans. Don’t go down or you’ll ruin the razor. You aren’t trying to shave them, you’re trying to keep the blades smooth by running the back side of the blade along the jeans.

If you are not handy, you can buy a sharpener like the Blade Buddy from Amazon.com. The same principle applies to this handy little tool. You just run it backward across the rubber material that has ridges similar to the texture of the jeans.

Disinfect them

If you suffer from acne or ingrown hairs, then you need to make sure that you are killing the bacteria.

After every use, dip the blades in some rubbing alcohol. This may seem like overkill, but you aren’t doing your face any favors if you are spreadign bacteria around when you use the blade. I wouldn’t recommend doing it before the shave to not irritate your skin.


 BIC Flex 5 Disposable Razors, 8 ct 

Check Out BIC Flex 5 on Amazon.com

BIC Flex 5 disposable razors are more than just simple razors you throw in the trash at the end of the day. Its sleek black and white skeleton design sets the BIC Flex 5 apart from its competition, and the precision blades on the back of the razor are perfect for shaving difficult spots, which is why they made it to our list of the best disposable razors.

The ball lodged in the handle of the razor adds weight to the razor head thereby balancing the entire head against the body. When a razor is too handle-heavy, it’s easy to try to press harder. If you’re too heavy-handed with the razor though, you’ll cut too close to the skin and even below the skin. It’s precisely when you cut below the skin that hairs begin to curl in on themselves.

Using gravity to pull the razor down across your face allows the blades to do the job. They are really sharp after all, so you shouldn’t have to press down hard to get them to work. There are five blades so they can handle the job of slicing through the hair evenly and cleanly without you pressing down.

Overall, a balanced handle will do the work for you so you just have to glide the razor across your skin. Because they’re so balanced, the BIC Flex 5 are perfect for sensitive skin. Use them on your face, on your head, on your chest, on your legs….these razors can do it all. They do the work of a cartridge razor with the convenience of a disposable razor.

The handle also has a nice texture that is easy to grip and hard to drop. This is very handy for when you are shaing in the shower.

Now, we here at HCC understand you may be using your razor for shaving areas other than your face. The shape of the head is ideal for shaving around the contours of all parts of you rbody. And it comes with the lubrication strip under the blades as well as above.

You can get a nice glide over your skin due to the thoughtful location of the lube strip.

So, how many shaves can you get from this razor? The BIC Flex 5 can last several weeks if you use them properly. It also depends on how thick your beard is, but if you shave once per day five times per week, then you could probably get around 15 shaves before you need to replace your razor. A cut above the rest, these razors are sure to impress.

Bic has a reputation among cheap disposables as being too cheap. I had sworn off Bic for years as the older disposables use to tear my face up. I gave this a shot due to the design and how solid it looked.

I was not at all disappointed with how it performs. It was quite unexpected that it shaved as well as a Gillette or Schick that you would actually forget it was a Bic. I suppose with all the competition they were afraid to get left behind and made some huge improvements.



Check Price on Amazon.com

Are BIC razors any good? I hear that question a lot. The answer is that, yes, they can be very good considering they are cheap use and throw away razors. For guys with sensitive skin, these BIC razors will get the job done without irritating your skin. At first glance, it doesn’t seem like it would be good for sensitive skin.

After all, it is a disposable razor without a lubricating strip. The main reason that it is good for sensitive skin is the quality of the two blade system. The blades are among the sharpest disposable razor blades which cause less drag and a smoother shave. And without that gloop that some lubricating strips can leave on your face.

The angle of the blades help them glide across the face and cut the hair very evenly. Since the blades are angled in such a way, you don’t have to keep going over the same spot multiple times to get a closer shave. This would only end up giving you razor burn even if you don’t have sensitive skin.

The other point is that there is a bit more space between the blades, so the skin isn’t pushed into the second blade after the first blade makes its pass. The bottom line is that BIC razors have a reputation for just being the cheapest and best disposable razors out there, but the reality is that they are well made and do the job exactly as advertised.

Best Cheap Disposable Razor

 Schick Xtreme 3 Disposable Razors for Men

best disposable razor

Check Out Schick Xtreme 3 on Amazon.com

The Schick Xtreme 3 Disposable Razors for Men are only slightly more than a dollar per blade, but as these are the best throw away razors, they provide the best value for your money. An inexpensive package of 8 of best disposable razors will last you around four months, and you’ll enjoy comfortable shaves day after day.

These disposable blades come with triple blades that won’t clog or irritate your skin like five-blade razors so often do. Plus, the blades are flexible, meaning they have enough give in them to bend slightly. They’ll easily contour the curves of your jawline and your chin. It may seem like it would be better for blades to be rigid and stiff to cut the hair better. And the fact is that some are because of that. But, it really depends on your hair. If you have fine or wispy hair, then you would be better off with rigid blades. If your hair is thick or stiff then the give on the blade will actually help you from getting razor burn as you shave. You may have to go over the spot a couple of times, but it is much more gentle on your skin this way. The aloe and vitamin E comfort strip lubricate your skin as you make passes moisturizing and hydrating as you go. Aloe vera in particular is known for its healing properties. Not only is it rich in nutrients, but it also improves elasticity, reduces inflammation, and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles.

The Schick Xtreme 3 is really one of the best disposable razors though because it offers a bit of luxury at the lowest prices. The handle has a rubberized grip that prevents slippage even when wet, and it’s scented to provide you with a pleasant shaving experience.



Check Price on Amazon.com

Persona is a razor blade brand that deserves way more love and attention than it gets. Barbers all know how good their blades are so it is a surprise that their disposable razors are not very well known.

There are a couple of reasons that these are ideal for shaving your head. First, these are among the sharpest and some of the  best disposable razors on the market today. They will cut through dense head hair like buttah. The other reason is that they feature an anti-clog cartridge. This is essential when using a disposable razor on your head. Your head hair may be finer than your beard, but it is way denser.

When I say dense, I mean there is more hair per square inch than your beard. This density can clog your blades and make it harder to get a good head shave. The head pivots nicely to be able to follow the contours of your head. The lubricating strip keeps the blades moving smoothly across the skin without leaving any residue.

An ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold, especially if you shave your head on the shower. A virtual guard on the bottom of the cartridge helps reduce nicks. All in all, this is a disposable razor for head shaving that should be on your radar even if you don’t shave your head.

Pick one of these best disposable razors up and see the difference between a cheap disposable razor and one that provides more value than you would ever expect.

Best Disposable Razor for Black Men

 Bump Fighter Mens Disposable Razors

best disposable razor

Check Out Bump Fighter on Amazon.com

The Bump Fighter Men’s Disposable Razor is a razor with a bump guard to prevent the blades from cutting too close to the skin. It’s  designed to help any men who suffer from razor burn.

This razor was specifically designed with black men in mind. Black men, who tend to have very curly hair, often experience razor burn. Because the hair follicle is so curly, it tends to curl back in on itself when the hair is cut below the surface of the skin. As opposed to straight razors and safety razors which cut parallel to the skin, cartridge and disposable razors often cut below the skin, causing ingrown hairs.

It’s rare to find disposable razors that give a decent shave without cutting too close to the skin, but this one does the trick. It won’t give you a perfect shave. It should leave a slight layer of stubble on your skin that you’ll feel if you rub your hand against your cheek against the grain, but that’s okay. Because the blades are much smoother than the blades on your average disposable razors, the Bump Fighters will probably only last you 3-4 shaves. However, they’ll save your skin from irritation and keep it healthier in the long-term.

If you want to know more about how to avoid razor bumps, read our full article by clicking here.


 Gillette Sensor2 Disposable Razors 

best disposable razors

Check Out Gillette Sensor 2 on Amazon.com

Some of us like the features and the frills offered by the latest Gillette razors, and others like classic, simple disposable razors.

The razors you find on the shelves today can moisturize your skin, rotate in six directions, play your favorite songs, text your girlfriend, trim your ear hairs, and check your email for you. Okay, perhaps we’re exaggerating, but the point still stands.

A razor is really designed to do one thing–shave your hair. Two good blades is good enough to get the job done if they’re made of high-quality steel. A lubricant strip may be nice, but when they start to get old and fall off, they’re not as pleasant.

A good, old-fashioned shaving brush with some shaving cream will do a much better job anyway. The Gillette Sensor2 disposable razors give you just what you need at a price you can’t refuse. A pack of 36 blades only costs about $20, and each one should last you between 3 and 5 uses if you use them correctly. At that rate, you can practically go 6 months and maybe even a year without restocking.

How Long Should Disposable Razors Last?

Even the best disposable razors will wear out pretty quickly simply because the blades are not all that durable. However, how often you need to change your razor blades might change depending on your grooming habits.

First of all, the main reason your blades dull is actually not because of use. The water droplets left on your blade will cause the blades to rust and corrode. You can preserve the life of your disposable razors tremendously if you simply blot them dry with a towel after showering and then store them in a dry place.

Salt also wears away at the steel of your razor, and because your skin is very saline, it has a powerful effect on your blades. You should be cleaning out your razor thoroughly after each use if you want it to last longer than a couple of days. Better yet, sanitize it first with a bit of alcohol like a professional barber would. Cleaning them will also help you prevent breakouts and skin infections.

Lastly, you should be using some sort of shaving soap or cream. The soap will soften your skin making it that much easier for the razor to cut the hair. By prepping properly, you take a bit of pressure off of the razor.

That all being said, you shouldn’t expect your razor to last for months on end. After all, the blades are fairly thin, and the steel isn’t very strong. How often you need to replace your razor blades depends on all of these factors. If you take proper care of the best disposable razors though, you might very well be able to get a couple weeks out of them.

Your Best Disposable Razor?

Do you use disposable razors? Why are these your shaving tool of choice, and which do you think is the best disposable razor? We want to hear your comments, questions, and concerns.


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