The Best Counter Depth Refrigerators (2021 Reviews)


When you need to purchase a new refrigerator, you’ll have plenty of options. While standard refrigerators work just fine for larger kitchens with plenty of floor space, if you have a smaller kitchen or just want a sleeker look, a counter depth refrigerator may be a better choice. This type of fridge won’t stick out beyond your counters into your kitchen, and the compact design makes for an aesthetically pleasing option.

To help you get started with your search, we’ve picked out the five best counter depth refrigerators you can buy. To do this, we looked at a number of factors, and we’ve included some information about the most important features to look for in counter depth refrigerators to help you with your search. Whether you’re looking for a smaller fridge for your home of two, or you need a counter depth fridge with enough capacity to hold groceries for your family of five, we’ve found options that will work for your needs. Read on to learn about what you should look for in a new fridge and to see our top picks.

Our Top Picks: Summary

  • Best Overall: GE Profile 23.1 cu ft French Door Refrigerator
  • Runner-Up: KitchenAid 20 cu ft French Door Refrigerator
  • Best for Families: Samsung Family Hub 4-Door Smart Refrigerator
  • Best Side-by-Side: GE Profile 21.8 cu ft Side-by-Side Refrigerator
  • Best French Door: Frigidaire Gallery 21.7 cu ft French Door Refrigerator

The Best Counter Depth Refrigerators: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: GE Profile French Door Refrigerator

GE Profile 23.1 cu ft French Door

Customizable layout, thoughtful lighting, and a sleek profile.

Why We Picked It

The GE Profile 23.1 cu ft French Door Refrigerator’s design allows for customizable temperature control and convenience. Humidity-controlled crispers keep foods fresh, and TwinChill evaporators allow for different climates in the fresh food and freezer section to preserve foods. A digital temperature display inside the left door makes adjusting temperatures easy, and the fridge is ENERGY STAR qualified for energy efficiency and savings on your electric bill. At 28.75 inches deep, this counter-depth fridge fits naturally into most kitchens.

The fridge also has plenty of convenience features. Interior LED lighting improves visibility, and a door alarm alerts you if a door is left open too long. The fridge also has a factory-installed ice maker and a water filtration system.

Keep in Mind

Some owners found that the compressor runs loudly, so consider where the fridge is positioned in relation to your dining room and other social spaces when deciding if this is the product that’s right for you.

In a Nutshell

  • Humidity control and temperature control zones allow for customized climates to keep food fresh
  • ENERGY STAR qualified for energy and electrical bill savings
  • Plenty of convenience features like LED lighting, ice maker, and water filtration system

Runner-Up: KitchenAid French Door Refrigerator

KitchenAid 20 cu ft French Door Refrigerator

Features like a produce saver feature and excellent reliability make the KitchenAid a solid choice.


Why We Picked It

The KitchenAid 20 cu ft French Door Refrigerator blends functionality with a compact design. Just 34.75 inches deep, this fridge offers a built-in look. It is equipped with an ExtendFresh Temperature Management System which uses sensors to monitor and adjust the temperatures of all of the foods within the fridge. Additionally, the Produce Preserver removes the ethylene gas given off by many fruits and vegetables. This gas causes them to over-ripen, but removing it keeps the foods fresh longer. Humidity controlled crispers, an interior filtered water dispenser, a metal wine rack, an automatic ice maker, and more enhance this fridge.

Keep in Mind

At 20 cubic feet, this fridge is on the smaller side, so while it may be a great choice for a family of two or three, families of four or five may find that it doesn’t offer enough storage space.

In a Nutshell

  • Temperature management and ethylene removal systems ensure food stays fresh
  • Interior filtered water dispenser, automatic ice maker, and metal wine rack add convenience
  • Fridge measures just 34.75 inches deep

Best for Families: Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator

Samsung Family Hub 4-Door Smart Refrigerator

Features like a digital bulletin board and a fingerprint-resistant finish make the Samsung perfect for families.


Why We Picked It

For busy families on the go, the Samsung Family Hub 4-Door Smart Refrigerator makes it easy to stay connected. The digital family bulletin board allows you to add and customize photos, as well as to leave handwritten notes. With Family Hub, you can play music as you’re cooking and manage your family’s calendars right through your fridge. The fridge is both Wi-Fi and Bixby enabled for remote management and convenience, so you can check what’s in your fridge while you’re at the grocery store to make sure you get everything you need.

Measuring 34.29 inches deep, this counter depth fridge fits into most kitchens. The FlexZone drawer has four temperature settings, and a twin cooling design helps to prevent both spoiling and freezer burn. The exterior finish is also fingerprint-resistant, making this fridge a practical choice for families.

Keep in Mind

Some purchasers have found that it’s difficult to fit a gallon of milk in the door drawers, but the fridge does offer lots of room so you can probably find another place to keep the milk.

In a Nutshell

  • Wi-Fi connectivity, Family Hub, and digital family bulletin board allows your whole family to stay connected, no matter where you are
  • FlexZone drawer and twin cooling helps to prevent spoilage
  • Fingerprint-resistant exterior finish

Best Side-by-Side: GE Profile Side-by-Side Refrigerator

GE Profile 21.8 cu ft Side-by-Side Refrigerator

This GE Profile fridge delivers on design, reliability, and affordability.

Why We Picked It

If you don’t like having to bend down to pick up items from a bottom-mount freezer, the GE Profile 21.8 cu ft Side-by-Side Refrigerator offers a convenient alternative. While this fridge is available at a lower price point than the other models we’ve selected, it still offers quality and plenty of features. It features a water filtration system and ice maker, as well as spill-proof glass shelves. The crisper drawers are humidity-controlled, and the interior controls are placed at the front of the fridge so they’re easy to access. Measuring just 27.5 inches deep, this is one of the shallower fridges that you’ll find.

Keep in Mind

Because this fridge offers just under 22 cubic feet of storage space, it isn’t ideal for large families, but does the job for smaller families of just a few people.

In a Nutshell

  • Water filtration system and ice maker offer convenience
  • Interior temperature controls are located at the front of the fridge for easy access
  • Just 27.5 inches deep, meaning the fridge fits into most counter spaces

Best French Door: Frigidaire Gallery French Door Refrigerator

Frigidaire Gallery 21.7 cu ft French Door Refrigerator

Compact and energy efficient with integrated ice and water dispenser.

How We Chose the Best Counter Depth Refrigerators

To choose the best counter depth refrigerators, we evaluated each fridge based on a number of qualities. From interior size to energy efficiency and overall customer satisfaction, we weighed the following to bring you the best products.

Interior Size

Because counter depth refrigerators are usually smaller than standard refrigerators, capacity and interior size becomes even more important, especially if you have a larger family. Some counter depth fridges solve this problem by increasing the fridge’s width, while others use creative interior design to maximize capacity. We looked for fridges that offered not only capacity, but also versatile storage options like adjustable shelves and multiple drawers.


Features like filtered water and an ice maker may seem like conveniences, but they can make your everyday life easier and enhance the performance of the fridge. We considered the features that a fridge offers, like powerful interior LED lighting, digital temperature controls, open door alarms, and even touchscreen displays.

Energy Efficiency

We only considered fridges that were energy star rated. These refrigerators are built to put in a reliable performance but to save energy as they do it, so they offer important environmental benefits while also saving you money on your electric bill. Because many of these fridges offer zoned climate control and detailed temperature control, you can further save on energy by adjusting the temperatures so that the fridge doesn’t stay colder than necessary.

Reliability & Customer Satisfaction

Repairing a fridge is expensive and inconvenient, and a fridge that breaks suddenly can mean that you’ll need to throw out all of your food. The fridges that we selected are proven to perform well over time, and are highly reliable. Additionally, we considered overall customer satisfaction with each fridge, recommending only the refrigerators that have a great customer satisfaction rating.

Counter Depth vs. Standard Depth Refrigerators

Counter depth refrigerators are designed to sit flush, or nearly flush, with your kitchen’s counters. These refrigerators have a compact design and can create a sleek look in your kitchen. They’re also particularly valuable if you have a narrow kitchen with limited floor space, since they are less bulky and take up less room than standard depth refrigerators. Most counter depth refrigerators have a depth of 30 inches or less. The only way to increase the capacity of these refrigerators is by increasing their width, so if you’re looking for a counter depth option with plenty of storage, expect to invest in a wide fridge.

Standard depth refrigerators are deeper, often measuring over 30-36 inches. They can look bulkier and may extend out past your counters. Standard depth refrigerators can be a great addition to spacious kitchens with lots of floor space.

What to Look for in a Counter Depth Refrigerator

When choosing the best counter depth refrigerator for your home, be sure to consider the following factors:


The configuration of a fridge will impact how you use it every day, so this is one of the most important factors. Counter depth refrigerators are available in multiple configurations, including a side-by-side freezer and fridge, and with the freezer on the top or on the bottom. Think about the overall configuration that you want, since this is largely a personal preference. For example, do you want a water and ice dispenser in the door? Determining the ideal configuration will help you to narrow down your options.


Counter depth fridges come in various widths, heights, and depths. Measure the existing space in your kitchen so that you know the exact dimensions that your new fridge should have.


Just like standard depth fridges, counter depth fridges have a variety of finishes, layouts, and features. If you have kids, a smudge-resistant or fingerprint-resistant finish may be best. Consider the current color scheme in your kitchen when choosing the overall finish that you want in a new fridge.

Don’t forget to think about features that you want the fridge to have, too, like a touchscreen option, adjustable shelves, open door alarms, and more. If you buy lots of produce, you may want a fridge with larger or multiple crisper drawers. Think about the current issues you have with your current fridge and look for a new fridge with features that will solve those issues.


You can spend anywhere from $500 to $10,000 on a counter depth fridge. To find the right option for you, consider your budget and which features you absolutely have to have in your new fridge. Don’t forget to budget for any delivery or installation costs, too.

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