The Best Cordless Vacuums (2021 Reviews)


A cordless vacuum is a convenient way to take care of small messes and, in some cases, the whole house.

With a cordless vacuum, you can reduce the amount of time you spend vacuuming. Instead of having to unplug and switch outlets, you’re not tethered by power cords. Cordless models are now made to last longer than ever and you can even vacuum multiple rooms on a single charge! Many provide a comparable replacement for corded models.

You’ll need to consider several things when choosing the best cordless vacuum, such as whether you have special needs like pet hair, or if you want a vacuum that can handle tough messes. You’ll also want to look at a vacuum’s relative value for the price and its available accessories.

Check out the reviews of our top pick and read on to learn more about what to look for in a battery powered vacuum.

Our Top Picks:

Best Overall: Dyson v10 Absolute
Best Budget: BISSELL Multi Reach Plus Cordless Stick Vacuum
Best for Pet Hair: BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser
Best Robotic: Roomba i7

The Best Cordless Vacuums: Our Top Picks

Best Overall

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Dyson v10 Absolute

Two cleaning heads and cyclonic suction with power comparable to corded models.


Why we Picked It

With two heads, the Dyson is one of the most efficient cordless models on the market. Its power heads and cyclonic action allows the vacuum to clean down deeper than other models. Stiff nylon bristles dig down into carpets and pull up ground-in dirt and other debris.

The Dyson’s Cyclonic suction provides sufficient power to clean up big messes like pet hair and other difficult to remove debris. The best part? The Dyson V10 can run for up to 60 minutes when not using a power head and up to 20 minutes with a power head.

The Dyson comes with versatility, too. It detaches with one click to turn into a handheld vacuum that you can take anywhere. The convenient drop-in docking station stays off the floor and out of the way.

Keep in Mind

While it comes with so many features and versatility, the price of the Dyson may make it too expensive for vacuum shoppers on a budget.

In a Nutshell

  • Motorized attachments for deeper cleaning
  • 5.88 pounds
  • 60-minute battery life

Best Budget

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Bissell Multi Reach Plus Cordless Stick Vacuum

Affordable vacuum with up to 20 minutes of run time that’s fade-free.


Why we Picked It

The Bissell packs a lot of power at an affordable price. It has a 22V lithium ion battery that can power it for up to 20 minutes without fading. It also converts to a handheld vacuum that’s easy to take and use anywhere. With attachments like the upholstery tool, it’s a great option for cars, furniture, and stairs.

With a smaller head size, this vacuum will fit perfectly in small spaces where upright or canister models might not be able to fit. The built in crevice tool gets down deep into very tight spaces and the LED lights help you see into small spaces for cleanup. The tradeoff of this small size, of course, is that the Bissell is not the ideal corded vacuum replacement.

Soft bristles are powerful on ground-in dirt while still being gentle enough to use on hardwood floors. The high-capacity dirt cup is easy to empty with just one click.

Keep in Mind

With just 20 minutes of run time, this vacuum is best suited for small spaces or single room vacuuming.

In a Nutshell

  • 5 pounds
  • Small head size for tight spaces
  • Rinsable dirt cup

Best for Pet Hair

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Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

Powerful cordless hand model with a motorized pet hair head.


Why we Picked It

With a motorized pet hair head, the Bissell can get down deep into carpets and upholstery to pick up even ground-in pet hair. Other attachments like the crevice tool and upholstery tool make it easier to get into tight spots where pet hair might be hiding.

While our top pick (Dyson V10 Absolute) is a great solution to pet hair, it comes with a high price tag. The Bissell is an affordable model that works comparably on pet hair. The handheld vacuum is easy to use and even easier to store because of its small size. The 14.4V lithium ion battery allows for an extended run time.

Triple filtration helps get pet dander and other allergens out of the air and into the vacuum. Both the filters and the dirt cup are removable and fully washable so you can start fresh each time you vacuum.

Keep in Mind

This is a small handheld model so it is probably not a realistic replacement for a full-size upright vacuum that can handle whole house vacuuming.

In a Nutshell

  • Powerful tools target pet hair
  • 4.3 pounds
  • Extended run time

Best Robotic

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Roomba i7

Innovative robotic vacuum compatible with smart home technology.


Why we Picked It

The Power Lifting Suction technology allows the Roomba to pick up to 10x more debris that previous models may have missed. With flexible rubber brushes, it can easily switch between carpets and hard floors without having to adjust the height. High-efficiency filters help it remove 99% of allergens from pets and other sources in your home.

Upgraded navigation technology helps the Roomba navigate an entire level of your home and identify each room on that level. It can be programmed to clean the entire level at one time or only certain rooms at specific times. Roomba will also automatically detect obstacles and stairs. The vacuum automatically returns to the docking station when it begins to run out of power.

A newly updated app makes it easy to use the Roomba even when you aren’t home. Smart home compatibility also allows you to use the vacuum with voice-activated devices.

Keep in Mind

As one of the priciest Roomba models, the i7 comes with premium features but may also be cost prohibitive for some families.

In a Nutshell

  • Hassle free robotic vacuuming
  • 7.45 pounds
  • Automatic recharging

How We Chose the Best Cordless Vacuums

Want to know how we came to the conclusion that each of these are the best cordless vacuums? Here’s what we consider when looking at cordless models.


When you’re going cordless, battery life is one of the biggest considerations. We looked at how long a battery lasts – and its fade-free power. We compared the runtime to the amount of time it takes to vacuum single rooms, multiple rooms, and entire houses. Some models come with power attachments which can drain the battery, so we took those into consideration, too. Since cordless vacuums must be charged regularly, we also look at how long a vacuum needs to charge before it can run.

Some of the vacuums we reviewed come with an extra battery (or one can be purchased), helping to extend clean time and reduce runtime worries.

Cleaning Power

Since cordless vacuums are powered by batteries instead of electricity, their suction power is an important factor. Most batteries have the power to create suction similar to corded models, but we also look at how much the vacuum can pick up with that power. Vacuums that are able to reach ground-in dirt receive higher ratings than those that just pick up surface dirt from carpets and upholstery.

We also considered the type of suction each vacuum has. Most models have cyclone-style suction that’s meant to last longer, while others have traditional straight-suction systems.

Weight and Ergonomics

Most cordless models are lightweight because of their battery-powered motors, but they still may be difficult to maneuver. We looked at how heavy the vacuum is and how easy it is to move around on carpets and hard floors. Swivel-style heads may also make the vacuum easier to maneuver.

We also considered how easy it is to hold the vacuum, the way it detaches to work as a handheld, and where the buttons are located. Some vacuums have buttons that are hard to find or that could be easily bumped while vacuuming. We also look at how easy the dirt cup is to empty.

The size and style of the docking station should not be overlooked. Some vacuums have docking stations that are large and take up a lot of space. Others include wall-style docking that is more compact, but requires you to have an electrical outlet located near the spot you want to mount it.

Reputation and Customer Satisfaction

Since most of the vacuums we look at have been available for some time, we considered what customers have to say about the vacuums. By looking at the reviews, we can find out more about how to vacuums hold up after a month, a few months, and a year of using the vacuum. Customer satisfaction can also tell us what to look out for and what issues people saw with the vacuum.

What to Look for in a Cordless Vacuum

Using a cordless vacuum can make your life easier. Here are the things you should look out for when you’re deciding on the cordless model that’s right for you.


Having a good idea of how long it takes to vacuum each of your rooms will help you when determining how long your cordless vacuum’s battery life needs to be. The vacuum should have a battery life that is enough to vacuum all your rooms on a single charge. You’ll also need to look at how long you have to charge the vacuum before you’re able to use it.

Don’t forget to consider where you’re going to keep the docking station. Make sure the station is not too large for the space you have set aside for the vacuum.


While a vacuum’s weight may seem insignificant, it can be difficult to use a heavy vacuum for long periods of time. When you consider a cordless vacuum, they are usually lighter weight, but this may make it harder to use them on certain types of carpet. The vacuum should be lightweight, but it should still have enough pressure to get into carpeting.

Type of Cleaning Head

The type of cleaning head a vacuum has is important because it allows for different types of vacuuming. Not all cleaning heads are created equal and choosing the one with the right type of bristles can make a huge difference in the vacuum’s cleaning abilities in your home. Look for rubber bristles, tangle-free cleaning, and adjustable cleaning heads.

Vacuums with two cleaning heads, like our top pick, are ideal because they can work on different surfaces and with different styles of power behind them. A vacuum that has specialized cleaning heads has increased versatility for hard floors and carpeting.


The right accessories can make the vacuum better. Most vacuums include things like a crevice tool or brush, but you should also look out for things like power brush heads and dusting tools. Note that certain power attachments will be a drain on the battery and can have an impact on fade-free power.

The attachments should be easy to use and should attach easily. You’ll also want to find out if the vacuum has onboard attachment storage so you don’t have to find a separate place to store the tools.

Can a Cordless Vacuum Be Your Only Vacuum?

In the past, cordless vacuums were just an additional tool to clean up small messes. They were also popular options for RVs and other small spaces, but things are changing.

With improved batteries, cordless vacuums can last longer and have suction capabilities similar to corded models. Some cordless models can last for up to an hour, which might be enough to do a whole house. As batteries continue getting better, cordless models will last even longer.

Thanks to the improved battery life and powerful suctioning power, it is possible to use a cordless vacuum as your only vacuum. Vacuums like our top pick have a large enough bin size and a long enough battery that they can vacuum an entire house on one charge.

The biggest limitations you’ll find when you choose to only own a cordless vacuum are the battery life and the bin size. If you’re only going to have a cordless vacuum, you must also make sure you’re prepared to have a place to charge it regularly so it’s ready to go whenever you need it.

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