Best Conference Room Cameras Reviews – Top 9 Products

Conference Room Cameras

Present your content in small or large groups by using the best conference room camera. It is a handy little gadget with excellent resolution and advanced image functionalities. They ensure your presenting skills come in handy during a video conferencing meeting. Also, other models are portable and lightweight to encourage easy carrying and setup. The following review features the best conference room camera in 2023.

Best Conference Room Cameras Review List

CAM340+ USB 4K Conference Camera for Huddle Rooms and Video Calling WebcamCheck It Now
Genius 120-degree Ultra Wide Angle Full HD Conference Webcam(WideCam F100)Check It Now
Logitech PTZ PRO 2 Video Camera for Conference Rooms, HD 1080p Video -…Check It Now
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Microsoft LifeCam Studio for BusinessCheck It Now
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Owl Labs Meeting Owl – 360 Degree, 720p Video Conference Camera, Microphone, and…Check It Now
Logitech C930e 1080P HD Video Webcam – 90-Degree Extended View, Microsoft Lync…Check It Now
AVer Information CAM520 12X USB PTZ Plug-N-Play Conference CameraCheck It Now

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#9. CAM340+ USB 4K Conference Camera

CAM340+ USB 4K Conference Camera

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By: AVer

Aver has come up with this best conference room camera with a beautiful finish. Its bold color lets you place in most meetings and business rooms for simple style coordination. Not only that, but also its base is super sturdy for maximum stability. This equipment gives you accurate and sharp color up to 4K for best viewing. Moreover, the multi-lens glass and quality sensors produce the most accurate color. Plug the USB cable lets you plug and play without installing drivers. Note that you don’t need any power cable or additional accessories.

Furthermore, a 120-degree wide-angle is clear and distortion-free. This CAM340+ has a broad field of view for the perfect use in any growing huddle room. All the attendees are nearer the lens but outside the standard camera view. Whether you are in a tricky light setting, no need for worrying. Featuring a white balance and exposure functions, they offer an accurate color best for fluorescent, bright, or natural lights.In Short:

  • The beautiful finish adds style and functional
  • The base is sturdy for maximum stability
  • Simple plug n play design lets you operate without installing drivers
  • Precise and distortion-free 120-degree angle
  • Both the white balance and exposure functions offer accurate color

#8. Genius 120-Degree Ultra Wide Angle Full HD Conference Webcam

Genius 120-degree Ultra Wide Angle Full HD Conference Webcam

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By: Genius

Any video conferencing meeting needs proper tools to make the session seamless and productive. If you use this top conference room camera, you get value for money. Not only is it affordable, but it also delivers a premium service. It is built from superior material that can bear excessive use without damage. You can even wipe off the surface with a damp towel to improve its looks as well as lifespan. With a 12-megapixel interpolation photo, images are super clear and easy to view.

Another thing is the integrated stereo microphone with high sensitivity. They improve the audio quality for all the room’s occupants to have clear communication. This gadget can rotate up to 360 degrees for simple viewing of the entire room. What’s more, the modern 1080p resolution records up to 30 frames per second for quick and safe operation. You can connect the provided 1.5-meter USB cable for added flexibility. Moreover, the manual focus has a premium glass lens that work together to improve the image view.In Short:

  • Affordable and durable construction for longlasting use
  • Simple to clean the smooth surface
  • A 12-megapixel interpolation photo improves imaging
  • Wide 360-degree viewing angle covers the whole room
  • Flexible and easy to use 1.5-meter USB cable

#7. Logitech PTZ PRO 2 Video Camera For Conference Rooms

Logitech PTZ PRO 2 Video Camera for Conference Rooms

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By: Logitech

The many brands that develop cameras suitable for video conferencing include Logitech company. This best conference room camera prides of a black/silver finish for both elegance and appeal. This color blend matches well with other meeting room’s style, whether modern or conventional. Featuring a high-quality camera lens, you can now experience clear and bright video. Not only that, but it also delivers accurate color sharpness and rendition even if you zoom the image. You can configure an event space or conference room to suit your application.

This top-rated conference room camera comes with a mounting hardware ideal for wall and tabletop mounting. Plus, the standard tripod thread gives you extra flexibility. Composing a broad shot is super easy with this accessory. It has superior technology to allow the room’s occupants to enjoy a comfortable view. What’s more, you can switch between the whiteboards and people smoothly without the need for lengthy setups. Additionally, this unit frames each panelist for them to enjoy a broadcast-like action.In Short:

  • A black/silver finish for both elegance and appeal
  • The quality camera lens delivers clear and bright video
  • Quick wall and tabletop mounting with the mounting hardware
  • A standard tripod thread gives extra flexibility
  • Modern technology encourages a comfortable viewing

#6. Logitech ConferenceCam Connect All-In-One Video

Logitech ConferenceCam Connect All-in-One Video

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By: Logitech

A portable conference cam lets you carry and mount it quickly. The other bulky and traditional designs are not travel-friendly, making the Logitech more convenient. Priding of an all-in-one structure, it has a sleek finish for quality video-conferencing. Plus, its ergonomics let you use it in any workspace, whether small, medium, or large. We take note of the 360° sound and 90° field of view ideal for small workgroups of about 1-6 people.

We love the 1080p resolution and autofocus function that delivers an Enterprise-like image. In addition to this, the included digital zoom, tilt, and pan give you various picture options to meet your video-conferencing application. Note that the Wideband audio speakerphone has a modern noise cancellation system and Omani-directional mics to improve user experience. Additionally, this excellent conference room camera comes with a screen-mirror projection that lets you connect mobile components wirelessly. That means easy displaying of content and presentations on a screen from the smartphone or a tablet.In Short:

  • Compact design for easy portability
  • Beautiful and modern finish suitable for video conferencing
  • Ideal for small workgroups with the 360-degree view
  • Excellent 1080p resolution offers clear imaging
  • The noise-cancellation system improves sound clarity

#5. Microsoft LifeCam Studio For Business

Microsoft LifeCam Studio for Business

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By: Microsoft

Microsoft is a global brand in the creation of devices such as computers and much more. This Wideband microphone gives you a premium sound recording ideal for video conferencing to improve the meeting productivity. Also, its speakers bring out natural and yet detailed audio for all the occupants in the room to hear clearly. This item has a quality 1080p widescreen sensor for the perfect image quality and sharpness. You can pick the Autofocus function for more picture precision as the glass element lens enhances your view.

Furthermore, this accessory comes with TrueColor technology that delivers a colorful and bright video perfect for extended conferencing. Plus, the HD Video chat has an excellent 720p resolution for an authentic quality experience. You can carry this camera from one place to the other quality due to its ergonomic structure. No more experiencing hand and wrist fatigues when setting up the video conferencing tool.In Short:

  • A widespread mic provides premium sound recording
  • Modern design allows simple video conferencing
  • The speakers bring out a natural and yet detailed audio
  • With a TrueColor technology, it delivers a colorful and bright video
  • Its 720p high definition video chat for accurate imaging

#4. Tenveo Conference Room Camera 3X Optical Zoom

Tenveo Conference Room Camera 3X Optical Zoom

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By: Tenveo

Enjoy a real-time communication as well as viewing with this Tenveo camera. With a 1080p resolution, this item provides clear footage, just like a face-to-face meeting. All the people in the room will enjoy a seamless discussion without worrying about image distortions. Ensure the conference area measures 17′ by 23′ for best listening and hearing results. Besides, the broad application of this product makes it among the top-used in the market. Apply then Zoom, Skype, and Polycom function for business conferencing. It allows you to adjust the video acquisition parameters to improve video liquidity and quality, such as video resolution, frame rate, and video compressor.

This gadget PTZ camera platform: Pan: 0 to 340 degree Pan and a 90-degree wide-angle. Also, it can tilt up to 120 degrees, and its 3X optical zoom improves the video footage. For added user convenience, additional features like the 2.1 MP camera, IR remote control, l.256 Preset positions come in handy. What’s more, the USB 2.0 is a premium video output as you connect compatible devices.In Short:

  • Delivers clear video footage with the 1080p resolution
  • Suitable for a room size of 17′ by 23′
  • The Zoom, Skype and Polycom function support business conferencing
  • Tilts up to 120 degrees
  • Fast USB 2.0 technology for seamless connection

#3. Meeting Owl – 360 Degree, 720p Video Conference Camera

Meeting Owl - 360 Degree, 720p Video Conference Camera

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By: Owl Labs

If you work in a company that performs a lot of video presentations, you need a quality camera. The Owl Labs is among the best conference room camera designed to aid your colleagues or team in presentations. Not only to improve productivity but also guarantee a comfortable viewing. In addition, its 360° wide-angle, automatically shifts and highlights focus to various occupants in the room. They can speak confidently to makes the meeting more engaging and audible.

What’s more, this device ensures everyone hears and see others clearly. Combining a speaker, camera, and mic into one unit, place it in the center of a table for more stability. To improve the view, the quality lens shows every corner of the room as the 8 mics pick up anyone within 12ft. Easily set up this camera by plugging the power cord and USB, then, load your video conferencing platform to start your meeting. There are no requirements for installs or downloads that require a few technical skills.In Short:

  • Its 360-degree angle improves viewing
  • Combines a speaker, camera and mic for more productivity
  • The microphones enhance the sound in the whole room
  • The simple design is easy to setup
  • No need for installations or downloads

#2. Logitech C930e 1080P HD Video Webcam

Logitech C930e 1080P HD Video Webcam

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By: Logitech

Enjoy an extended view with this Logitech video webcam. It has an innovative design suitable for businesses to experience a high-quality video conferencing. Not only that, but we also take note of the 30 frames in a second operation, which is much faster than the other designs. This gadget can as well work well for a Mac or PC depending on your application. Featuring a unique Uvc H.264 Encoding, it helps free your system bandwidth to deliver a smooth video streaming. Plus, the optional camera settings let you control the zoom, tilt, and pan.

Still, on additional features, the 90-degree field of view encourages a comfortable look. You can choose to zoom digitally up to 4X the usual standard during a product demo or whiteboard presentation. Use the included Tripod-ready clip to have stability after fixing onto a CRT or LCD monitor, laptop, and more devices. Additionally, this accessory comes in a lovely brown box that improves the gift presentation.In Short:

  • Its innovative design supports business conferencing
  • Delivers 30 frames in a second
  • The Uvc H.264 Encoding provides smooth video streaming
  • A wide 90-degree field of view improves usage
  • Robust Tripod-ready clip allows simple fixing onto a laptop, CRT monitor and more

#1. AVer Information CAM520 12X USB PTZ Plug-N-Play Conference Camera

AVer Information CAM520 12X USB PTZ Plug-N-Play Conference Camera

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By: AVer Information Inc.

AVer Information Inc produces quality products like this conference room camera. With a 1080p HD, you get clear videos every time you capture footage. Enjoy a one-touch customization thanks to the 10 camera presets and 60 frames in a second. This gadget comes with a fantastic zoom function that is 12X powerful than other brands. Its 82-degree angles, ensures you have a smooth and rapid titling performance.

The operation of this item super easy with the Plug-n-Play technology. It makes this accessory compatible with most applications as you connect to a laptop or desktop using a USB cable. You can even link to other apps such as BlueJeans, Skype for Business, Google Hangout, Microsoft Lync, Cisco, and much more. Made from quality and sturdy material, the body of this item is reliable. In the case of falls, the surface remains in its perfect condition.In Short:

  • The 1080p HD gives you clear videos
  • 10 camera presets support a customized usage
  • 12X powerful zoom function
  • Compatible Plug-n-Play supports different device connection
  • Durable and stylish construction


Go through the above list with the best conference room cameras in the market. You can pick a color or size that meets your video conferencing needs. For instance, others have an excellent resolution and Auto Focus to enhance image quality. While some come with nose-cancellation technology to minimizes sound distortions. Remember, when choosing the best conference room camera, go for one with your ideal specifications.


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