10 Best Belly Bands & Maternity Belts 2023 with Excellent Support


Expecting mothers have several things going on – the anticipation of holding their newborn, the changes taking place in their body, and some discomfort associated with the latter. This is why we’re here to help you ease some of the pain that comes with your growing tummy.

In this belly bands and maternity belts review, we feature the top brands that you can trust for your purchase. After all, a belly band may be just what you need to reduce pelvic and lower back pains during this crucial stage of your life. With a well-fitting band, you can get on with your usual activities and have the support you need all the time. Finally, you’ve got more freedom to engage in exercises or go for a walk while being kind to your body.

Check out these best-selling products we bring to you today!

Editor Pick Best Belly Bands & Maternity Belts

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La Reve Seamless Maternity Belly and Waist Band

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If you’ve been having some difficulty dealing with pain from the first through third trimester of your pregnancy, La Reve gives you a viable solution you can count on. This belly and waist band for expecting moms come with a blend of nylon and spandex fabric with a silicone strip to make sure its stays put on your body.

You’ll have no problem wearing the band over your unzipped jeans or any loose fitting garment for maximum belly coverage. We love how it doesn’t fall off because of the secure silicone strip, and the material is super soft at the same time!

Mamaway Nano Belly Band Support with Bamboo Charcoal

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A combination of excellent materials – nylon, polyester with bamboo charcoal, and rubber, the Mamaway Nano waist band for pregnant women works to offer you ample support and pain relief from your growing baby bump. The bamboo charcoal fibers have breathable qualities that add to your comfort, and the material is also flexible enough to prevent it from twisting, creasing, or bending as you move.

After pregnancy, you can wear the band straight away for good compression and support for your lower back. This is why the band works both ways – during your pregnancy and after giving birth. You can benefit from this belt for support, comfort, and pain relief.

Baby Belly Band with Compression for the Groin

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Baby Belly offers this brilliant support band for the abdomen and groin, which is just what every women need during pregnancy. The abdominal band is adjustable to meet your particular needs, so you can get the relief you need on hip, abdominal, or lumbar strain. This means that exercising should not be a problem even if you’re dealing with your baby bump.

There’s also a compression groin band that can be attached and adjusted to the abdominal band, and this works for various conditions including edema, prolapsed uterus, diastasis pubis, SPD, vilvar varicosities, and other pains. Most importantly, we like how it’s easy to wear and remove for maximum convenience.

Belevation Maternity Support Waist Band

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The mesh material in this belly band makes it breathable and gentle on the skin, which add to its overall comfort. What’s more, we like how it’s great for layering our maternity clothes without any problem. Made with spandex and nylon, the band is stretchy, yet highly supportive.

We consider this product as a must-have for moms during all stages of pregnancy – or even after pregnancy – particularly if they have an active lifestyle. It works perfectly in relieving pain and discomfort in your back, abdomen, and pelvis.

Ingrid & Isabel Matenity Bellaband

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Got a problem fitting in your pants because of your baby bump? Forget about forcing to button your jeans because you can simply wear this maternity band over your clothes. It’s perfect for holding up your loose maternity outfits, too, which is made possible because of the silicone strip that keep them in place.

The band is wide and long enough to ensure complete support and coverage of your belly. With a thick, plush and soft material, this belt got you properly supported no matter how large your belly gets.

Maternity Belt by NEOtech Care, Large

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Mommies will love this maternity belt by NEOtech, which is a popular name in Europe, Canada, and the USA. This belly band is fully adjustable, so you can wear it even during your first up to third trimester, or even after giving birth. Its breathable fabric material comes with a cotton and nylon elastic lining that stay in place and give you ultimate comfort.

With an additional abdominal lift attachment, this prevents the belt form twisting and rolling while providing maximum lift minus the excess pressure. Plus, the fact that this brand is one of the trusted brands in the market, we’re confident you can never go wrong with this product.

AZMED Maternity Waist Belt with a Breathable Abdominal Binder

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If pregnancy is becoming tougher on your body, then we believe this maternity belt by AZMED should help you without fail. It works by relieving the discomfort and pain linked with pregnancy as it offers great support for your belly while offering a gentle amount of compression in your abdomen.

The belt is elastic enough to ensure comfort while supporting excess weight during pregnancy, which strains your back and messes up your posture. With a breathable belt binder, this gently cradles your little one and keeps you comfortable all day long.

Bracoo Maternity and Post-partum Belt

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Perhaps you’ve been wondering how you can probably get by with your day and continue engaging in some exercises during pregnancy. After all, the last thing you want to happen is to deal with lower back or pelvic pain whenever you walk, jog, or do some basic stretches. With this Bracoo maternity and post-partum waist band, you can get the right amount of tightness for your comfort.

It’s easy to wear because of the intuitive design, so you won’t feel as though you’ve got a complicated piece of band. It works by reducing the pressing on your lower back and cradling your belly for additional support. Since the excess weight is hard on your back, the belt with help enhance your posture and minimize your chances of suffering from a uterine prolapse. With a breathable and soft material, you’ll find this band comfortable to wear even if your belly has grown up to 46 inches!

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Babo Care Comfortable and Breathable Belly Band and Abdominal Binder

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We understand how pregnancy can be a little difficult on your body because of the extra weight you’re dealing with, which takes some getting used to. However, you don’t have to suffer from back and hip pains during pregnancy, as long as you have a good supportive belt on your belly. The Babo Care belly band offers a strong and comfortable support to your hips, pelvic bone, waist, and belly. It allows you to sit, walk, or bend with ease as it holds your tummy firmly in place.

It’s some kind of a pregnancy brace that you can wear everyday. With the breathable and soft material, you won’t have any problem putting it on under any type of clothing. You can also choose from different available sizes that will suit you best whether it’s small, medium, or large. Finally, this pain-relieving belt can be worn even after your pregnancy as a body shaper, or simply to continue giving you the support you need.

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Gabrialla Elastic Medium Support Maternity Belt

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Topping our list of belly bands and materity belt reviews is this product by Gabrialla. It’s made of polyester and lycra that give it a soft and supportive quality. There’s even a pocket in the back where you can put your ice or heat pack, which facilitates greater comfort. This is a bonus feature that some other maternity belts don’t have.

With an adjustable feature, you can use this belt no matter how large your tummy gets. You can achieve good posture, less pains on your back, and ample support to your uterus with this supportive maternity belt.

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Belly Bands & Maternity Belts Buyer Guide

If you are struggling to find the right posture during your pre- and post-pregnancy period, wearing a belly band or maternity belt can ease your problem to a great extent. These belts are great for providing support to the spine and improving the posture. These belts also help new mothers to return back to their original size by gently contracting the muscles. This belt also helps to look slimmer and in shape as new mothers can be conscious about their figures. The belts are very easy to wear beneath the clothes as they look seamless. There are many versions of belly bands available in the market so it is best to go through this belly bands & maternity belts buyer guide which will help you to choose the best maternity belt for your body.

Some of the factors which should be considered while choosing a belly band or maternity belt are:

1) Type of belts

There are many types of belly bands like corset-style, pull-up style, girdle, and double girdle. You can choose from these band types depending upon your requirement and clothes you are wearing above the belt. The corset style is perfect for targeting the mid-abdominal section. The other types target separate sections like hips, pelvis, and belly. Decide the area you want to focus on and then buy the model which suits the requirements and give you the best results.

2) Material

Choose a belt which is made up of soft but sturdy fabric which will cling to your abdominal region without any discomfort. Micro -porous fabrics tend to be preferred as they allow perspiration and do not smell. Choosing a belt with a breathable material will also help you continue with your routine tasks while wearing the band. A very light material will not be able to support the spine properly and a very thick or rigid material will not allow you to carry out other tasks. Spandex works best for these purposes as it offers gentle compression and is very comfortable on the skin.

3) Size & Fit

The size of the band or maternity belt should be decided carefully as a loose belt will not serve the purpose. You will have to decrease the size repeatedly till you reach your desired body size as one size can become too loose for you once you start losing inches from your waist. You can also invest in a band which supports multiple sizes with hooks and Velcro strips to avoid buying a new belt every few days. Ensure that the belt fits you properly and does not seem too tight or too saggy as a wrong size can be bad for your body and posture.

4) Wear-ability & Comfort

The comfort of the band and how it sits on your skin is of prime importance as an uncomfortable belt will not be used for long. Choose a belt which is seamless and invisible beneath your clothes. Make sure that the skin underneath the belt is not squashed or irritated as it can cause rashes. Another important factor to consider is the width of the patch between the legs is not too much or too small as chaffing can occur on the skin. Take a belt which is easy to remove and wear whenever necessary. Ensure that it stays in its place all throughout the time you are wearing it and does not slip down.

5) Price

The price of the belly belt is another important factor to consider before buying the belt as the belts can be very expensive. These maternity belts generally start from around 45$ and go up to 120$. If you intend to buy a new belt every time your size decreases, go for a cheaper option. Advanced belts with many additional features which promote healing of incisions also can be expensive as compared to regular corsets which offer compression only.

So these are some of the features and factors you need to weigh in before buying the perfect belly band for you which will support your body. Here are some other shopping tricks which will help you buy and use the maternity belt in the best possible way:

  • 1) The duration for which you wear the belly belt matters as it determines how long you will take to reach your desired body size. Some women wear these belts for 8-12 hours while some only wear them for 3-4 hours and this makes a huge difference in their recovery period.
  • 2) Do not expect miraculous results from these belts as they will only help if you eat right and indulge in gentle exercise every day. The results will take some time to show and it is not healthy to wear these bands for 24 hours continuously.
  • 3) Applying a cellulite reduction cream on your belly before wearing the belly band also helps in expediting the inch loss process.
  • 4) These belts also help in treating abdominal separation which occurs to some ladies during delivery.
  • 5) Buy a symphysis maternity belt if you are suffering from SPD. The belt will help reduce the pain and improve your condition gradually.
  • 6) If you are experiencing continuous back pain post delivery, go for belts which focus on the spine rather than the abdominal region.
  • 7) Do not buy a belt which is very uncomfortable on the skin as the rashes will make it impossible for you to wear the belt regularly.

So these are some important factors you need to keep in mind before you buy a belly band or maternity belt for yourself or for any of your friends and family. These belts are a safe and comfortable way to reduce the belly fat and improve your spine. Look for belts which have been given positive reviews by fellow women and new mothers as they know best. This belly bands and maternity belts buyer guide will help you choose a good quality belt for your body which will help you reach your body goal easily and effectively. So go ahead and choose a belt to take control of your body once again and regain your confidence.


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