The Best Beard Vitamins – Beard Growth Products to Note

Best Beard Vitamins

The number of vitamins for beard growth available poses a significant challenge to first-time buyers. Even for experienced bearded men, it is important to evaluate the efficiency and adverse effects of the selected product before making a purchase. Improper beard vitamins can have a negative impact on your hair, so it is vital to choose the right supplements for your beard growth.

Buying a product with little or no benefit is the last thing you need. We all want to purchase valuable products at an affordable cost, blended in high quality, and have them work like a charm. All this is possible, but only with the right items. By reading the reviews below, you will learn about the best vitamins for beard growth and what products proved to be helpful ones.

My name is Joseph, and I am a professional barber and blogger. Thanks to my experience, I know a lot about various hair tools and products.

So, I am happy to share my knowledge and help you to make a wise choice. This blog provides comprehensive reviews of different hair care items with highlighted pros and cons. Today, let’s take a look at the ten best beard vitamins for facial hair growth.

Detailed Beard Vitamins Review: 10 Helpful Products Reviewed by Expert

In the review below, you can find the ten beard growth vitamins that helped a lot of men to grow a healthy, thick beard. All these products are among the best-rated vitamins, have positive feedback only, don’t contain harmful ingredients, and deliver the best value for your money.

I have selected these products based on their:

  • cost;
  • quality;
  • ingredients;
  • effectiveness;
  • potential side effects.

So, keep reading and feel free to pick a product that matches your needs.

1. Viking Revolution Men’s Supplement Tablets – Good Vitamins for Beard Growth with Natural ingredients

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Two pills a day for a month and all your beard issues are a thing of the past. These supplement tablets are effective for all beards.

You have the least to worry about side effects and lack of results as the product is gentle to the skin. Viking Revolution uses gerb constituents only, so the item contains no hormones or chemicals. The supplements are delivered in the right quantity to ensure the tablets don’t get depleted before you attain the desired results.

A patchy beard problem can be solved within a month, and you will have a thicker beard with every next shave. The cost of these vitamins is moderate to meet customers’ needs even if you are under a budget.

The pills deliver great results, and you will notice positive changes within a month. There is, however, a slight con as the tablets have a horrid taste. But given the fact that they work exceptionally, it is worth taking these Viking Revolution vitamins anyway.

The product comes with zero adverse effects, which make it an outstanding solution for beard growth. I recommend buying these supplement tablets if you are seeking the best value for your money.


  • natural ingredients;
  • has no adverse effects;
  • ideal for growing a thicker beard;
  • high-quality.


  • has unpleasant taste;
  • not suitable for spots that have never grown hair before.

2. Nobi Nutrition Beard Growth Supplement – Helpful Growth Beard Vitamins without GMO ingredients

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These beard growth vitamins can help even with a patchy beard in a month. The item can help your beards grow thicker and longer. There are zero harsh ingredients, and the product mainly works on stimulating and nourishing hair roots. The main working ingredients are biotin, and a saw palmetto extract.

The capsules do not have an aftertaste, and you need to take two pills daily for one month. The capsules are easy to swallow, so you won’t have problems with taking these vitamins. The effectiveness of the formula is backed by extensive research, and these supplements are all-natural and non-GMO. The product works after a while, but it delivers the desired beard length and thickness in the result.

These Nobi Nutrition vitamins come at an affordable cost. A lot of men who took these supplements confirmed that once they started taking this product, they grew a thick beard within a few months. As per the speed of hair growth, these vitamins slightly lose to their competitors. But this Nobi Nutrition supplement is worth the cost. Moreover, you can request a refund if the product fails to work.


  • worth the cost;
  • natural and non-GMO ingredients;
  • ideal for all hair types;
  • money-back guarantee.


  • not that effective, compared to other similar products.

3. Lumberman Premier Beard Growth Formula – Top Beard Growth Vitamins for all hair types

These beard growth vitamins are suitable for all hair types. The product perfectly works for stronger and healthier hair. You need to take two pills a day for a month, and in the package, there are enough pills for a one-month course.

This Lumberman Premier formula consists of over twenty vitamins and minerals for improving hair growth, including biotin, MCT, vitamin D3, and B5 Folate. Additionally, these supplements improve nails growth as well because the formula provides nutrients needed for stronger nails and ensures smooth skin.

Also, there is no need to mention that these vitamins work great for growing a thick, healthy beard.

The product doesn’t cause allergy and doesn’t result in adverse effects upon use. Besides that, you have a period of 60 days to request a full refund if the vitamins fail to meet your expectations. The cost is moderate, but the product gives value for money.

You can opt for these effective Lumberman Premier supplements, even if you are under a strict budget. The product will work out, but chances are you will have to wait a bit longer for effect to show, compared to other similar vitamins.


  • allergy-free;
  • contains over 20 natural vitamins and minerals;
  • benefits skin and nails, too.


  • takes a long time for results to show.

4. Hairanew Vitamins with Biotin – One of the Best Vitamins to Promote Beard Growth

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The Hairanew unique vitamins are a must-have for one who wants to grow a beard faster. The product helps to address vitamin deficiency that provokes hair loss and hair growth failure. If you have used these vitamins before, you won’t be surprised why I consider this product as one of the best on the market. Here are the amazing features of this product I want to highlight.

The Hairanew company test all the products before distribution and they also publish the test results to confirm the originality of products. Therefore, you have no chance for the confusion that may result in ordering the wrong item.

Secondly, these vitamins are vegan and non-GMO. The manufacturer ensures the item passes the allergen test to ensure it has zero adverse effects on your skin.

What is more, by taking these supplements, you will get stronger nails and radiant skin. The dosage is two capsules a day for one month. You can take them after a meal for maximum benefits. After a month, you will notice positive progress in your beard growth as well.

The capsules are small and, thus, easy to swallow. Hairanew vitamins do not contain sugar and have a pleasant taste. The supplements consist of eleven specially selected constituents, including biotin, that are mixed in the right proportions to give your beard the missing nutrients for optimal growth. With this product, you will forget about slow hair growth.

That is why these vitamins are among the favorites of many men. The manufacturer has over five years’ experience in producing hair growth vitamins, and that’s the main drive behind the item’s quality. If you worry that the vitamins might fail to work, there’s a full-refund guarantee from the Hairanew company.

The cost is slightly high, but given the quality and the great results the vitamins provide, it is worth going for Hairanew product. These supplements helped a lot of men to grow a thick, even beard, and there is no single negative feedback on this product.


  • completely vegan;
  • tested against allergens;
  • natural ingredients;
  • the manufacturer produces these vitamins for many years;
  • provides inner hair nourishment.


  • infective when taken before a meal;
  • a bit costly.

5. Beard Grow XL Facial Hair Supplement – Best Vitamins for Your Beard without a horrible aftertaste

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Beard Grow XL vitamins are of unbeatable quality. You need to take three pills a day for a month, and you will notice great results by the end of the course. The vitamins allow for a thicker and longer beard in no time, so it is worth noting that the product is extremely effective in use.

The pills are small for easy swallowing and do not have a horrible aftertaste, which is a great advantage. The product contains vitamin B12 and biotin. Beard Grow XL supplements are pure vegan and contain no allergens, and your patchy beard worries will now be a thing of the past. However, the product doesn’t work for improved mustache growth.

The vitamins are made in the USA, ensuring all quality issues are solved even before they arise. Besides that, the product has been tested to ensure it doesn’t have adverse effects.

The cost is a bit higher compared to similar products on the market, but the quality and effectiveness of these pills are worth the money. Unlike many cheap products, when using the Beard Grow XL beard vitamins, you are at no risk of experiencing adverse side effects or taking inefficient supplements.


  • completely vegan;
  • allows growing a thicker beard;
  • high-quality;
  • pills are easy to swallow.


  • extremely expensive;
  • not effective for mustache growth.

6. NutraChamps Prime Supplement for Men – Popular Beard Growth Vitamins Made in the USA

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Here is an ideal solution for a patchy beard. The NutraChamps Prime pills can make your beard longer, thicker, and healthier within one course. You do not have to wait for years to get the desired outcome. Quality is the least of your concerns as the item is made in the USA. It is perfect for any hair type.

The formulation works on follicles, thus, stimulating beard growth. Your hair issues will be solved from the inside, thanks to the provision of efficient nutrients for healthy hair growth. The supplements, therefore, address the problem comprehensively, unlike gels and oils, which work on the outside only.

The product contains biotin, collagen, and zinc. Moreover, it consists of multiple vitamins that have been mixed in appropriate proportions to nourish your beard perfectly. What is more, all the ingredients are natural, and there are no chemical or hormonal formulations.

The product’s dosage is two pills a day, and you have to take them for a month. It is recommended to have a meal before taking the pills. Within a month, you will notice positive changes in your beard growth and thickness.


  • provides internal nourishment for faster beard growth results;
  • made in the USA;
  • suits all hair types;
  • helps to grow a thick beard in a month.


  • the slightly unpleasant flavor may keep buyers away.

7. The Beard Czar-Facial Hair Complex – Vitamins with A Highly Effective Men’s Formula

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If you want to improve your beard growth, texture, or thickness, there is no better product for this task than the Beard Czar-Facial Hair Formula complex. The manufacturer developed an extremely effective formulation that can help you to grow a thick beard in almost no time.

The capsules are made to give the hair internal nourishment for healthy growth. The item contains well-measured vitamins, including vitamin B complex, to nourish your beard from the inside.

The intake of this hair complex also results in smooth and radiant skin. Quality is not a concern as the manufacturer provides a full refund if the item fails to meet your needs.

When it comes to dosage, it is advisable to take two capsules daily after a meal. You need to take these pills for one month to see the results.

The product has been tested to ensure it provides zero side effects, and its taste is neutral. The cost of the Beard Czar-Facial Hair Formula complex is high, but there is a slight difference in performance compared to cheaper products. These supplements provide good results, but you can opt for a less pricey product and get the same healthy, thick beard.


  • suitable for growing a thicker beards;
  • contains Vitamin B complex;
  • no side effects.


  • pricey;
  • doesn’t solve the problem of a patchy beard.

8. Zhou Nutrition – Growth Vitamins for Beards with Hydrolyzed Collagen

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Conveyed as 60 capsules, the item is all you need for thick and long beard. Unlike oils, the pills work from the inside to ensure every hair follicle gets the required nutrients.

You have to take two pills a day so that you ingest all the sixty capsules. The product contains natural ingredients only, and it is made of well-known herbs. Moreover, it contains vitamin B, biotin, and hydrolyzed collagen. Thus, there is not a single chance of adverse effects upon use.

The item is made to solve more than beard issues. Taking these pills results in glowing skin as the product will keep your skin nourished.

Quality tests are a must on any item from the manufacturer. However, the product has not been fully tested against allergens, so in rare cases, you can experience itchy skin when taking pills. You will notice positive results within three weeks of continuous use. But if you feel some side effects, you need to stop taking these supplements and consider going for another product.


  • works for beard and nails growth, as well as skin nourishment;
  • contains natural ingredients;
  • easy-to-swallow pills.


  • not the most effective supplements;
  • your face may be a bit itchy after use.

9. The Beard Club – One of the Most Popular Beard Growth Vitamins

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The product comes with some unbeatable benefits, even though the cons are also significant so that you may feel conflicted about this product. To start with, it comes at a slightly higher cost compared to other supplements on the market. This reflects the quality of the vitamins, which remains uncompromised. However, some men stated that the Beard Club supplements didn’t help them at all.

Like many other items in this review, you need to take two capsules of the Beard Club vitamins a day for not less than 30 days. The product is made of natural ingredients, including zinc and vitamin D, which makes it suitable for use without fear of side effects.

The supplements are also great for reducing beard itches, and the components help to smoothen the skin. For optimal results, you have to take capsules after your meals when maintaining a healthy diet.

However, a friend of mine has been taking these vitamins recently. After a month, the progress of his beard growth was hardly notable. He had followed all the necessary tips for optimal results, but he ended up looking for other growth beard vitamins to get the desired outcome. Although many men stated that the Beard Club products helped them to grow a thick beard, chances are it won’t work for you.


  • no side effects;
  • smoothens the skin;
  • unbeatable quality.


  • results in slight improvements;
  • pricey.

10. Reborn Labs Beard Growth Supplement – Helpful Vitamins in Capsules

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Although Reborn Labs hair growth supplements are quite popular, these vitamins have a couple of downsides, especially when it comes to results. There are, however, some unbeatable benefits of taking these supplements.

If you want to fill patchy spots on your beard, this item is what you have been looking for. The vitamins will also make your skin glowing. Biotin is the main ingredient, and all the components are perfectly selected and mixed for delivering needed results. However, for some men, the concentration of nutrients appears to be too low to work out.

You need to take two capsules per day. These vitamins have been on the market for a few years, but it seems like Reborn Labs products lose when it comes to efficiency and the desired outcome. Although the product is available at an affordable price, the results can be hardly visible even after completing the second course.


  • affordable;
  • works for patchy beards;
  • improves skin condition.


  • you need to use it for quite a while before you get desired outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Beard Growth Vitamins

Frequently Asked Questions about Beard Growth Vitamins

Under this section, I will take you through some common queries that men have about beard growth promotion. The answers will help you to learn more about growth vitamins for beards, and how to choose the best item for your beard.

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Do beard growth vitamins work?

Your body needs a variety of nutrients for every its part to function properly. Thus, some foods and medications can be of help if you have essential element deficiency. That’s how growth beard vitamins are made – they contain the lacking elements for healthy beard growth. And that’s why they work like a charm, unlike beard oils and serums that work superficially.

How to choose beard vitamins?

When selecting the best brand, you need to understand clearly its nutrient composition. Look for those products where the constituents have been clearly published. Reading reviews of beard growth products will also help you to pick the most effective, high-quality products.

What vitamins help to grow a beard?

Besides Vitamin B complex, some other vitamins can help you to grow a healthy, thick beard. These include:

  • Vitamin C – present in most fruits, including oranges, guavas, pineapples, and strawberries. It helps to get rid of free radicals in the body. These free radicals, when present, damage hair follicles. Thus, Vitamin C is essential for hair growth.
  • Vitamin A – present in veggies, liver, milk, and eggs. It is essential for keeping the beard moisturized, thus, ensuring healthy growth.
  • Vitamin E – present in green veggies and beans. It is crucial in maintaining healthy hair and skin. Vitamin E ensures hair follicles get the required nutrients.

What is biotin, and why it is helpful for beard growth?

Biotin is known as vitamin B7, and it is soluble in water. It helps with beard growth since it plays a central role in keratin production. Keratin is essential in dead cell formation, which makes nails and hair. Lack of vitamin B7 results in hair thinning and a patchy beard.

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Can I take beard growth vitamins with other medicines?

It is highly advisable to take growth vitamins for beards after meals as it will help to increase their absorption. However, some herbs may reduce the uptake rate of other medications. Thus, it is better not to take vitamins with other medicines or at least ingest them at different times during the day.

Closing Remarks on the Best Beard Growth Vitamins

I hope that after reading these detailed reviews and helpful tips, you have decided on the best beard growth vitamins. Based on all the products’ descriptions, my ultimate choice is the HairAnew Unique hair growth vitamins with biotin. These vitamins were tested by six independent labs to ensure the product meets the quality requirements.

Here are a few tips I want to emphasize so that you could achieve the best results when taking beard vitamins. First, make sure you take vitamins after a meal. Second, stick to a healthy diet when taking the pills or capsules.

If you have used any of the reviewed beard growth vitamins, what’s your recommendation on the product? Did it help you? What other product for beard growth can you recommend? Comment below to share your thoughts and opinion.


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