Best Beard Trimmers on the Market Today


Beard trimmers have become essential tools for men, just like smartphones. A beard can speak volumes of your personality, so no wonder that every other man is eager to style and care for a beard. Therefore, it is essential to know how to maintain your facial hair right and what tools can help you with a beard care routine.

Beard trimmers have been in use for centuries but are still underrated when it comes to helpful devices for keeping a beard good-looking and neat. Most men spend chunks of money on getting a simple beard trim in a barbershop.

Through my fifteen years of experience in barbering, I have helped my clients to gain their confidence with well-groomed beards. I have always thought that men should be educated on the importance of owning high-quality beard care tools at home. A beard trimmer is a must-have device in a toolkit of any bearded man.

These tools have undergone tremendous changes after becoming an essential part of the men’s grooming routine. It has led to innovations and brand new designs of the top beard trimmers that have taken over the market.

During the last years, we have seen the power of new blades, the advanced models of corded and cordless trimmers, and the rise of the trend for healthy hair.

I have decided to use my knowledge and experience to help you catch up with all these changes and recent updates. Below, I have arranged some of the best beard trimmers on the market so that you could choose a high-quality tool to use at home.

I have carefully selected these items based on the performance, design, functionality, type of blade, convenience to use, and durability of each model.

Ten Best Beard Trimmers for a Perfect Style

I hope that the detailed reviews below will help you to make an informed choice. I have used every beard trimmer for men mentioned here, and all of the models proved to be high-quality and perform greatly.

1. Philips Norelco MG7750/49 MulitiGroom – The Best Rated Beard Trimmer

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Philips is a world-known brand that produces high-performance electric gadgets. It reigns as a frontrunner of the best beard trimmer brands on the market.

My first trimmer in life was a Philips one. Since my teenage years, I have been relying on Philips products, and this Philips Norelco MultiGroom Series 7000 MG7750/49 model is an excellent example of a quality tool.

This device can complete a comprehensive set of trimming tasks and comes as a multipurpose trimmer. Apart from beard trimming, this Norelco tool can be used for maintaining head and body hair, as well. This versatile applicability makes this tool stand out from the rest.

Within the package, you will get a complete set of a beard trimmer and a significant number of accessories. The packaging includes two beard guards, two stubble guards, twenty-three applicators, and a storage bag. As all these accessories can be overwhelming to use for a beginner, I strongly recommend checking a beard trimmer guide that comes with the device.

The Philip Norelco model doesn’t only provide clean cuts, but it also offers a wide range of additional features. First of all, this device is fitted with dual-cut technology with doubled blades. Second, this beard trimmer allows keeping the blades sharp for long, thanks to the close positioning and self-sharping ability.

The trimmer comes with fourteen guards that fit all the applicators of the tool for easy and safe trimming. There is a mark on each guard so that you know its specific applicability when using different attachments for your facial and body hair.

The MG7750/49 model is reinforced additionally to ensure you won’t suffer from skin irritations. Moreover, this Philips Norelco tool comes in with a premium stainless steel frame. The frame made of hardened stainless steel ensures the device will serve you for a long time.

Additionally, such a frame protects the trimmer from any damage, for instance, if you drop the tool accidentally. It makes the beard trimmer more durable and long-lasting. Also, I like a rubber grip around the trimmer that provides smooth control of the device while in use.

This Philips model features stainless steel trimmer blades. Such quality blades ensure you will get a clean shave or an even beard trim to your liking, making it possible to groom even the thickest beard. All in all, it is my preferred pick for anyone who starts growing a beard and wants to have a well-groomed look.


  • a top-level cutting technology for precise cuts;
  • a great design that allows for a long-lasting performance;
  • it comes with various length attachments for beard, mustache, body, and head hair.


  • newer Phillips Norelco models lack adjustment length slider.

2. Wahl Stainless Steel Trimmer – The Best Facial Hair Trimmer for Beginners

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The Wahl brand has been in the industry for quite some time, and some fathers may have used Wahl beard trimmers at their times. Although this particular model was released back in 2011, it is still one of the best options that beginners can choose.

The Wahl company is dedicated to ensuring that everyone gets a comfortable trimming experience with their production. This trimmer comes with a set of different accessories to help you to maintain your beard length and style.

Also, you will get a detailed manual explaining how to use the various attachments provided for an easy trimming experience. The device comes with a two-month money-back guarantee so that you are assured of the quality of the item.

The simplicity of the design is what makes the Wahl brand popular on the market. This beard trimmer has a long white handle that lies in one’s hand comfortably, and the power button is placed the way it is easy to turn the device on and off.

There is also a soft rubber cover on the trimmer’s handle for additional comfort while in use. It makes it also easy to press the power button, yet not turn the device on or off accidentally.

All the four main attachments are multipurpose so that you can use this model to create and maintain different beard hairstyles. The additional accessories packed within the trimmer make for a complete set that can cover all the needs of a man starting to grow his beard.

I want to highlight the sturdy blade used for this trimmer. Apart from maintaining your beard, you can use such a blade on your mustache, as well. Its size makes it easy to get a well-groomed look, as the blade delivers precise cuts for a neat shape.

The Wahl manufacturer uses a stamping method in creating their blades and combs. The stamping allows creating the exact shape of the blade needed for a specific beard trimmer design. For instance, the popular T-blade system is less sharp compared to a stamped blade.

Thanks to the different shapes of the blades, this Wahl stainless steel model comes as a perfect trimmer for beginners. With this tool, you can style a stubble or a beard to your liking. Also, when it is time to charge the trimmer, you will see an LED indicator close to the power button lighted. I find this tool extremely easy and comfortable to use, so it is second on my list.


  • it comes with blades of different shapes;
  • perfect for beginners looking for a high-quality trimmer;
  • easy trimming with attachments and guide combs.


  • more suitable for short and medium-length beards.

3. Andis Professional T-Outliner Trimmer – The Best Corded Beard Trimmer

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I have used this Andis T-Outliner model for a few months as for now, and I am impressed with the performance of this trimmer. The device is lightweight and ensures a firm grip for a comfortable trimming process.

If you are among those who find it hard to trim your facial hair near the ear area and always seek help from others, with this T-Outliner model, you won’t be struggling anymore. This trimmer has a great design that allows for clean cuts and an easy trimming process.

This electric corded beard trimmer comes at an affordable price so that it can fit even into a strict budget. The model also has a perfect size to hold in your hand, with the dimensions measuring 1.8 by 1.5 by 5.2 inches.

This T-Outliner trimmer weighs 11.2 ounces only and has a long 8-foot cord with a convenient loop so that you are guaranteed a comfortable trimming experience.

The model can be used either edged or lined up. Moreover, it can be applied not only for a beard but for shaping your mustache or defining your hairline.

The tool features a durable high-speed motor. It produces a tremendous 72 RPM so that this unit can trim facial hair of any type and thickness.

This T-Outliner model suits best for outlining your beard style, shaping, and dry shaving. Moreover, this trimmer operates quietly and doesn’t heat up quickly that adds to its durability and comfort while in use.

Such a high-quality motor makes this corded trimmer a professional tool that you can obtain for your trimming routine without a hustle. The power settings allow working with a tool on low speed for precise cuts, as well as applying high rates when managing a thick and sturdy beard.

The durability of the trimmer is aided with the lightweight housing. It makes it easy to use the trimmer but still doesn’t protect the device from overheating.

However, you will barely spend more than five minutes when operating this T-Outliner model, as it allows for quick and accurate trimming. Thus, the issue of overheating should not come as a concern to you.

The device features a close-cutting T-blade design. The blades in the system are additionally shaped so that you can use this model for maintaining a stubble. It is because of a T-blade system, the curved edges of the blades make it easier to handle the tool and ensure precise cuts even on the back of the neck, near ears, around mustache, and on the beard. Thus, it makes the T-Outliner model a great corded tool for your beard trimming routine.


  • perfect for outlining different styles;
  • it has a close-cutting T-blade system;
  • it features a high-speed, powerful motor.


  • it may overheat after extended use.

4. Remington PG6025 All-in-One Grooming Kit – The Best Beard Trimming Kit

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Remington is a famous brand in the world of professional barbers and beard growing enthusiasts. The company has manifested itself as a frontrunner of the electric shavers and razors. Remington is a top-level manufacturer of quality care items for men who grow beards, and this PG6025 model is worth your attention for sure.

The Remington company has launched some quality beard trimmers and other grooming products before that have taken over the market. This particular PG6025 tool is packed with some interesting features and backed with durable mechanisms. Thus, it comes as a perfect trimming kit with many attachments for creating and maintaining an ideal beard style.

This Remington all-in-one grooming kit provides a perfect blend of functionality and durability that makes for an excellent beard trimmer to have at home and pack for trips. The dimensions of the device are 3 by 9.2 by 4.5 inches, and it weighs 13.4 ounces only.

As a lightweight and pretty compact tool, this Remington tool allows for an easy and safe time while in use. It also provides a comfortable grip to give you full control over the trimming movements and the accuracy of your cuts.

I would recommend trying this grooming kit if you are into the different beard styles and haven’t settled on one yet. With the number of useful applications and a high-quality trimmer, you can try different styles, as well as test all the modes of the device for the most comfortable beard trimming.

The item can be used not only for a beard but for trimming nose hair and defining eyebrows. The controls are intuitive and pretty easy to understand so that you are guaranteed a convenient trimming experience.

Moreover, this PG6025 model has sixteen length settings, meaning you can opt for a precise length for your trimming session, depending on the length of your beard. With the various style modes, you don’t have to set all the parameters by hand and can switch to the preferred style.

These modes increase the functionality and ease of use of the device. Also, such flexibility in terms of beard styles makes the trimmer a preferred choice of many beard-growing enthusiasts.

The four attachments that come with this Remington PG6025 model also add to the versatility and advanced productivity of the trimmer. Also, this Remington tool is powered by the lithium-ion battery that contributes to the longevity of its performance.

The rechargeable battery ensures a long-running time between sixty to seventy-five minutes of continuous work when operating on a full charge.

The trimmer has a potent power backup that ensures you can complete the trimming routine. All you need for a smooth trimming session is a five-minute charge. Moreover, with a charging stand nearby, you can get a fast charge easily.

The applicability of the device for different beard lengths is also aided with the type of blades used. The blades are manufactured from surgical stainless steel that is exceptionally sharp and, thus, allows for precise cuts. They make this Remington model efficient while operated even close to one’s skin.

The foil shaver that comes within the package ensures that you can shave the selected parts quickly and with maximum comfort. The shaver is also safe and ensures that the defined facial hairlines look clean and neat according to how you have planned the stubble style.

This Remington trimmer is backed with easily detachable and cleanable accessories. It enables easy maintenance of the device that I also find extremely important.

You need to keep in mind some hygiene basics while shaving and washing the attachments of the trimmer after each use.

The accessories are manufactured from high-quality materials, as well as the beard trimmer itself. All the attachments come ready-to-use, can be washed easily, and are resistant to rust. All in all, I find this grooming kit pretty useful, especially if you want to play with your beard length.


  • simple to use and clean;
  • it can be used either as a corded or a cordless tool;
  • a perfect size.


  • It can’t be used for wet trimming.

5. Panasonic Cordless Men’s Beard Trimmer – Among the Top Rated Beard Trimmers

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This ER-GB40-S model is a popular choice of many bearded men all over the world. It is the best-rated and best-selling Panasonic model on the market. The brand trust for Panasonic products is enormous, thanks to the years the company has been on the market and the high-quality tools it produces.

The first feature of the Panasonic ER-GB40-S model you may have spotted is its solid look and a remarkable trimmer pack. The device has thick grips made from rubber that ensure your hand won’t slip during the trimming process. Overall, the sleek design of the tool makes it pleasant to the eye and looks sturdy. The first impression is correct, as this beard trimmer is durable and well-performing.

Some top companies producing beard trimmers do not focus much on the design of their devices. Most trimmer manufacturers rely on the performance of the tools and forget about the basics.

If choosing between a cheap-looking product and a stylish one, an expert will go for the latter. Also, despite the sturdy look of this model, it is not a heavy product and can be held conveniently for an extended period.

The trimmer is lightweight and adjustable, reacting even to tiny hand motions while trimming your beard. Although the lightweight nature does not pose many benefits, it sure feels good to have a high level of control of the beard trimmer while maintaining your facial hair.

It is essential to take into consideration the shelf-life of a battery when purchasing a battery-powered tool. If previously, I had to leave some trimmer models charging overnight to use them in the morning, now the specifics of modern batteries allow for fast charging and long-term use. Short battery life is nowadays a problem with cheap and sub-par trimmers only.

This ER-GB40-S model takes a total of fifteen hours to get fully charged. Under a full charge, you can operate the tool for a complete hour. However, a full trim can be done within ten minutes, so you can charge the device once a week or so. Although fifteen hours may sound like an eternity, the real-life times for charge and work needed are much shorter.

The trimmer features nineteen blade settings, with the shifting blade lengths of 1 to 10 mm. It makes it extremely efficient for working on short beards and stubble.

However, it will take some time to know how to maintain thicker beards with this tool. Fortunately, you can customize the settings to fit a beard of any type or style. However, I highly recommend going for a more heavy-duty trimmer specifically for thick beards if you have a long and sturdy one.

The blades of this model are pretty sharp and made from stainless steel. However, you will need to oil the blades frequently to avoid their bluntness. It may come as a disadvantage, but it doesn’t take much time to do, and the trimmer will serve you for long as if new.

During my experience with this trimmer, I did not have any tugging issue. The manufacturer guarantees that you will not get your beard tugged while using this item. The device glides effortlessly on your beard, shaping it and trimming precisely, even if you have distinct facial features.

It is easy to maintain the tool and its attachments. There are three small holes placed under the blades that make the cleaning process quick and hustle-free.

This design ensures an adequate flow of water through the blades to get rid of the hair left on the device. All other parts of this beard trimmer are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your tool with water.

This top-rated item is a preferred option of many men because of its accurate performance and nineteen beard style settings. Although oiling the blades occasionally may be tiresome, following the maintenance recommendation is essential to make the tool serve you a lifetime.


  • simple cleaning;
  • no tugging issues;
  • it has nineteen length settings for a perfect trimming experience.


  • the blades need oiling after every use.

6. Andis SlimLine Pro Li Trimmer – The Best Men’s Beard Trimmer over Years

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The Andis Company is a renowned manufacturer in the beard care industry. The brand has been making high-quality products since 1922. Year after year, the firm has been introducing innovative ideas to improve the trimming experience for men all over the world.

This modern Andis SlimLine Pro Li model is one of those time-proven tools that deliver excellent performance over the years that you can currently find on the market.

The Andis trimmers are ranked as one of the most used tools at homes and barbershops. This model also often comes as a recommendation by professional barbers, thanks to its precise cuts and different beard length settings.

The SlimLine Pro Li is the latest model in the Andis SlimLine series that took the best from the Andis T-Outliner item. However, I must admit that the Andis T-Outliner is more powerful compared to this model. You can still get the job done effortlessly with this Andis SlimLine Pro Li tool if you don’t have an extremely thick beard.

The trimmer delivers a solid 60 RPM with up to two hours of running time when fully charged. Within the package, you will get a tube of blade oil, four comb attachments, a cleaning brush, and a recharging port.

You can hold the SlimLine Pro Li model edge up or line up while trimming your beard for a comfortable experience. Additionally, you can use it to define your hairline or shave your neck.

The versatile applicability of the trimmer makes it a solid competitor of the famous T-Outliner model. The device can also work on long beards, so you are guaranteed to make the exact beard style you wanted.

This SlimLine tool is specially designed to function as an outlining trimmer that makes precise cuts and allows looking well-groomed in a matter of minutes. It features a contoured housing that ensures a comfortable grip and plays a vital role in the overall comfortability of the device.

The same also goes for the comb clippers that can be added to the tool easily. The ergonomic design makes this model the top-level trimmer you can get for home use.

The model can be used either as a corded or cordless beard trimmer and comes as one of the easily affordable options in the Andis SlimLine series. It uses a cutting-edge speed technology that ensures the maximum power of the device during the whole trimming session.

Also, the item is fitted with a powerful motor that operates quietly and efficiently, making the model a heavy-duty trimmer and a professional-level tool.

The trimmer can also be powered by high-capacity lithium-ion batteries that guarantee consistent power supply during your trimming. Upon the full charge, this model can give a total running time of two hours. Moreover, it gets fully charged within fifteen minutes if connected to the charging base.

Similar to the Andis T-Outliner model, this trimmer features a durable T-blade system. It is favored by most barbers, thanks to the ability to make clean cuts and shape any beard style.

The blades are adjustable and extremely sharp. The T-blade system also makes for good stability during the trimming process, and the closeness of the blades to one’s skin allows avoiding even minor skin irritations.

This Andis SlimLine Pro Li model gives the user the chance to do a professional facial hair styling at home. I would recommend this device if you are looking for a tool that will serve you a lifetime.


  • lightweight;
  • it has a durable plastic body;
  • the blade does not heat up quickly.


  • you may notice some loss of power with continued use.

7. ConairMan Beard & Mustache Trimmer – The Best Budget Beard Trimmer

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This ConairMan tool is great for trimming beards and mustaches. The best thing about this model is that it comes at a pocket-friendly price, and with the quality performance that this tool produces, I can name it the best beard and mustache trimmer on the market.

The self-sharpening blades of this tool are made from stainless steel. Thus, you don’t need to worry about rust buildup after using the device for a while. The self-sharpening option also allows you not to concern about oiling the blades regularly.

However, you may get concerned with the design of the blades and how they are positioned for a close trim. The shortest blade guard measures 3 mm, while the second blade guard comes at 5 mm. Apart from these two guards, the trimmer features an adjustable guard attachment with five length settings.

The different accessories that come within the package turn this trimmer into a complete men’s grooming toolkit. This model is known as the best electric beard trimmer for an affordable price, and the cord is long enough for comfortable operation.

The sharpness of the blades ensures there is no skin irritation and constant beard tugging. Additionally, this trimmer is fantastic for defining the facial hairlines and different stubble designs that will fit your face type.

This adjustable beard trimmer features a five-position comb attachment. The adjustable comb ensures that you can adjust the tool to fit different beard lengths. These length settings also ensure you can be precise with your trimming movements.

Although it is a corded electric beard shaver, this model provides great flexibility when it comes to operating the device. You can easily style your beard and position the tool to your liking without getting distracted with the length of the cord. Also, I like corded trimmers for the power they produce compared to most of the cordless models, and this ConairMan beard and mustache trimmer is not an exception.


  • stainless steel blades prevent skin irritation and burns;
  • quickly detachable blades;
  • a five-position comb attachment for different beard styles.


  • it doesn’t run on batteries, as there is the corded option only.

8. Braun BT3040 – The Best Adjustable Beard Trimmer

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Braun is a leading brand for producing shaving and trimming tools. I find this BT3040 model pretty unique because of its amazing thirty-nine lengths settings with a 0.5 mm interval that ensure you get a professionally trimmed beard at home. The precision of the possible cuts makes this model ideal both for stubbles and long beards.

The trimmer comes with two adjustable comb attachments from 0.2 to 20 mm in length to ensure you have a comfortable experience creating and maintaining any beard style.

A gentle grip ensures you have full control over the trimmer when making close cuts on your jawline or neck. Also, within the package, you will get a professional Gillette ProGlide razor that will serve you for a long time without wearing out.

An added advantage of the blades used for the Braun product is that they are designed to adapt to various voltage changes. Thus, you are assured of a smooth and comfortable trimming experience with any settings the tool allows.

I think that this particular trimmer works fantastic for stubbles and short beards. Thanks to the durable and sharp blades, the tool allows shaping your facial hair and defining its lines to your liking. The same applies to long beards, but from my experience, I can say that it is best to use this device on beards not longer than a couple of inches.

The trimmer has a nice design and easy-to-access control settings. If you have hard times when it comes to trimming your beard at an angle, with this model, you can do side cuts easily. I find it extremely important to go for a device that is easy to control while trimming your facial hair. With the precise cuts of this Braun BT3040 model, you can rock any beard style.

This trimmer has many lengths and contour settings that you can use in your trimming routine. Moreover, you can easily customize these settings to your liking and change your beard shape in a single trimming session.

The heavy-duty blades reflect the efficiency and the durability of this beard trimmer. Although many blades fail to withstand the test of time after several uses, with the Braun BT3040 model, you won’t experience such an issue.

This device features long-lasting ultra-sharp stainless steel blades that won’t wear out shortly. Moreover, the blades remain sharp as if new for many months, meaning you won’t have to worry about the maintenance activities.

This BT3040 model also has a long-lasting rechargeable battery, so this tool is a great option to take with you on business trips or vacation. The common issue with rechargeable batteries for trimmers is that they don’t usually last long.

However, this Braun BT3040 beard trimmer can operate on a full charge up to a whole hour of constant trimming. Fortunately, you won’t need the tool to work for such an extended period, so the battery will last you for three to five trimming sessions, depending on the intensity of use.

It means that you can perform an entire trimming session without the fear of running out of power. This Braun tool makes for a good travel companion, as well as a reliable beard trimmer to keep in your bathroom. In combination with the Gillette ProGlide razor, this device ensures a well-groomed look without much hustle.


  • it has a short charging time;
  • waterproof;
  • packed with self-sharpening blades.


  • pretty heavy.

9. Brio BeardScape Trimmer – The Best Professional Beard Trimmer for Starters

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This Brio beard trimmer is another great option for men who have just started growing their beards and haven’t used such a tool before. The product is popular among teenagers to grown men because of the simplicity of its design and various size guards for a comfortable trimming experience.

What is special about this model is that this trimming kit comes with eight size guards of different lengths, besides the other accessories. These guards start from 1 to 18 mm and protect your skin from accidental cuts and burns while you use the trimmer.

Another exciting feature is the informative display placed on the handle that shows all the current settings of the device. The display also plays an important role in notifying you on the state of the trimmer, for example, if it needs oiling.

You can see how much time the beard trimmer can operate on the charge left so that you won’t get caught off guard with no power supply in the middle of your trimming session.

The blade of this tool is made from a ceramic material that makes the trimmer much more durable compared to similar models. Although stainless steel blades are common for beard trimmers, the ceramic ones are several times stronger and wear-proof.

I find it amazing that this tool produces limited noise and heat levels while at work. Thus, you won’t run into problems with the performance of the device because of its overheating or loudness. There is also less friction created, thanks to the ceramic material used. It ensures you are protected from accidental cuts on your neck or jam during the trimming process.

The performance of any beard trimmer is judged by the power it produces and the material of its blade. The sharp blade of this Brio tool allows for clean and precise cuts, and the device produces solid 50 RPM, making this beard trimmer an excellent choice to consider.

Within the package, you will receive a charging rod for easy and fast charging. You will need to attach it to an adapter for ensuring the power charge.

A charging stand also comes as a part of the package, so you can conveniently place your beard trimmer and leave it for some time. The base of the charger is durable, and it is attached to the cord to ensure it remains secure.

You can also charge the device with the direct current without making use of the charging base. However, I recommend utilizing the charging base for a quicker and safer charge of the tool. After finishing your trimming session, make sure to clean the trimmer from the hair left using a small brush from the package. This way, you will help the blade to stay sharp for long.

The trimmer is fitted with a powerful motor that can produce from 50 RPM to 70 RPM. These numbers prove that you have a durable gadget in your hand each time you trim your beard. You can change the power settings using the power up or down button, depending on your beard size and thickness.

The 50 RPM results in medium power, while the 70 RPM offers a turbo mode for sturdy beards and thick facial hair. At the same time, this powerful motor produces little sound while at work, unlike other similar devices. It is especially noticeable when you operate on a full 70 RPM with low noise levels.

A rechargeable battery powers the trimmer. It is a great option if you do not have a power socket in your bathroom, or you have to travel often. With such a battery, you are assured of up to four hours of robust operation of this cordless beard trimmer, and its full charge time is just three hours.

I like the combination of the professional features and easy settings that make this Brio beard trimmer a great option both for starters and long-term bearded men. I use size guards in my work a lot, and it is great that with this model, you get eight options to fit any beard trimming routine.


  • it works well on long beards that are difficult to be handled with other trimmers;
  • it has multiple settings for selecting your preferred speed and power;
  • a durable ceramic blade.


  • it won’t work efficiently on shorter beards.

10. Remington MB6850 Stubble Trimmer – A Great Vacuum Cordless Beard Trimmer

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If you want to trim your beard effortlessly and keep your clothes and things around clean from the trimmed hair, this tool will cover your needs. This Remington MB6850 model offers a high level of control in avoiding the mess around when trimming your facial hair.

It stands out as a vacuum beard trimmer that captures all the cut hair inside, and I find this feature extremely useful. You may not return to standard trimmers after trying this vacuum model. However, it comes with its specifics.

The trimmer hair gets collected in a duct chamber that is attached to the body of the trimmer. From my experience with this Remington MB6850 model, I can say that the vacuum feature can catch up to 95% of all the trimmed hair. Thus, the device ensures that after each trimming session, you don’t need to clean yourself and are ready to go with your perfectly groomed beard.

This trimmer has eleven length settings that make it easy to achieve any beard style you prefer. By customizing the settings, you can get the exact beard length and shape you need.

The self-sharpening steel blades add to the precision and durability of the trimmer. They ensure clean cuts with minimum effort. The sleek design of the trimmer is pleasant to the eye. Moreover, all the controls are placed on the handle conveniently, and you can access them while holding the device.

A reliable motor guarantees the great performance of the device. The comb is attached securely, so you won’t have to worry about the safeness of the trimmer while operated on full power.

However, if you are a beginner, I recommend using a guide comb each time you trim your beard to avoid any accidental cuts. The more you get used to the trimmer, the less frequent you will need guide combs to secure the trimming process. It is essential to stick to safety measures when using such a sharp tool.

Some starters may also find a hard time to understand the connection between the comb’s length and the length of the blade. I want to note that the height of the blade should match the size of the guard comb for a comfortable trimming routine.

I feel like the company focused the most on the vacuum feature while making this tool and ignored some other important aspects. The suction port of the trimmer works efficiently with all the hair types, and the storage chamber is big enough for letting you finish the trimming process without interruption. However, the device produces a loud sound while at work and blows air into your face that can be annoying to some.

When using this beard trimmer, you may have difficulties operate it under your chin. You need to be accurate with maintaining a short beard with this tool, as its blades are extremely sharp and located close to the comb. You would call this Remington MB6850 model the best beard trimmer for long beards because it is powerful and precise, and you won’t have problems with long facial hair.

It is worth trying a vacuum beard trimmer as it poses many benefits to its owner. However, such a tool will not work for everyone, so it is up to you to consider its pros and cons.


  • the vacuum feature and an inbuilt fan ensure less hair mess when trimming;
  • it can be used on sideburns, neckline, and mustache;
  • eleven different length settings for precise trimming.


  • only for long and thick beards;
  • blows air in your face while at work

Helpful Tips on Choosing the Best Professional Beard Trimmer

Helpful Tips on Choosing the Best Professional Beard Trimmer

If you are still unsure what item to purchase, or what features are the most important to keep in mind, I have prepared some useful tips on selecting the right tools for making your beard good-looking and neat. It can’t be done with a regular razor or a low-cost trimmer, so it is essential to go for a quality item.

For those who have just started their journeys of growing a beard faster, it can be a daunting task to decide on the right hair trimmer. Even though such tools may look alike, beard trimmers have different features and specifics. Below, you can find important factors to consider when picking the trimming tool for your facial hair.

Types of Beard Trimmers for your Beard

Before choosing a specific beard care product, you should decide on the beard style you want to maintain. Then, when you have a particular image of yourself in mind, you are ready to look for the right tool to achieve the desired style.

If you want to end up with a high-quality beard trimmer that will meet your requirements, make sure to check the following aspects when shopping for the right tool. The crucial points to keep in mind are the current and the desired length of your beard, whether you need a corded or cordless device and additional features that make the tool a must-have one.

  • The length of your beard

If you like long beards, go for the corresponding trimmer. If you are a fan of medium-size beards or short stubbles, make sure to check if the selected trimmer has the options to maintain the exact beard style you want. I strongly advise you to read the specification of each tool you consider to avoid regrets after purchase.

  • A corded or cordless tool

A corded trimmer needs to be plugged in your bathroom or any other convenient room, or you can go for a cordless tool that runs on battery. The place where you will use the beard trimmer most of the time will largely determine the option you should choose.

If you don’t have sockets conveniently placed around, or you plan to take a tool on vacations and business trips, it is worth going for a cordless device. However, make sure you pack additional batteries, as the ones in the trimmer may run off suddenly.

  • Additional features

Besides maintaining your stubble or beard, you should keep in mind some other important areas, such as ear or nose hair that may need a little work, too. If you have thought about a multipurpose tool, it is possible to find a trimmer with different attachments and nozzles that will cover the whole range of needs.

Also, you need to decide whether you want to purchase a tool for your beard or stubble, or one that will also work for your head and body hair. Although I recommend going for a beard trimmer for facial hair only, you can go for some durable models designed for various applications.

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The Most Widespread Questions about Beard Trimmers


Below, I have arranged some commonly asked questions that arise when it comes to purchasing, using, and maintaining a beard trimmer. From my experience working a barber, I can say that these four concerns worry men the most, and I am pleased to provide helpful answers to them.

Is There a Difference between a Stubble Trimmer and a Beard Trimmer?

Every time I get asked this question when working in the barbershop. And I am happy that people ask because there is a difference, indeed.

A beard trimmer won’t necessarily work as a stubble trimmer. Although some beard trimmer models can make a neat stubble, most of them are designed to shape longer beards and can’t maintain such short facial hair.

On the other hand, stubble trimmers can work on longer beards effectively when it comes to styling or shaping. However, such tools can’t cut significant amounts of hair at once, as if you wanted to go from a long to a medium-sized beard.

On the market, it is possible to find models that can multitask quite efficiently on both grounds. However, I would recommend going for the tool that serves one purpose, as such a trimmer will be designed for your preferred beard style and have some additional accessories for convenient use.

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Is it worth choosing an adjustable zoom wheel or interchangeable guide combs?

Beard trimmers can be classified into two categories. The tools with interchangeable guide combs fall into the first one, while the second one covers the devices with fixed combs that move thanks to the adjustable zoom wheel.

Beard trimmers fitted with the interchangeable guide combs work efficiently, especially for long stiff beards that need regular combing. The design of the guide combs allows pulling facial hair tight when trimming and ensures even cuts.

However, if the combs bend too much, you will most likely have to deal with uneven and ragged cuts. Thus, if you have a long and thick beard, it is essential to pick a trimming device with a large and durable interchangeable guide comb that won’t bend too much.

Fixed guard combs with the adjustable zoom wheel can also be used on long beards. But I prefer such tools for medium-sized beards and stubbles, meaning maintaining facial hair of a fixed length.

What to look for in the best quality beard trimmers on the market?

When selecting a beard trimmer, you should always look into its stated performance that depends on the type of the blade significantly. For example, carbon steel blades are one of the sharpest options you can choose for clean cuts. However, such a blade may corrode if you don’t wipe the water off the trimmer after each use.

two hair clippers

A stainless steel blade is a more durable option to consider, and it is a preferred choice of men with thick beards. On the other hand, a carbon steel blade coated with titanium comes as another high-quality solution for maintaining a beard of any length.

One more factor to consider is the closeness of blades to the applicator and one’s skin. Some beard trimmer models are fitted with innovative technologies that lift facial hair gently before the cut for more precise results.

Other tools have self-sharpening blades that ensure an accurate performance each time. One of the features that I find extremely useful is a vacuum system that captures cut hair, thus, keeping you and things around clean during the trimming process.

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Should I go for a corded or cordless beard trimmer?

I have an easy time trimming my beard with the tool that doesn’t need to be plugged to work. However, most of the battery-powered models don’t have enough power for a close shave. So, it can be a crucial factor when choosing between the convenience of use and the provided performance.

The good news is that some cordless beard trimmers can get their power from the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. They can work for an extended period compared to single-use batteries. Thus, it is possible to go for a cordless tool that will work for much longer on the same rechargeable batteries.

Wrapping Up My Reviews of Beard Trimmers

All the beard trimmers that I have highlighted in this article provide excellent performance. However, it is up to you to decide on which tool to purchase for your trimming routine. I recommend going through the reviews above to settle on the model that will fit your beard style and personal preferences.

If you have a short beard, I profoundly advise going for a tool with different length modes and durable blade system. The chances are high that you will need to adjust length settings with time.

Another decision to make is whether to buy a corded or cordless beard trimmer. The corded option packs some power for a perfect trimming session. However, such a tool may be inconvenient to use if you travel often. It is when a cordless option, such as the ConairMan beard trimmer, comes in handy. I recommend checking on the power of the batteries to ensure they are long-lasting or rechargeable.

Most beard trimmers listed above come with useful accessories for better performance and advanced applicability. At the same time, some of them do not come with the attachments. However, it does not necessarily mean that such models are substandard.

It is all about the brand’s policy and specifications of the particular tool. For instance, a Braun BT3040 model comes with Gillette blades for precise cuts, while some other trimmers may have an advanced inbuilt T-blade system for the same performance.

I hope that after reading these detailed beard trimmers reviews, you have gained a deeper understanding of the specifics of these tools and selected the right device for your needs. Have you used any of the trimmers on this list? If yes, how was your experience? I would be happy to read your thoughts in the comment section below.


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