15 Best Beard Straighteners That Don’t Damage Your Hair


Hello! It’s Chloe. Today I have prepared a very interesting topic for discussion. What is even more intriguing is that the topic does not concern the secret girls’ styling tips. Today we will talk about men, and more specifically about how to straighten beard with a straightener.

Beard has become one of the most popular trends for men over the past few years. A lot of famous actors, singers, and other influencers have already grown it. Therefore, it is not a secret that the beard can completely change the whole man’s appearance.

Unfortunately, there are men that think that straight, mature beard is something illusory, especially those who have curly locks that go in a thousand different directions. It is not true! Today, you can straighten beard with hair straightener at home, and, believe me, the whole process will only take a few minutes.

The most important thing here is to make the right choice of a beard straightener comb. In this guide, I will share with you which beard straightening products exist on the market, as well as how to choose them correctly and what to pay attention to. Let’s start!

What are the Beard Straightener Products?

Today, there are a lot of different beard styles for men. They differ in hair length and in shape. But, nevertheless, for most of them, you need to use additional tools to straight and fix the beard.

Generally speaking, there are several beard products that help to keep the facial hair straight and healthy. I usually divide them into two big groups: special beard hair straightener brushes and combs (they can be electrical or not) and grooming care products (cream, oils, hair gels for men).

Beard Hair Straightener Brushes and Combs

Firstly, let’s talk about the brushes, combs, and electrical devices. It is not a secret, that beard straightening iron is the most effective way to style your facial hair, especially if you have curly locks. In fact, you will not find a better African American beard straightener.

But this method has one big minus: the iron can really damage your beard. The alternative is to use brushes and combs with a beard chemical straightener. Let’s quickly glance at the things you should pay attention to before buying:

  • The material of body and handles (it can be made of plastic or wood-like bamboo, sandalwood, and so on);
  • The bristles. Does it use synthetic or natural materials? I always support natural products;
  • The stiffness. This point is especially important for those who have fragile facial hair;
  • The design and size. There are brushes that do not have a handle, like those that we use to polish the shoes. They are compact and lightweight. On the other hand, there are combs with handles that extend from their body. They are more comfortable in use but do not suit for traveling.

Grooming Care Products

The second group of the is grooming items that help to make your beard soft and healthy like Murrays beard products. Firstly, before I tell you about how to get silky hair (facial hair included), let’s make clear what makes the beard rough. The most spread reasons are bad washing, low temperatures, hard water with chemicals, dehydration, and trimming. Therefore, you need to nourish your beard regularly. For this:

  • After washing, try to use beard straightener gel, conditioner or cream;
  • Apply the oil twice a week. I recommend buying a jojoba or argan oil. It allows us to hydrate the facial hair and repair the structure. Believe me, after regular usage, you will feel it becoming easier to straighten the beard and fix its shape;
  • Apply the beard balm before the styling. It will help to tame even crazy locks. And do not forget to pay attention to the ingredients and choose natural products.

Such simple tips will not only help to style your beard but also will nourish and moisture the locks.

How to Choose the Beard Straightening Products?

How to Choose the Beard Straightener Products?

Here I want to sum up the most important things you definitely need to consider when choosing beard straightening products. The first and most obvious thing is the beard length. For example, there is a beard straightener brush that works for long beards only, on the other hand, other products like comb beard straightener are suitable only for short beards, and so on.

Secondly, ask yourself what are your hair structure, how long it can keep the styling, and how much time you can spend on straightening your beard. If you have short hair that can be styled fast and without effort, you just need a brush or a comb with jojoba oil for a beard hair straightener, for example. But what if you have long curly facial hair that is hard to style? In this situation, you will probably require a heated beard straightener and different additional conditioners.

The third thing is the place where you are going to straight the beard. I know that a lot of men have a crazy life with several meetings per day, and they try to straighten the beard in the car or at work. Other people do it in the bathroom every morning.

Therefore, before buying beard straighteners, decide where you’re going to use them. Will it be a bedroom or a hallway? Or maybe a car? My advice: do not buy any beard electric straightener if you are going to struggle to plug it in near a mirror. It is much better to choose a brush or a comb.

And last but not least — a price. We are all human and we all want to buy high-quality products at an affordable price. You know, it depends on many factors: the technologies straightener beard brush uses, the materials it consists of (for example, if we talk about creams and conditioners, it is important to know is it a natural or a chemical straightener for beard), the brand, year of issue, and so on.

The Overview of TOP Beard Straighteners With Pros and Cons For Each One

In this section, I want to tell you about the best beard straighteners which include combs, heated brushes, conditioners, creams, and oils. I will give you brief information about the company that produces each product, and then describe the key items features with the pros and constable.

1. Mini Beard Straightener: AmoVee Mini Flat Iron for Travel

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About the company: AmoVee is a famous beauty brand that delivers high-quality styling tools and hair care products. The company operates in 26 countries and does not stop growing. For now, they have more than 10,000 loyal customers.

About the product: this mini flat iron by AmoVee delivers super-sleek, straight hair on the go. The straightener uses ceramic and tourmaline technology. As a result, the heat is spreading evenly. The flat iron works softly and do not stick or pull the hair. I was surprised, but the heating time of this beard straightener is only 30 seconds.

It really is fast! Moreover, it is of small size (less than eight inches in length) and there’s a heat resistant glove, hence you can pack this mini straightener for a beard for your travel. Additionally, the device has a 360-degree swivel cord and safety lock feature. Please note that all the AmoVee products have a 12-month guarantee, so do not worry if something gets wrong.


  • ceramic and tourmaline technology;
  • heat resistant glove;
  • small size.


  • you can not regulate the temperature, it has only one fixed regime.

2. Hair Straightener on Beard: Mini Portable Flat Iron Tourmaline Ceramic

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About the company: Lovani produces affordable travel flat irons with which you can easily achieve the best results. The company is not so popular, but their products are really valued among professional stylists. Be sure that Lovani uses only high-quality materials.

About the product: this travel-friendly universal mini flat iron with dual voltage was designed for different purposes, including the beard styling. The device has tourmaline ceramic heating plates. They produce negative ions. As a result, your beard is smooth, shiny, and frizz-free.

Additionally, this technology protects your hair from damaging, heats up faster, and distributes the heat more evenly. You can use the iron in 30 seconds after plugging it in. The device is lightweight and small in size. These factors made it one of the best irons for traveling. The straightener comes with a free professional heat resistant bag.


  • ceramic plates with tourmaline;
  • fast heating;
  • lightweight and small size;
  • small price.


  • does not suit very curly hair.

3. Beard Electric Straightener: Aberlite Beard Straightener for Men

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About the company: Aberlite is a famous producer of beard grooming tools. They use only natural ingredients and innovative tools. Their mission is stated on their official site: “We aim to make beard grooming accessible to all”. Therefore, you can find in their assortment of products of real high-quality at an affordable price.

About the product: Alberlite beard straightener suits for the curly beard. According to your hair types, you can adjust the right temperature. Please note that all the regimes are below 400°F. It allows avoiding the damage of your locks and does not burn the face. Using hair straightener on the beard, you can create a good hairstyle with straight, smooth facial hair in one pass.

Moreover, the device has a unique PTC heating technology that helps to maintain a consistent heat level during the usage. This straightener is good for medium-size beards that are hard to style. The long-lasting effect is achieved due to cutting-edge ionic conditioning and anti-static coating. And do not worry if you forgot to switch it off. It automatically shuts off after 30 minutes.


  • unique PTC heating technology;
  • ionic conditioning combined with anti-static coating;
  • automatically shutting off feature;
  • it is suited for hard-styling beards.


  • heats up relatively slowly;
  • not a lightweight product.

4. Veru ETERNITY Hair Straightening Brush

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About the company: Veru ETERNITY is a brand that is committed to providing people with high-quality beauty products. They always create fashionable, innovative, and functional care tools.

About the product: this hair straightening brush was designed primarily for women’s care, but, I think, that it is perfectly suitable for men too. The brush has an anti-scald design with an LED display on the barrel. Moreover, according to your hair type, you can regulate the heat settings and choose among the 5 regimes. The temperature fluctuates between 250 °F and 390 °F.

The brush is full of negative ions that prevent knotting and split ends. This thickest hair straightener beard helper uses the ceramic plates but heats up relatively slowly — for such an extended and dense comb It gets ready only after 5 or even 10 minutes. The infrared heat is evenly distributed on the plate. So, be ready to wait! The brush is comfortable in use because it has a 360° rotating power cord.


  • LED display;
  • 5 regimes;
  • ceramic plates.


  • needs several minutes to heat up;
  • relatively expensive.

5. Beard & Mustache Brush and Straightener Beard Comb Kit

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About the company: Smooth Viking started in 2014. So, it is a relatively young brand. Nevertheless, the company has already had time to prove itself as a strong competitor in the beauty industry. They sell different beard care products like balms, oils, conditioners, and so on.

About the product: this beard straightener pick is the ultimate styling and detangling kit with which you can style your hair and easily create a professional quality look. It is lightweight and perfectly designed for traveling. The beard brush is made with natural boar bristles which allow avoiding the locks damaging, hence your facial hair styling will look even better because.

The Beard & Mustache Comb was made with high-quality pearwood. I recommend you to use these tools with oil or other beard care products that allow you to straighten the hair. The unique Beard Comb and Beard Brush set made beard grooming simple, fast, pleasant, and do not damage the hair. Moreover, you can buy this set as a gift.


  • natural materials: the brush has boar bristles and the comb is made pearwood;
  • affordable price;
  • lightweight and suitable for traveling.


  • not for hard-styling hair.

6. Aberlite Beard Straightening Comb – Red Sandalwood Hair Beard Comb

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About the company: Aberlite has a wide assortment of products for beards such as straighteners, grooming tools from sandalwood, other beard growth, and care items. Moreover, on their website, you can find a lot of different videos that will help you to create a perfect beard styling or discover new unusual tips.

About the product: remember, that at the beginning of my article, I mentioned that it is important to define the place where you straighten your facial hair more often? And if you know that you need a tool to do beard styling on the go, this comb is exactly what you need.

But be ready that it is not an African American beard straightener; if you have a long beard with hard-styling hair, I recommend you to buy another product. One of the main advantages of this straightener comb is its size — it is so small that you can even put it in the pocket. Moreover, the comb is made from sandalwood, has rounded teeth ends, and comes with a leather case. A perfect gift for a man, isn’t it?


  • made of sandalwood;
  • has rounded teeth ends which provide a gentle massage effect;
  • static-free;
  • card size.


  • not suited for long and hard-styling beards.

7. Beard Straightener Brush – Best Natural Wooden Hair Brush For Men

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About the company: if I compared the brand to a person, I’d imagined Bardeur as a really brutal man with a number of tattoos. Why? To tell the truth, I don’t know. Maybe it is because of the brand’s colors, maybe because of its communication style. Besides brushes, the company produces back hair shavers, premium beard oils, and other beard grooming products.

About the product: this beard straightener is an excellent choice to keep the facial hair clean, smooth, and healthy. The brush has natural and gentle pure boar bristles and high-quality beechwood.

It helps to stimulate the skin and shapes facial hair. I really recommend you to use this brush with the beard hair straightener conditioner to achieve the best results. The boar bristles do not damage the hair structure, and I am sure that this tool will quickly become one of the favorite products in your beard grooming kit.


  • 100% natural boar bristles that stimulate the skin to distribute the oil;
  • lightweight, good for traveling;
  • cheap;
  • military-styled brush.


  • not for all hair types, too small for long and thick beards.

8. Seven Potions Beard Straightener Brush For Men With 100% First Cut Boar Bristles

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About the company: Seven Potions make beard hair products only from high quality, organic, and natural ingredients. Their assortment includes beard oil with a sweet and woody scent, beard balm, wax. Also, you can find a beautifully packed beard care kit which consists of oil, shampoo, and a brush.

About the product: there are a lot of different ways to straighten beard hair straightener. You can use heat and electric brushes, and your hair will keep the styling result longer, but it can damage your hair. On the other hand, natural brushes are much better in terms of hair care, but you need to use them more often during the day.

I always recommend using only natural brushes like this one from Seven Potions to people with thin and brittle facial hair. It is made of 100% first-cut boar bristles and pear wood. Therefore, the brush does not cause allergies, and the bristles are stiff enough and have the proper density to tame even the hard-styling beard. Moreover, boar bristles help to keep your beard healthy and soft. Try to use it with natural oils.


  • natural boar bristles and pearwood;
  • lightweight and small;
  • stiff bristles.


  • not for African beards.

9. ZEUS 100% Boar Bristle Beard and Moustache Brush with Handle for Untangling Beard Hairs

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About the company: Zues was inspired by the surf culture and outdoor lifestyle. The company was started in 2013 with only two products: beard oil and brush. Today they have a range of different natural beard care products and grooming tools that you can use every day.

About the product: Zeus beard and mustache brush is a must-have tool to make your beard soft without damaging the locks. Previously I wrote that such brushes are recommended for men with short or medium-size beards. But this comb is suitable even for people with long facial hair.

The grooming tool is made of pear wood and boar bristles. Also, it is comfortable in use due to the extended, contoured handle and small size, which makes it good for grooming even the denser areas. For example, the upper lip. The brush is outfitted with 3 horizontal rows of boar bristles and is packed into a beautiful case.


  • ideal for dense and curly hair;
  • the bristles are made of boar and the handle is made of pear wood;
  • bristle holes are drilled;
  • lightweight.


  • if you have hard-styling hair, you will need to buy additional products like oil or conditioner.

10. Beard Comb & Beard Brush Kit With Carrying Bag For Men

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About the company: Beautyours produces facial hair products. They use only natural ingredients, so if you have any allergies to chemical and artificial materials, here you can be sure that everything will be ok. I often buy their products as a gift.

About the product: this beard comb & beard brush kit is one of my favorite sets. Why? There are several reasons. First of all, it is made of natural green sandalwood. If you have already had the sandalwood products, you know that they have a natural smell of vanilla. Secondly, the brush comb kit is anti-static and can be used every day. It straightens your hair permanently without damaging it.

The third reason is 100% boar bristles. Maybe you’ve noticed that I really like all-natural products and always try to include them in my articles. And the last, but not least factor is its compact design, which made it comfortable for traveling.


  • real working straightener: but it also suits other hair types;
  • 100% boar bristles;
  • does not damage the hair.


  • a few bristles may fall out in the beginning.

11. Bossman Essentials Beard Straightener Before and After Kit – Beard Oil, Conditioner, and Balm

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About the company: Bossman was founded by Stephen Condon. Interesting fact: initially the company was created to satisfy his needs. Stephen has a thick beard. And one day he noticed that it started getting a bit out of whack and unmanageable. Before long, the Bossman brand was born. Today the company produces a line of natural products combined with a few innovative items not available anywhere else.

About the product: this treatment package includes relaxing Beard Balm, intense Beard Conditioner cream, and jelly Beard Oil. The beard straightener cream Amazon price is a little bit high, but it’s worth it. The cream helps to replenish dry pores and facial hair, it stimulates beard growth and makes your hair thicker without extra expenses.

The oil moisturizes pores and softens facial hair, and the balm is full of important vitamins and minerals for long term facial hair nourishment. These three products are a must-have if you want to revitalize, nourish, and protect your beard. After the washing, apply the conditioner, wait until the beard is dry, and then evenly apply a small amount of jelly oil. In the end, warm a small amount of balm in the palm and apply it to your beard from root to tip.


  • uses natural ingredients;
  • it is a good choice for a gift;
  • for all hair types;
  • famous brand.


  • too expensive.

12. PREMIUM Beard Balm Butter and Wax Formula For Men Grooming

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About the company: Prophet and Tools created their first product in 2015. It was a beard oil and comb set. Maybe anybody remembers it? In 2015 I tried this oil for the first time and fell in love with the brand. Later, I heard a lot of positive reviews from other professional stylists. Today, Prophet and Tools operate in different countries around the world including the UK, Canada, France, and so on.

About the product: I think that this balm is a must-have for all people with fuzzy, hard-styling, wavy, and curly facial hair. If all of that is about your beard, try it and you will be surprised. The thickening beard hair straightener brings a natural healthy look to your hair.

Moreover, the balm was designed with a special secret formula that allows injecting proteins and vitamins into facial hair keeping a long-term effect. You can see a notable result after 4 weeks using the patches in the beard hair straightener.


  • it is designed like a multicolored beard hair straightener that protects your locks;
  • good for hard-styling hair;
  • stimulates beard growth;
  • gives shine.


  • Though a great beard straightener, it does not keep a long term styling effect, so you always need to support it manually.

13. Beard Balm with Sandalwood Scent and Argan & Jojoba Oils

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About the company: I’d like to tell you the story when people see the problem and then try to find a solution. As for me, it is the best example of how to start your business and succeed in it. Viking Revolution was created by two bearded friends. Firstly, it was just a hobby, and then it turned into one of the most favorite companies in the men’s grooming industry.

About the product: this balm is suited even for the burliest beards. It is very easy to restore, mold, and shape the beard. For this, place a small amount of balm on your palm and then start to slowly massage it into your skin at the roots of the beard.

The cream has a long-term effect, so your styling will be saved for the whole day. The beard straightener from Viking Revolution is made only of natural ingredients: argan and jojoba oil, mango butter, and beeswax. It allows keeping your beard healthy and soft.


  • inexpensive;
  • natural ingredients;
  • money-back guarantee;
  • nice smell.


  • not for all hair types.

14. African American Beard Straightener: Live Bearded Unscented Beard Butter, Straight Up All Natural Beard Butter

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About the company: I really like the philosophy of Live Bearded. As far as I remember, they always pay attention to their customer service and put people ahead of profits.

Live Bearded publishes empowering content and educational materials, building a solid and powerful community. If you want to know more about beard styling, I really recommend you to watch the video.

About the product: this beard straightener is a hand-picked and custom formulated butter designed to nourish and moisturize your facial hair. The product is made in the USA from natural ingredients. It allows to maintain the long-lasting effect, does not weigh you beard down, or leave it looking dry.

After washing the beard, towel dries it and apply the butter. I am sure that you will see the effect immediately. The product does not contain any essentials oils because this is the company’s unscented fragrance line. The ingredients include shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, almond oil, grape-seed oil. I recommend you to use it every day.


  • best beard straightener with natural ingredients;
  • light to medium hold;
  • fragrance-free;
  • makes your beard soft.


  • the price is high.

15. Unpigmented Beard Hair Straightener: Mad Viking Beard Co. – Premium Beard Oil for All Lengths

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About the company: Mad Viking Beard Company is run by two couples: Jason and Shana Hall, and Jason and Amanda Sealand. But what’s more interesting is that the company name originally came from Jason Sealand’s great grandfather. After the immigration to the USA from Sweden, he earned two nicknames “The Mad Viking” and “The Angry Swede”.

About the product: in fact, the oil moisturizes the skin and reduces beard itch. Moreover, it is the favorite oil of my husband. He has used it for more than one year, and his beard always looks beautiful and healthy. The cruelty-free product contains oil natural ingredients (argan and jojoba oils) without parabens.

It softly hydrates the skin, cleans pores, and stimulates the beard growth. I can definitely say that it is a straightener that suits hard-styling and curly facial hair. Also, the oil is in the dark bottle. It allows keeping the product alive longer. The oil does not cause allergies, so it can be used by men of different ages.


  • natural ingredients (argan and jojoba oil);
  • paraben and cruelty-free;
  • stimulates the beard growth.


  • expensive.

Popular Questions – FAQ

Popular Questions - FAQ

Traditionally at the end of each article, I answer the most popular questions to make my material even more useful. Some of them I found on the beauty forums, some of them I was asked by my friends. Of course, you can ask me more questions, share your experience or stories in the comments.

How to use a hair straightener on a beard?

There are a lot of ways to straighten beard hair straightener. It depends on the structure of the lock, the time you can invest, and the materials you have. Usually, this process is a daily routine. To straighten beard hairs you need to follow three basic steps:

  • After daily shower apply some of beard hair straightener oil: it will soften and nourish your hair;
  • Then apply the best conditioner for a beard hair straightener. As an oil, it helps moisturize your facial hair;
  • Use different styling tools after showering (combs, brushes, dryers).

How to straighten beard with a straightener?

It depends on the beard straightener you have chosen. But there are some general tips to straighten your beard no matter what type of facial hair you have:

  • Use only top-rated beard shampoo, natural oils, and conditioners;
  • Try to dry your beard using a towel, not a hairdryer;
  • Brush or comb your beard running the hair inwards at the tips to mimic the curvature of your face;
  • Use the natural oils on a regular basis;
  • Before you began to style the beard, clean it properly.

What is the best beard straightener for black men?

It is crucial to use a tweeze beard hair straightener to shape up the beard and remove extra locks and split ends. If you have the resources, I really recommend you to go to the professional barber, and, of course, buy only African American beard straightener, that suits for curly facial hair.

And, of course, it is obvious that a flat iron will be the best and permanent way to straighten your beard. And if you want to keep the styling all day, use oils and balms.

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The Last Words…

So, in this article, I try to collect all the information I know. A lot of people tend to forget that their facial hair needs the same care as the hair on their head, no matter if you want to keep them completely straight or just want to fix the shape. And now you have already known:

  • How to straighten beard with a straightener;
  • When you need to use oils when balm, and when flat iron;
  • How to choose a beard straightener depending on the type of hair;
  • What types of beard straighteners exist;
  • How to care for a beard to keep it soft.

And remember that you need to properly wash your hair or your beard, and with a conditioner. What’s more, do not forget to apply some natural oils (jojoba and argan are the best), try to avoid hair dryers. Although the heat straightening method is more effective, the natural method will keep your facial hair more healthy. And what type you prefer? Maybe you have several secrets and proven methods of how to take care of the beard? Share them with me below!


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