Best Beard Oil to Buy in 2022 (updated)

Best Beard Oil to Buy

From my experience, those men who do not shave their beard regularly take beard grooming as an essential practice for them. My name is Joseph, and I am a professional barber.

Beard grooming is the art of maintaining and keeping your beard in good shape. In terms of beard grooming, everyone has a preference for the tools and products they use. Among these products, we cannot but mention the beard oil. By definition, beard oil is a cosmetic product that is used to nurture both your beard and the skin under it.

The oil helps maintain your beard smooth, shiny, and soft. Among the benefits of using beard oil is that it helps keep your beard healthy and moisturized. This is all thanks to the natural ingredients in oils. It will also help minimize itchiness. These are but some benefits you stand to gain by frequently use the oil. Experts argue that you should apply beard natural oil for at least twice a day.

Even with all these benefits, there still exists the challenge of determining the right one for you. There are just so many brands available in the market. Better still, you can even make your homemade oil. Therefore, I will review some of the best beard oils. I will also provide simple instructions for making homemade beard oil.

Review of the Best Beard Oils

This section will review some of the best natural beard oils.

1. Jojoba Oil by Leven Rose Moisturizer for Skin Hair and Nails (4.7/8420) – Beard Oil with Jojoba

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This is one of the best essential beard oil. It is an organic product made with ingredients that are in their natural state. The main component used in making the oil is jojoba. The oil from this herb is extra nourishing.

The process of extraction is so safe that it does not remove or add any components in the oil. Jojoba is great for maintaining your beard soft and shiny. It does not form grease on the beard hair because it is very light. You need only a few drops of the oil to massage your beard to avoid making it too oily. The nourishment of the beard using Jojoba may also stimulate hair growth.

It has a glass dropper that ensures that you apply only the amount you need. The dropper minimizes wastage. The oil is also great for your skin. It helps to get rid of blemishes and tightens the skin, hence making you glow. You cannot go wrong with jojoba oil.


  • it does not have any additives;
  • it has a glass dropper that prevents wastage;
  • it is also good for the skin. Therefore, you do not have to fear for it touching your skin.


  • if exposed to light, the organic ingredients may undergo oxidation, which renders it inefficient.

2. Bossman Jelly Beard Oil (Magic Scent) (4.7/2529) – Best Oil for Growing Beard

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Various beard oils have different strength-ingredients. The strength of Bossman jelly is that it will enable your beard to grow thick at a faster rate than normal. Therefore, this oil is for you if you have an interest in growing your beard. Instead of looking shabby, your beard will be appealing, and it will be the one to long for among your friends.

It prevents drying out of the beard by penetrating deep into the hair follicles. The hydration stimulates the follicles, hence leading to the growth of the beard hair.

It has a warm scent. This arises from the combination of vanilla that already has a nice scent and sandalwood. The scent is inviting, and instead of putting you off, it encourages you to put on the oil so that you can experience the aroma freshness. It also eliminates itching. Therefore, you may be interested in using the oil more if your beard is itchy.

You can apply the oil for weeks because it comes in a 4oz bottle. This is more than the usual 2oz that you get in regular oils. The essential oils are also good for the skin, for anyone who does not have an allergy to any of the components. With Bossman, you will get the quality and quantity that you deserve at a good price.


  • it has a nice scent;
  • it can last for weeks;
  • it minimizes itching.


  • the beard oil has thick viscosity.

3. Viking Revolution Beard Oil Conditioner (4.6/1492) – Beard Growth Oil

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This oil is for anyone who has a beard that is in bad shape. It does a great job of restoring the glamour and glow of your beards. If they are too hard and feeling like spikes, this oil will make them soft once more, and this will promote the rapid growth of the beard. It will also add shine on the skin and hair, making you feel confident in your mustache.

The beard oil contains argan and jojoba oils that are natural. This is the reason the oil is efficient at repairing the mustache because the natural ingredients do all the magic.

Since many men love oils without a fragrance, you will love this product if you are in this group. The lack of scent means that you can use it both for casual and official events. It will also give you peace of mind if you are usually distracted by things such as fragrances.

You will get it in a 0.32 ounces bottle that contains 1oz of the oil. Although this is less than pure jojoba that was 4oz, Viking is much more affordable.


  • it does not have fragrances;
  • it is natural;
  • affordable;
  • efficient for restoring a soft and shiny beard.


  • you may need to replace it regularly because the bottle has only 10z of the oil.

4. GIBS Beard Oil Conditioner & Tattoo Oil (4.6/303)

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There is no other product as great as Gibs beard oil. It contains sunflower, argan, and olive oil. All these are essential beard oils for growth. Also, it is made with passion fruit, a unique ingredient that smoothens the beard. It makes your mustache soft and friendly to everyone who comes into contact with it, for example, your child or wife.

This oil has other functions, such as conditioning the beard and moisturizing it to prevent drying. Of course, no one likes a dry beard. It looks shaggy, and no matter how good you dress, people cannot help but notice that something is wrong on your face. It is lovable because it can also be applied to the skin.

It will enter the follicles and penetrate deep. This has an advantage both on the skin and your facial hair. The advantage is that it helps moisturize dry skin and restore its healthy and shiny look. This is why it also used as tattoo oil for your skin. Further, it enhances the growth of your beard thanks to Acai, sunflower, and Argan oils.

Of all the oils, this has one of the friendliest packages. It is packed in a small container that you can put in the bag or even carry in your pocket with ease. Therefore, Gibs has one of the most convenient packages for anyone looking for portable beard oil.


  • it is packed in a friendly and portable package;
  • it is good for the beard and the skin;
  • it has a variety of scents.


  • it is a bit expensive.

5. Jack Black – The Beard Tamer (4.6/130) – Beard Growth Oil

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When looking for beard oil, you need to look for a product that offers more than moisturizing. It should be an oil with a myriad of benefits for the beard. It should also be friendly to the skin. Jack Black fulfills this criterion.

It has vitamins and antioxidants in addition to oil. These are useful for the beard and the skin in that they make them shiny and soft. The antioxidants also play the role of enhancing metabolic reactions. Therefore, your skin and the beard follicles will not be blocked by oil. Instead, they will benefit from the substance.

Lack of hydration can cause your beard to feel itchy. This may destruct you from working or doing other things efficiently. This oil will solve this problem as it will hydrate the beard, hence prevent it from becoming itchy. This problem will be a problem of the past once you start using Jack Black.


  • it has melon and marula oils that are good for the skin;
  • it has vitamin E;
  • it softens the beard;
  • it eliminates beardruff.


  • for 1oz, it is very expensive.

6. Fragrance-Free Beard Oil & Leave-in Conditioner (4.5/4948) – Best Beard Growth Oil

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This oil by Leven Rose is among top-rated beard oils for growth. When used every day, it will give you the best results. For example, it will enable your beard to grow thanks to the combination of jojoba and Moroccan argan oil.

It will also add moisture to the hair, hence preventing it from becoming itchy. Therefore, you do not have to wait for your beard to become flaky and dry. With this oil, you will groom yourself and look presentable for any event any day.

If you love minimalism, the manufacturer of this product had you in mind. While regular oils have numerous ingredients, this one has only jojoba and Moroccan argan oil. It does not have additives, nor does it have preservatives.

The oil is too light; hence, it will not be greasy when using. All you need is to press a few drops onto your palm, rub them and then massage your beard until all the oil has blended into the air.


  • it does not have preservatives;
  • it has only pure natural oils;
  • it is very light;
  • it eliminates dark spots;
  • it is affordable.


  • its shelf life may be affected when exposed to ultraviolet light.

7. Beard Oil by Mountaineer Brand, WV Timber (4.5/1956)

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Mountaineer Brand is one of the most special products on the market. The company is famous for making body care products that are friendly to users. In addition, they ensure that you get value by giving you twice the average quantity of regular oils.

The package weighs two ounces, which is more than the weight of most oil bottles. Among the key ingredients in this product is grape seed oil and almond oil, which are effective in promoting healthy skin and beard. They also help nourish your skin, thereby effectively repairing it if damaged.

This product is unique because every bottle that you get will have a great story behind it. They are handmade, hence, the designers customize the way they package every bottle. Don’t forget that it has a nice scent. The scent arises from the ingredients that include eucalyptus and cedarwood that have a great natural smell.

Using it is very easy. You need to pour the oil on your palm, rub and then apply on the beard starting from the roots to the hair. Massage the oil so that it may penetrate deep into the hair follicles and do the necessary.


  • it is affordable;
  • the package is portable;
  • it softens the beard as efficiently as castor beard oil;
  • it is handmade with natural ingredients.


  • it does not have a topper.

8. Cremo Beard Oil, Forest Blend (4.5/207)

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If you love Cremo, you know that the company produces the best oils for beard growth. The oil is good for repairing a damaged beard. For example, if you have been suffering from a dry beard that feels itchy, this oil will soften it. The restoration of moisture in the roots will help you to feel less itchy while also making your skin feel soft and nourished. If you use it daily, the itching will end ultimately.

Although most people do not like oils with scents, the scent of Cremo may make you start loving fragrances. It has a woodsy aroma that feels natural. Only you may notice the scent when you are in a crowd because, to most people, it will feel too light.

It has a topper that helps in minimizing wastage. It also makes applying the grooming oil easy. Instead of bending the whole bottle, you suck the oil from the bottle using the topper. Then you press the topper and get the drops that will be just enough for your beard. If you ask what does beard oil does, the answer is that it soothes and restores your natural look, hence enabling you to achieve efficient beard maintenance.


  • it reduces itching;
  • it penetrates deep hence softening the beard;
  • it has a light scent.


  • the fragrance may be disturbing to some people.

9. Honest Amish: Classic Beard Oil- Best Quality Beard Oil (4.3/1985)

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Those that remember the Honest Amish beard balm will attest to this brand’s reputation in setting the pace in terms of innovation. Interestingly, they came and engaged customers in the debate of beard oil vs. balm. They effectively convinced customers that balm was a better product for them than their normal beard oil. This made the sales of this product hit the roof for such a short time.

The surprising thing is that years later, they hit the same market with new classic beard oil. This is a product that has not disappointed at all or failed to compete with other established brands. Their secret has been their sustained reputation of hand-making their products using selective natural ingredients.

This classic beard oil is from a natural mix of seven important oils. Key among them is the jojoba oil and virgin argan oil. Both of these ingredients are known for unclogging the surplus oils in your hair follicles. This helps in maintaining the skin under your beard moisturized and less oily.

The unclogging is also essential in promoting the growth of a healthy beard. This way, your beard will always feel moisturized and will be free of dandruff. These ingredients also contain vitamin E that is essential in nourishing your skin cells and damaged hair.

The use of apricot oils as an active ingredient helps in providing Vitamin A that is essential in moisturizing both your skin and hair. If you are those people that have sensitive skin, you are going to love the Honest Amish beard oil. They have included sweet almond that helps eliminate any form of itchiness on your beard.


  • it specifically handcrafted to ensure that it retains that natural taste;
  • it includes natural oils as active ingredients. They help moisturize your beard while nourishing your skin;
  • the inclusion of sweet almonds as an ingredient helps in the elimination of itchiness on your beard;
  • it is a suitable African American beard growth oil.


  • some users do not seem to like its scent.

10. Wisdom Wood Scent Premium Beard Oil for Men (4.3/349) – Best Beard Oil

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This is one of the premium beard oil that is of high quality. One noticeable feature of this beard oil is its unique scent. This wood scent brings the best of masculine smell in this oil. The interesting fact about this scent is that it tends to disappear with time.

Hence, it is suitable for those men who do not like to carry a lot of scents on them. This beard oil also features some unique natural ingredients. These include jojoba oils that provide maximum nourishment while also moisturizing both your skin and beard.

Those that have used this product will attest to the fact that it makes your beard feel softer. Another key ingredient used in the Wisdom beard oil is the meadowfoam seed oil. This is essential in softening your skin while also maintaining it moisturized.


  • it has about seven unique scents to choose from;
  • it includes meadowfoam seed oil that helps in softening your skin and beard;
  • they have high-quality packaging.


  • i6t is premium-priced

Steps for Making Your Own Homemade Beard Oil

Steps for Making Your Own Homemade Beard Oil

Did you know that you can make your beard oil? It is a very simple process. All you need is the right ingredients and the proper instructions to follow the process. In this section, I will provide you with a reliable beard oil recipe that you can try at home.

Have the Right Ingredients

The huge advantage is that these are ingredients that you can obtain from the local stores, especially the general nutrition centers. The most important of these ingredients include:

  • essential oils- lavender, rosemary, cedarwood, lemongrass, peppermint, orange;
  • carrier oils- Jojoba oil, Argan oil, castor oil, Sweet Almond oil, and Argan Oil;
  • 1oz bottles;
  • eyedropper;
  • small funnel;
  • graduated cylinder.

Prepare All the Materials

The first thing you need to do is to have everything ready. This entails processes like sterilizing your storage bottles. This can be done by boiling them in water. If you are using coconut oil, you will need to put it into warm water to melt it down.

Create Carrier Oil Blend Base

Using the 1oz bottle measure each of the carrier oil you have in your ingredient list. Measure about half a bottle for each of the ingredients. Using the funnel to add each of the measured oil into your sterilized cylinder. There is no harm in using just one of the carrier oils. Mixing them is just a matter of personal preferences and the benefits you want to derive from your homemade oil.

Add the Essential Oil

Using the eyedropper, add about five drops of each of the essential oil ingredients. Using the funnel, add each of the measured components into the sterilized cylinder. On top of adding all the benefits attached to them, the essential oils help in customizing the scent of the oil to your liking.

Mix All the Ingredients

Now that you have measured all the ingredients, all that is needed is to mix them. This can be done through simply shaking the cylinder

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What You Should Know About Beard Oil

Beard oils provide you with more benefits than you can imagine. Not only does it help maintain your beard moisturized, but it also helps minimize irritation on your skin. This article has reviewed some of the best beards growth oil in the market.

However, there are certain questions that remain unanswered. These questions relate to how to use beard oil or what benefits beard oils present to you. Therefore, in this section, I will try to address some of the frequently asked questions about beard oil.

What does beard oil do? / What is beard oil used for?

Just like your hair, beards come into contact with all sorts of dirt and bacteria. However, they continue to protect your skin from harmful UV light while also maintaining your skin moist. Therefore, grooming your beard is essential to help them remain healthy.

The beard oil is an important care product for achieving this objective. Based on the functions your beard plays, there is a high likelihood of the skin under your beard getting dry. Also, it collects a lot of dead skin around and unnecessary oils that cause its pores/ follicles to clog.

Therefore, the main role your beard oil plays is unclogging them. This helps your beard to grow healthy and remain moisturized for long. This is all thanks to the carrier oils present as active ingredients in various beard oil brands.

How to apply beard oil?

Closely related to this question is the topic of how to apply beard oil to a short beard. It is important to understand that the thickness and length of your beard will determine the amount of oil you should use. However, the process of application is the same.

Using the dropper provided pour about three to five drops on your hand. Using one of the other hand’s fingers, apply it on your beard or mustache.

Rub the remaining oil on both hands before using them to massage your beard gently. This will help ensure that you get the oil evenly into the roots of your beard. For those with longer beards, you can complete the process by gently brushing them with a beard brush or a small comb to smoothen them.

How often should I use beard oil?

Professionals argue that the most important beard care tip is to apply your beard oil after showering. Ensure that you clean your beard using your beard shampoo as opposed to soap. This helps in opening up your pores/ hair follicle.

It is also the time that your skin and beard need moisture most. However, from a general perspective, you should ensure that you apply your beard oil at least two times a day. Also, as a general rule, ensure that you have cleaned your beard before applying the oil.

What are the benefits of beard oil?

Many have always asked the question, “do beard oils work?” If you have a beard, you have to maintain it in good shape by using beard grooming products such as oil. There are several benefits of using beard oil. One of the benefits includes maintaining your beard and skin moisturized.

This is attributable to the several carrier oils included as active ingredients in these oils. Moisturized beards are generally softer, which is another benefit as they are easier to style and are usually attractive. Another huge advantage is that they help minimize dandruff and minimize itchiness. Further, the vitamins and other nutrients added to these oils help improve and maintain the skin under the beard healthy.

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Getting the Right Grow Beard Oil

Based on this analysis, it is evident that beard oil is a care product that your beards desperately need. You will need it if you are to maintain both your skin and beard moisturized. The benefits extend to the elimination of dandruff and itchiness in your beards.

For those of you that love styling their beard, the oil makes them softer, which is an ideal condition for such operations. The interesting fact is that you do not have to worry about the cost of buying the beard oil. This review has provided a simple recipe that you can follow in making your homemade beard oil. The ingredients utilized can easily be obtained from the local stores.

However, there is also the alternative of buying the beard oil for those users who do not want to go through the hassle of making their oil. In this regard, I have reviewed some of the best beard oils you can consider for your next beard grooming products shopping. Each review has highlighted some of the important ingredients used to make the oils. I have also indicated the importance of each component of both for your beard and skin.

Therefore, based on these reviews, which of these oils do you find the most suitable for you? Do you have an alternative recipe for making your homemade beard oil?


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