Best Beard Moisturizer for Every Man: Review Of The Top Products


Taking care of your beard may seem like an easy task, but it is not. With many products on the market, it may be hard to select one that will suit you and stick by it. The information written on product packages may not be enough to convince you to get it because it mostly indicates the ingredients and the directions of use.

Beard moisturizer is one of the products that may be challenging to select. There are hundreds of moisturizers available, yet you may end up not getting one for the fear that it may not be suitable for you. My name is Joseph. I’ve been barbering for almost 20 years. As a stylist, I find out about each product and advise my clients on the best ones to use.

I have found it great to share details about the best moisturizers since I have used many of them. If you have been looking for the benefits and limitations of moisturizers, this will be easy for you, as I will outline all these details about the products. How does the best conditioner for beard work? I will answer this question in the reviews below. Follow each assessment and take the time to understand the product before settling on it.

12 Best Beard Moisturizers Reviews

This part will discuss each product. I will include the features, pros, cons, and the results of using the product.

1. Viking Revolution Beard Oil Conditioner – Beard Moisturizer for a Sensitive Skin

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The Viking revolution is a brand that began and grew from a hobby of two bearded friends. Among the favorite attributes of this conditioner is the fact that it has been made purely from natural ingredients. They have even gone a step further to guarantee its natural state.

It is one of the quality beard conditioners you will find that does not have any scent at all. The product has been made of organic ingredients, whereby jojoba oil and argan are the main components. Among the beard grooming products, these are the ingredients commonly known for beard conditioning and moisturizing effect.

The organic components in this conditioner make it suitable for usage by people with sensitive skin. Users who have used the Viking Revolution beard oil conditioner regularly agree that it is effective in eliminating itchiness on your beard. It has also been recommended for usage by those people with beard dandruff. It works so effectively that within a week of usage, there will be noticeable softness and no dandruff on your beard.


  • it is unscented, which makes it suitable for those people that like a scent-free conditioner;
  • the bottle features a dropper cap, which makes the application process efficient;
  • it maintains a reputation of being all-natural, which makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin;
  • ideal for those people seeking to eliminate dandruff and keep r skin softer.


  • some users have complained that it is a bit watery.

2. Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo – Moisturizing Beard Shampoo with Lavender and Eucalyptus

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If you are searching for the real deal in terms of all-natural beard grooming products, Professor Fuzzworthy’s shampoo bar would be your top pick. The shampoo is composed of Kunzea oil, beeswax, and Leatherwood honey as the main ingredients.

I know you are already wondering what these are and where they are sourced from. Here is an interesting fact. These ingredients can only be sourced from the Tasmanian rainforest in Australia. This is a place where this shampoo is made initially. This brand is also unique in the sense that unlike other beard shampoos that come in liquid form, Professor Fuzzworthy’s is a handcrafted one.

The rare organic ingredients come with their benefits too. Kunzea oil is a natural antiseptic, which helps maintain your skin healthy. Those that regularly use this shampoo also love the fact that it helps in eliminating acne and dandruff in your beard.

This is thanks to the combination of Kunzea oil and lavender or eucalyptus. These ingredients play the role of both an antiseptic and an anti-itching agent. By using this shampoo every day for cleaning your beard, you can be assured that it will remain moisturized and nourished.

This is all thanks to the presence of natural oils in this shampoo, such as coconut, olive, and castor. These oils, combined with the leatherwood beeswax and soy wax, ensure that Professor Fuzzworthy’s shampoo can be used as an alternative beard balm vs. wax.


  • it is a unique handcrafted shampoo bar;
  • it utilizes ingredients such as Kunzea oil, lavender, and eucalyptus that are idea natural antiseptics;
  • the use of lavender and eucalyptus gives it that unique woodsy scent;
  • it is an all-natural ingredient shampoo.


  • some customers complain that 115 gm is too small for such a price.

3. Beard Moisturizer for Men by The Rugged Bros – One of The Best Moisturizer for Black Beard

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One thing I love the most about the Rugged Bros brand is how they try to create an individuality with their products. For example, with this moisturizer, you challenge all the set protocols as they try to create a modern-day rugged hero. Therefore, for those looking for a beard moisturizer to associate themselves with, then this brand would be an ideal choice for you.

Several reviews I have read about this product claim that after a week or two of usage, it will repair and nourish your beard and skin. In particular, the Moroccan Argan seed oil used in making this product helps in moisturizing and softening even the most tangled or rugged beards.

It also contains cactus oil as one of its unique ingredients. It helps in repairing your damaged skin while it is also a natural antiseptic. Those that use it every day will tell you that itchiness and dandruff are no longer a major concern for them. This is because the moisturizer contains black seed oil that helps in promoting hair growth and minimizing itchiness.


  • it is affordable;
  • it contains unique cactus oil that is a natural antiseptic;
  • the black seed oil in this moisturizer helps promote your beard growth.


  • customers have complained that this moisturizer pump often fails.

4. Prophet and Tools Premium Beard Balm Butter and Wax – Great Formula for Men Grooming

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As the name suggests, this is among the premium beard balm you will find. The brand claims that it has an excellent reason for placing the product under the premium category. It is regarded as an ideal product for those individuals looking to have a thicker beard.

The brand claims that its combination of natural ingredients helps minimize split ends in your beard. It also stimulates healthier growth. You will also love the fact that this balm is a blend of shampoo and conditioner. This implies that you do not have to worry about washing it after using it.

This combination also ensures that it is a top of the range moisturizer that is effective in softening your beard. This is an effect that can be felt even within the first few days of usage. The company also claims that you will get to enjoy its benefit for as long as twelve hours after application.

Another unique feature with this balm is a natural citrus scent. Most men prefer this fragrance. The scent will disappear within hours after usage.


  • it is an ideal product for promoting beard growth;
  • it has a unique natural citrus scent;
  • it keeps your beard softer and moisturized for longer.


  • it is premium-priced.

5. Grave Before Shave Gentlemen’s Blend – Beard Balm with Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and Beeves Products

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Grave Before Shave is a brand that is greatly known for its innovativeness in making quality beard grooming products. This has made a brand to garner a huge fan base of loyal customers. The ingredients are locally sourced and handcrafted in the country with a view of keeping the quality in check.

One of the unique ingredients in the grave before shave beard balm is aloe vera. Those that are familiar with this product will tell of its significant antiseptic advantages. It is a homemade remedy for several illnesses, including skin conditions.

Therefore, I would highly recommend this balm for those individuals that suffer from acne problems or extreme dryness on their beards. Also, applying it regularly will help eliminate the itchiness and dandruff on your beard.

The product also includes tea tree oil as an ingredient, which is ideal for nourishing your skin. This ingredient is also responsible for its scent that certain men find pleasant. Those that do not love the scent can relax because it will go within a few hours after application.


  • it contains aloe vera as an ingredient, which is an excellent antiseptic;
  • it is affordable;
  • shea butter and beeves products make it ideal for protecting your skin from weather changes that cause dryness.


  • some users hate their smell.

6. Woody’s Beard Balm – Another One of The Best Beard Balm with Grapefruit, Beeswax, and Coconut

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Woody’s brand work is to provide men with the simple grooming products they require for their daily routine. I like the fact that this product is affordable.

The affordable pricing has not stopped this brand from delivering quality results. I can comfortably state that it does not leave you all greasy after use. This implies that you do not have to worry about using it even at night before going to sleep.

Their use of natural beeswax helps in achieving this objective. Further, a combination of this wax and coconut ensures that your beard remains nourished and shiny for long. Moreover, the grapefruit ingredient ensures that you will be left with a cooling effect after applying the balm. So, use it every day and enjoy a perfect result.


  • it is an affordable quality beard balm;
  • it contains grapefruit that improves its scent and offers a cooling effect after use;
  • a mixture of beeswax and coconut helps leave your beard nourished and shiny;
  • it does not leave your beard greasy after use.


  • some users find it too sticky.

7. Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner – Best Beard Balm and Shampoo 2-in-1

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Honest Amish is a brand that does not require much of an introduction. The reputation is mainly based on the production of quality products that beard balm Honest Amish makes from natural ingredients. Among the unique features with this product is that it acts both as a shampoo and a conditioner.

This implies that you do not have to wash it off immediately after application. This works to a good effect as it helps in restoring the natural oils that you lose while cleaning your beard. This is a good thing for you as there will be less breakage and splitting of your beard.

The heavy combination of natural oils ensures that this beard grooming product leaves you with a softer and more nourished beard. Based on other reviews I have read online, routine users of this product argue that it maintains the skin under the beard nourished.

This has helped eliminate the itchiness they previously experienced. Another effect you can expect from this product is its unique scent. It lasts for over half an hour before it evaporates, which is a suitable feature for men who do not like balms with fragrance.


  • the product employs a low-price entry strategy, which makes it very affordable;
  • it can be used both as a balm and shampoo;
  • it has a unique scent.


  • not suitable for individuals with nut allergies.

8. Clubman 2-in-1 Beard Conditioner and Face Moisturizer – Best Beard Conditioner with a Soothing Effect

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One thing I love about this product is that it has effectively tried to differentiate itself. Unlike other beard grooming conditioner, it can be used for both your face and beard. Among the best results obtained from using this product is the soothing effect on your skin.

This makes it a viable option for individuals with sensitive skin. The effect of coconut oil combined with soy protein can be felt by how soft this conditioner makes your beard feel.

The use of panthenol in making this product ensures that it does not block your pores after using the conditioner. This implies that you can enjoy a cooling effect and healthier beard after using it.


  • it works as both a beard conditioner and face moisturizer;
  • it has been fairly priced;
  • it has a soothing effect on your sensitive skin.


  • not every user accepts its scent.

9. King Manes Beard Balm – Best Conditioner and Moisturizer

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King Manes is another innovative brand that is taking the men grooming industry by storm. They certainly seem to be up to the challenge with the introduction of this quality beard balm. For starters, it has an amazing effect on your skin thanks to its combination of several carrier oils.

This is why it is regarded as both a conditioner for your beard and a moisturizer for your face. The lavender and peppermint ingredients help prevent your skin from acne while also soothing sensitive skin.

Another attribute that makes this product popular among men is the long-term effect it has on their beard. The combination of organic products used to make this product helps promote healthier beard growth. This has increased its popularity as a beard thickening balm. The fact that it makes your beard softer within minutes of applications makes it perfect for the best short beard styles.


  • it serves as both a conditioner for your beard and moisturizer for your face;
  • it is effective in thickening your beard;
  • it makes your beard feel softer within minutes of its application.


  • the fact that it is thick makes it hard to get out of the tube.

10. Scotch Porter All Natural Men’s Beard Balm – Beard and Mustache Balm with Natural Ingredients

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This balm is made by Scotch Porter, a company with a mission to enable men to look great. If you love one Scotch Porter product, you may be sure that this balm will not disappoint you.

This balm promises that you will look and feel good. One of the reasons that you will achieve this goal is because it does not have chemicals that will be harsh to your beard.

The manufacturer has ensured that it does not contain artificial colors and other harsh ingredients such as silicons. The company has avoided using a beard balm recipe that may react with your beard and bring out a bad look. It will soften your beard and make it glow.

To achieve the best results, you do not need to use the product daily. The frequency of use in a week depends on your beard. If it is too oily, you may need it fewer times compared to someone with a dry mustache. If you want to look natural, consider this balm.


  • the balm contains only natural ingredients;
  • it does not react with the skin;
  • to use it, you need to massage it onto your beard;
  • it is creamy, hence easy to distribute.


  • it is a premium product, hence costly.

11. Cremo Styling Beard Balm – Beard Balm Cremo with Extracts and Herbs

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If you love mint, you will prefer this Cremo balm. It is made from natural herbs such as mint, lavender, avocado and rosemary extracts. Since all these ingredients are known for leaving a fresh feel, it will not disappoint you. You will be refreshed once you apply it, and this will elevate your confidence throughout the day.

To use it, collect a small dab with your finger, rub it against the other fingers and then massage starting from the roots to the tips. Once all the balm is on your beard, you can comb it softly and style as you want. After using the product, it will restore the shine on your beard and moisturize it to avoid too much drying.

With time, you will notice that your beard will start getting shape. The dry, flaky hairs that were popping out on the sides will no longer be a bother. You may use it daily or weekly, depending on the nature and type of your beard.


  • it has a minty scent;
  • it is made from extracts and herbs, hence it is natural;
  • it moisturizes, shapes, and restores the glow on your beard.


  • it contains beeswax, hence may seem too thick.

12. Bluebeards Original Beard Saver – Get the Best Beard Balm Effects with Avocado Oil and Citrus

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For some people, the decision to choose between beard balm vs. oil is determined by the after-effects. Beard Saver produces Bluebeards, and it is the original product that the company produced immediately after beginning operations. The organization created it to ease itchiness on the beards, and they achieved this using the recipe that contains fresh citrus.

You will enjoy using Bluebeards because it will get rid of all ingrown hair. Therefore, all the stress you used to experience with ingrown will be an issue of the past once you start applying this balm. It also moisturizes and conditions the beard, hence enhancing your look.

The frequency of using the product differs among individuals. Some people may use it daily, while others may prefer to use it three or four times a week. Either way, you will achieve an itch-free beard or mustache upon using this product.


  • it prevents your beard from itching;
  • it gets rid of ingrown;
  • it contains natural ingredients such as avocado oil and citrus.


  • it contains alcohol as an additional ingredient that may not be preferable to everyone.

The Differences among Various Types of Beard Products

The Differences among Various Types of Beard Products

To select an efficient beard moisturizer, you need first to determine and understand the different types that you can get. There are three significant types of beard product, and they include:

Beard oil, as the name suggests, is a liquid oil. You can determine how you apply it by assessing the number of drops to use. Most of the oils have toppers that make it easy to use the product because they help in dropping only the required amount on your palm.

Beard oil may be extracted from herbs such as rosemary, mint, and eucalyptus. Oils play various roles, such as getting rid of itchiness, drying, and inflammations. Some oils may be scented, while others may be unscented because different users have varying needs.

  • Balm

Beard balm is another type of moisturizer that is of solid form. Like any other balm, applying it requires you to scrape a sufficient amount and then rub it gently against the beard. The balm is usually an excellent product for individuals who love being neat. It keeps the beard together and in shape throughout the day.

Therefore, it is very efficient for individuals working in high profile jobs that require you to be in shape all the time. Some balms are made using beeswax or Shea butter that helps to lock the hairs together. Here is the difference between beard oil vs. balm. The oil is more viscous than the balm, and the balm is more efficient in holding the mustache together. Balms may also have ingredients that may react with your skin. Hence, it is important to select one carefully.

  • Conditioner

Conditioners are similar to balms, but they are usually made from beeswax, which is a natural ingredient. The difference between conditioner and balm is that you may need a longer time to massage it onto the beard because of the wax. It has a significant benefit of making the beard stronger in the long term. Conditioners are also easy to absorb.

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Answer These Questions Before Selecting a Conditioner


If you are serious about getting a conditioner for your mustache, you need to know the answers to the following questions.

How to choose a beard moisturizer?

Now that you know the different types of moisturizers, to choose one, you need to determine which type you like the best. If you love beard balm Scotch Porter, then choose it over other brands.

Another way of selecting the best product is to look at the ingredients. If you are allergic to the ingredients in a certain balm, then you certainly cannot go with it.

What is a beard moisturizer, and what does it do?

It is a balm or oil that is used for nourishing your beard. It helps in getting rid of flakes, ingrown, and dry beard. The oil also helps in smoothing the beard hair so that it remains soft and shiny.

It restores its natural glow. There is a vegan beard balm for vegetarian individuals. If you are an office person, the moisturizer keeps your stubble together and in shape.

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How to apply a beard balm and other moisturizers?

The question of how to properly apply beard balm is straightforward. Whether you select a beard oil or conditioner, the process of applying is simple. First, you need to scrape the balm or conditioner from the container. If you are using an oil, pour enough on your hand.

The second step is to rub the moisturizer on your hand while the third one is to massage it on the beard. During the massage, ensure that you do it from the root to the tips, and for the health of your facial hair, you should do this gently until it is all absorbed.

Will beard conditioner or another moisturizer help grow a beard?

Beard conditioner indirectly enables it to grow. It maintains the hairs moisturized so that the hair follicles do not dry up. When moisturized, the hair strands may, in turn, grow due to an enabling environment. It also enables the hair to smoothen, and this may lead to growth as opposed to very hard coarse beard strands.

How to make beard balm at home?

For anyone who does not like store-bought moisturizers, making one is very easy. You need at least two ingredients, with the main one being coconut oil. If you are comfortable using it without scent, then this ingredient alone is sufficient. However, if you would like some scent, you need to mix it with the essential oil of your choice, for example, lavender, rosemary, or mint.

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Getting a beard moisturizer may be a long process if you do not have the right guidance. There are numerous moisturizers that you can get. Some may be oil-free beard moisturizers, while others may be made up only of essential oils.

There are also numerous brands such as Cremo, Woody’s, and Scotch Porter. All these are good, but you need to be sure about the one that you select. For example, is it oil or balm? The two differ in nature because one is liquid while the other is solid. They may also contain different ingredients. Hence, it is important to watch out for the components so that you do not get one that will be harsh to your skin.

Another question that you need to answer is about the benefits the product will offer. Some moisturizers will end itching, while almost all of them will keep your beard from drying.

If you need the stubble to be compact, then a conditioner may be the best to use because they are usually made with beeswax that sticks the strands together. If you like do-it-yourself products, you can make a moisturizer from coconut oil and other essential oils of your liking.

Have you ever made a beard moisturizer at home? How would you compare it to any of the above balms or oils that I have reviewed? Which one would you prefer in the long term?


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