Best Beard Combs & Easy Hair Care Tips For Starters

Best Beard Combs

Over the last years, the trend of clean-shaved skin has been replaced by mustaches and beards in men. Now, it is common and natural for men to care for their look, hair, and beard style, and the popularity of barbershops are at their peak.

After fifteen years of experience in barbering, I’m still in love with all the changes and tendencies we see in men’s beauty. Nowadays, the market provides a fantastic selection of high-quality combs for beards, styling products, and much more. Of course, as a professional, I have learned a lot of new things and approaches of the beard care, and I know that for beginners, it is easy to get confused with the lots of information around.

If you just want to figure out how to take care of your growing beard and what combs to pick for yourself, I’ll try to put the information on the shelves. After this article, I hope that you can easily decide what comb or brush will be the best for your beard.

Top High Quality Beard Combs for Styling Your Look

  1. Kent Handmade Comb Set For Men
  2. Grow Alpha Beard Set
  3. Viking Revolution Wooden Beard Comb
  4. Beardilizer Beard Comb
  5. Airisland Dual Action
  6. Folding Comb By Striking Viking
  7. Kent 82T Handmade Fine Tooth Comb

Below, I have collected some amazing products that I use for work or myself daily. All of these beard combs are time-proven and ensure a well-groomed look, so if you struggle with choosing a beard care kit, take a look at the following brushes.

1. Kent Handmade Comb Set For Men – The Best Beard Comb Kit for the Money

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It is a handmade beard comb set that is polished and cut specifically for beard care. The set includes three combs of different sizes, with the last one being a well-rounded fine-tooth beard comb that will allow you to untangle your facial hair neatly without harming it.

The Kent company has a long history and is recognized among barbers and amateurs around the world. The only thing, these combs are made from plastic, and it’s the only thing that can scare you away from buying this product. However, it is a high-quality beard comb set that will serve you for long.

I can profoundly name these items the best beard straightening comb kit to buy. As there are combs of different sizes, you can carry the smallest one in your pocket. One of the great features of these combs is that their teeth are extremely effective for cleaning facial hair from dust and other particles. This kit can become your indispensable companions in daily life.

Initially, I bought these combs just because of their size difference. While I carry the smallest one in a bag with me, the other two remain in my bathroom. I love Kent products, so I did not doubt the quality of these combs.

They never cling to a beard and do not bring discomfort during combing. The size of the handle of each item allows you to hold it in your hand comfortably and, at the same time, give the beard the shape you want.

The design of the combs is also quite satisfactory, as it is stylish and not too artsy. On the side of the combs, there is a golden emblem with the name of the brand. But over time, it got a bit erased. The only downside I see to this set is that the material used is plastic, but out of all non-wooden brushes, this comb kit can safely be called the best.

I recommend those who don’t like the feeling with wooden combs check out this model. Each brush glides through the hair accurately and allows combing facial hair without missing sections. The smallest tool also can be used for mustaches. If you have thick facial hair, such pocket-size combs are unlikely to comb your beard on the go, so you need to look for wide-tooth and larger options.


  • a compact size;
  • high quality;
  • three brushes of different size for beards and mustaches;
  • allows untangling your facial hair accurately.


  • made of plastic.

2. Grow Alpha Beard Set – The Best Beard Brush And Comb Kit For Beginners

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This beginner’s kit includes two of the most important tools for a bearded man, namely a comb and a brush. Besides, you will get beard scissors for keeping your stubble well-groomed. Although at first glance, it may seem that the items are too small for daily use, but since they are made as travel-size solutions, they are worth the price.

The strong wooden comb won’t cling to the hair and untangles the knots gently. Its bristles are made from wild boar hair and densely located on a wooden brush. This set is completely environmentally-friendly, as the bases of the items are made from bamboo.

Although for brushes, I prefer such materials as sandalwood, cherry wood, or oak, these combs are also quite durable. A plus is that both the comb and the brush have an antistatic effect, and they can smooth and untangle wet beards easily.

Summing up the price, the quality of materials, and the functionality, I would call this set one of the best for beginners. If you need a high-quality beard styling comb for shaping stray hair and keeping your facial hair good-looking anywhere you go, consider these Grow Alpha Beard products.


  • perfect for starters;
  • allows untangling knots gently;
  • the kit consists of a brush, a comb, and scissors;
  • made with eco-materials.


  • the scissors are not of the greatest quality.

3. Viking Revolution Wooden Beard Comb – A Great Wide Tooth Beard Comb

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By purchasing this thin beard comb, you will get a practical item in your beard care set. Its anti-static feature allows you to untangle knots painlessly and do styling pretty fast. This comb is an ideal tool to put in your bag if you often travel or have pretty busy workdays.

This wide tooth beard comb with a nice design allows brushing and styling a beard of any length comfortably. The item comes with a case made of synthetic leather. Thus, thanks to its convenient size, you can always keep the comb near you.

Viking Revolution is known for producing items that combine quality, style, and comfort. The company chooses materials of the highest quality for creating beard care tools. For making this comb, the manufacturer took durable green sandalwood. This particular model is comfortable to use and pleasing to the eye. That’s why I have this tool at my barbershop.

I strongly recommend using this item with some beard oils, as it enhances the results from beard care products significantly. You will fall in love with this tool. After applying some balms or oils, it will become much more pleasant to comb your beard, and your facial hair will get smoother and well-maintained shortly.

If it is your first time growing your beard, and you need some quality beard care items, opt for a wooden comb. The oils that you use for hair care will soften the material, and the sensation of combing will become much more pleasant. Wooden tools are convenient to hold in hands, and the special cover of this model protects your skin from damaging.


  • an antistatic effect;
  • can comb a beard of any length;
  • made of high-quality wood;
  • comes with a leather case for safe transportation.


  • the case wears out pretty quickly.

4. Beardilizer Beard Comb – A High Quality Beard Comb

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Beardilizer Beard Comb is renowned for its quality products and handmade combs. This model is lightweight, small, and effective to use on beards of any length. These qualities make this Beardilizer item a perfect choice if you are looking for the best pocket beard comb.

This tool has teeth made from buffalo horns, and the handle is made of sandalwood. Such a combination of materials can be a great fresh start or reboot of your hair care routine.

This comb has a stylish design that attracts the eye. Although the manufacturer claims that you can comb even a dry beard with this item, it is better to pre-soften your facial hair with some oils and beard balms. The teeth of the brush will allow you to apply any hair care product evenly.

This comb is durable, and it has been serving me for almost three years. Therefore, I can safely recommend it as the best wooden beard comb to anyone looking for a durable tool.


  • made of durable materials;
  • a handmade beard comb;
  • comfortable to use for any beard.


  • a bit pricey.

5. Airisland Dual Action – The Best Stainless Steel Beard Comb

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The size of this comb allows you to carry it with you inside your pocket, and it fits comfortably in any hand. The teeth tips are smooth to the touch, and your skin will love them, as there will be no irritations and redness and only painless combing. If you have curly or fairly dense hair texture, take a closer look at this item.

It is one of the few metal combs on this list and the best one in terms of the price. If, for some reason, wooden combs are not for you, I recommend trying this stainless steel option.

First of all, such a brush will last longer than a wooden one. Secondly, it is of the size of a credit card and can fit in your pocket or wallet easily. Although it is thin, it lies in one’s hand comfortably. However, it is a matter of taste, and you can pick a comb of any thickness to your liking.

Overall, it is a great metal comb for beard enthusiasts. However, if you have pretty thick facial hair, the sharp tooth blades can cling to it. At the same time, this comb is most suitable for taking care of a short beard. In case you have a medium or long beard, the tool may not be the most effective one on the list.


  • can fit into a pocket;
  • has different sizes of teeth for better results;
  • made of durable steel.


  • such sharp tooth blades are not for long beards.

6. Folding Comb By Striking Viking – The Best Wooden Folding Beard Comb

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It is a durable folding comb that will serve you for long, for sure. The shape of this model allows you to fold it in half and carry it in your pocket or bag comfortably.

The teeth are made as smooth and rounded as possible for easy and painless combing of even the thickest beards. The teeth of this comb are also quite wide, and the space between them is like in the usual tool. It allows the comb to untangle any knots easily and makes it suitable for curly or thin hair.

This model is made of sandalwood, and I can say that this material is one of the best for combs, as such tools are durable and serve for years. It is not surprising because Striking Viking products are always of high quality.

This tool is quite comfortable, and the quality of the material ensures its durability. But in comparison with the previous product, this model has a slightly bulky handle and an uncomfortable size, so it takes time to get used to it. In general, it is a good beard care tool, and if you like this form, be sure to try it.


  • durable so that it will serve for years;
  • made from wood;
  • eco-friendly;
  • perfect for thick, curly hair.


  • the handle is a bit bulky.

7. Kent 82T Handmade Fine Tooth Comb – The Best Plastic Beard Styling Comb

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The Kent 82T is a travel-size high-quality beard comb that allows you to care for your appearance and maintain your beard anywhere. The rounded shape of the teeth allows for soft brushing, and this tool is designed to tame stray and tangled hair.

Kent is a respectable brand that uses only durable materials that are guaranteed not to damage hair. This comb is made from high-quality plastic, and that’s why the teeth of this tool are more durable and softer than a standard one.

Kent’s products are loved by many bearded men all over the globe. This particular brush lies in one’s hand pleasantly, and it is foldable and comfortable to carry around. Overall, it does its job pretty well. The only pitfall I’ve noticed so far is that the neck connecting the handle and teeth is quite fragile and can bend over time.


  • made of durable materials;
  • pleasantly feels in a hand;
  • portable.


  • not the most durable option on the list.

Facts You Need to Know Before Making a Purchase

Before settling on a beard comb model, check out the following tips on selecting the right tool for yourself. I have tried to answer some common questions and ruin some myths about beard brushes.

Why can’t you use a conventional comb?

Of course, you can choose any comb for your beard. But if you do not want it to look like a mess and stay well-groomed, you need to opt for a special beard comb made of high-quality materials.

Why won’t any random tool work for this purpose? Cheap bristles tend to be much coarser than your facial hair and more prone to rolling and tangling.

Therefore, conventional combs with weak teeth or small intervals between them will result in an uncomfortable hair care routine.

The best comb for beards should have the following qualities:

  • Durability. You need to choose the right material. It should be a high-quality and durable one, both for the handle/body and bristles/teeth.
  • A large interval between the teeth. For ensuring that your facial hair is not damaged while combed and keeps the necessary shape, it is essential to brush your beard with such a tool.
  • No plastic, if possible. There are a few good brushes made of plastic, and some of them are mentioned in the reviews above. Besides the reviewed models, most of the cheap and low-quality combs are usually made of plastic that can break soon, irritate the skin, and spoil your overall look.

Types of Beard Combs

  • Metal comb

Metal combs are durable and won’t bend or break shortly. They are suitable for long and thick beards. Although some people may say that metal affects hair growth negatively, and the beard can become brittle and electrified because of it, I won’t agree with it. For protecting your beard, use branded combs. They are made specifically for tight and stray hair.

  • Wood comb

Such tools are made from natural wood, such as oak, ash, or cherry. Such a comb will be more gentle to the hair but less durable. Again, it is better to take branded wooden combs. They will last longer and contribute to beard growth.

  • Plastic comb

Plastic combs tend to break quickly, and cheap models are usually made from low-quality materials. Because of it, some irregularities that can damage the hair follicles and skin remain on the teeth. The beard from the use of such tools will become untidy and shapeless quickly. A good comb can help you to deal with even the thickest facial hair, but a plastic one won’t work on a long beard.

What are the best comb materials?


I hope that now you understand that the material of the comb matters and beard combs and hairbrushes are not made with the same materials.

When buying a professional tool, remember that the manufacturer takes into account not only the aesthetic but also the practical side of the product. The most common types of materials used for beard combs are the following:

  • Wood

Wood is an ecological material. The strength, stiffness, and flexibility of a comb depending on the type of wood used. It is not only practical but also always a fashionable option. I love to use wooden combs to take care of my beard, and often advise clients to buy tools made of wood.

Based on the specifics of the particular tree, the manufacturer comes up with a practical form for the comb to ensure brushing and styling a beard is as easy as possible. Besides, beard combs are great for distributing hair care products and styling oils all along with the beard, and wood is the right material for this purpose.

Wood absorbs such solutions easily, and that’s why it is the best beard comb material. The downside is that with wooden combs, you can only style your beard. But for working with razors and blades, this material is not suitable, as you will just ruin an expensive thing.

  • Metal

Durable stainless steel is used to make tools last longer. A comb made of such material will serve for a long time, if not eternity. Of course, such combs are usually more expensive than wooden ones because you always need to pay more for longevity. But this material wins, thanks to its durability. You can both cut and style your facial hair with it. I prefer to use metal tools at work.

  • Plastic

Many barbers don’t take into account plastic tools. Plastic is not a popular material because of its low durability and environmental reasons. Nevertheless, plastic combs can be used for styling and haircuts, but they are quite fragile and can be broken easily. Therefore, choose only the recommended plastic combs.

Three Things to Take Care of When Growing a Beard

Below, you can find my recommendations on how to grow a healthy and good-looking beard. There are three main things to take into account.

Beard Hygiene

beard doesn’t require everyday washing, except for the situations when you have eaten something very tasty and saucy. If it happens, wet your beard carefully, apply a cleaning product, form a foam with massage movements, spread over all beard, and rinse it out.

Special beard cleansers are much gentler than regular shampoos and soaps but don’t be surprised if they don’t leave your beard moisturized after use. The main goal of such cleansers is to make the beard clean.

In general, it is ideal to wash your beard every two or three days. Wax styling and other care products work best on perfectly clean hair.


As soon as your beard grows to a certain length, you will need not only to wash it but also style with a hairdryer. If you think that using a hairdryer is purely a woman’s thing, take expert advice into consideration.

Comb a part of your beard, hold the hair in the position you need, and fix it with warm air. Then, repeat the process with all the other beard parts until it has the desired shape.

If your facial hair is soft and short, you can skip this process. In your case, fixing the beard’s shape with wax or pomade is enough for styling. You can do it once in a while if you don’t need a perfect look every day. Beard styling products do not only help to control stray hair but are indispensable in defining the shape of the beard.

Beard Care Rules

Many beard comb reviews contain contradictive advice due to a lack of information on using the combs for beards properly. All your beard care problems will not evaporate as soon as you buy a comb. Still, you must follow certain beard care rules. Only then, this purchase will be useful. There are several important details that you need to pay attention to to make your beard look well-groomed and stylish.

  • There must be at least two combs in your care kit, namely a brush and a comb.
  • Always wash and moisturize your skin before you begin styling your beard.
  • Do not comb against the hairline. This way, you may injure your hair.
  • Be careful with the chin area, as it is the most sensitive place with many blood vessels are concentrated on it.
  • Balms, oils, and other hair care products are fantastic for beard growth and moisturizing. However, it is always recommended to consult a dermatologist or cosmetologist to find the right products for you.
  • A long beard requires a longer time for maintenance. Note that you will have to spend at least fifteen minutes a day to make the result visible and your beard good-looking.

Final Word on the Best Beard Combs and Brushes

With the trend for beards, it is not surprising that men began to be interested in such tools as combs for mustaches and beards. A beard requires more care than long hair in daily life. At least, you can’t hide it under a hat. Therefore, if you have already started growing a beard, be ready that it will take some time. With the right beard care tools in your arsenal, you will be able to grow a healthy and shiny beard and maintain its shape effortlessly.

What length of beard do you have nowadays? Do you think that growing a beard was easy? What is your experience growing your first mustache? Let me know in the comments.


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