Guide To The Best Beard Combs & Brushes


Besides your clippers, your comb or brush is probably going to be one of the most important tools in your kit. You should comb through your beard just like you comb through your hair in the morning. It will fluff out the bottom of your beard, set all of the hairs going in the same direction, and distribute beard oil and other products from the roots to the ends. Once you start using a classic Kent boar brush, you’ll be hooked. And so, if you are on the search for the best beard combs and/or brushes, look no further!

In fact, I usually tell new beardees that the first beard tool they should have in their arsenal is their beard comb or brush. If you decide to grow a beard, you’ll be using a brush right from day one. You may not need beard oil until a few weeks in, but you’ll definitely need to start training those hair follicles right away.

beard brush vs. comb

In this article, we’ll go through the best beard combs, best beard brushes, and combo packs. Then we’ll discuss the benefits of brushing your beard, and some of the differences between a beard brush and a beard comb.

What to look for in a beard comb or brush

Choosing a beard brush or comb is not rocket science, but it is important to keep a few things in mind before you buy. There is a reason that they are made from the material that they are. Namely to make sure you groom your beard without doing any damage.

With that in mind, here are some things you need to understand before you buy.

Tooth Width

To properly detangle your beard without pulling the hairs, you need a wide tooth beard comb. This is especially true if your beard is longer than a couple of inches. A narrow tooth comb will struggle against the beard and you will risk split ends forming by forcing it.

Split ends aren’t the only risk. You could end up giving yourself bald spots by yanking chunks of hair out if your beard is too tangled and you use teeth that are not wide enough.

Once your beard is detangled with the wide tooth, then you can use a narrow tooth comb to style and shape your beard.

If your beard is shorter than 1.5 inches, you can usually just use a narrow tooth comb since a wide tooth won’t accomplish much on a shorter beard.

In the case of short beards I suggest a beard brush since it will help train your beard to grow the way you want. More on that in a bit though.

Comb Material


The easiest material to use for a good beard comb is wood. The type doesn’t make too much of a difference, but the higher end ones will usually feature a more deluxe wood like olive or something similar.

Just make sure you keep in mind the tooth width as I mentioned in the last section.

Wood will be gentle on your beard and not cause any static electricity.

It’s inexpensive, readily available and sustainable. It’s no surprise that it is the most common material for combs.  You can even find combs made of fragrant wood like sandalwood and cedar to give your beard a fresh, manly scent.


A hard vulcanite or cellulose acetate material makes for a good beard comb, but these are more rare than finding wooden ones. These are more than acceptable as they also won’t damage the hair or cause static electricity.


Any beard comb made of metal will be durable and has the chance to outlive its wooden or rubber counterparts.

Though they won’t damage the hair like a plastic comb, they can cause static electricity. This should be avoided since it will prove difficult to smooth out your beard. Your beard will have a lot of flyaway hairs and look scraggly when you have it charged with static.


Unless you are a vegan, bone is a good choice. It acts just like wood where it doesn’t cause any static and won’t snag your hair.

What’s the difference between wood and bone, then? It’s more about aesthetics than anything. Bone has a throwback look to it that is attractive for some people.

Brush Material

Boar bristle

A beard brush is a bit more straightforward than a comb as it doesn’t matter what the handle is made out of.

The bristles should be made of boars bristle though as it won’t damage the beard like plastic. It also helps to evenly distribute oil or balm to your beard.

There is synthetic boar bristle if you’re concerned about using animal products, but avoid plastic bristles at all costs.

There is a type of agave plant that has fibers very similar to that of a boar bristle that can be used. It is plant based so suitable for vegans.

If you follow halal then you could easily use the agave based bristle brush or even go with bristles from horse bristle if you’re only wish is to avoid a pig based one.

If a beard brush is really cheap in price, it probably has plastic bristles. Spend a few dollars more and get one that will last a while and be good for your beard.

Best Horn Beard Comb

 Breezelike Sheep Horn Comb

Check Out Breezelike Comb on Amazon.comThe Breezelike Sheep Horn Beard Comb is elegant and compact and made from durable, high-quality materials that will last for many years.

The plastic combs you find in your local drugstore may only cost a few dollars each, but they’ll destroy your hair. You’re actually better off not combing it at all than combing it with a cheap plastic comb. Not only do they break easily, but the plastic teeth have sharp edges that snag when you pull them through your beard. It’s likely causing more damage to your beard than good. The best beard combs shouldn’t tear through healthy hair!

On the other hand, horn is a natural material that reduces static and frizz and glides through your hair easily. Its wide teeth will help to easily fluff up a long beard, and the elegant polish will look perfect on any vanity. It’s also small enough to fit easily inside a briefcase or snug inside a pocket if you need to carry it around with you.

When properly cared for these material will last for years. Decades even. They can be easily broken with a long drop against a hard floor, so make sure you handle them properly.

If you need to clean the comb though, be careful not to soak it in hot water. The material will degrade if exposed to water. Instead, wipe it down with a clean cloth then polish it with a bit of olive oil to make it shine.

The size is just right for throwing into a pocket or even taking on the road with you. You can find room for this on any carry on travel bag if you are on vacation or a work trip. Not to mention it fits perfectly into a Dopp bag so you can take it to the gym or anywhere.

Best Beard Comb & Brush Combo for Growing Out Your Beard

 Smooth Viking Brush & Comb Kit

Check Out Viking Kit on

The Smooth Viking Combo kit is the best beard comb and brush set for any men who are looking to grow their beard out but nonetheless like to change up their style from month to month. It’s really a one-size-fits-all kind of kit that’s versatile enough to work for men with beards of all lengths.

The thick boar’s head bristle brush is perfect for shorter beards. Though it doesn’t have a handle, it’s great for taming curls and calming frizzy morning beards. The wooden handle gives the brush a classy finish, and the natural boar’s hair bristles are shorter and softer than most so they won’t scratch or irritate your chin. Some customers complained that the bristles fell out, but this is relatively normal with brushes made of natural hair. It also has a funky smell when it comes out of the package that eventually dissipates which is why it made it to our list of the best beard brushes.

Once your beard gets long enough, you can switch to the comb. The comb is double-sided, so you can comb through your mustache with one side and your beard with another. It can also accommodate men with hair of different textures. If you have thick hair, you can use one side, thin hair the other.

The way it basically will work for you is like this:

When your beard is short, you will want to be brushing it out. Short can be anything an inch or less about. The brush will stimulate the skin and help your facial hair get a boost of nutrients from the increase in blood flow to the root.

You’ll also start training your beard to grow the way you want so you can get a perfect shape later on when it is long.

Your beard comb won’t be able to do any of these things at this point. As your beard grows, though, you’ll need to be using both. Once your beard is over an inch long, then it is time to also start using the comb. This will detangle and fluff up your beard to give it volume.

You’ll still be using the brush to shape it after you’ve used the comb, so for long beards, you really do need both.

Best Beard Comb & Brush Kit for Men With Dry Hair

 Grow A Beard Brush & Comb Set

best beard comb & brush

The Grow a Beard combo set is the best comb and brush combo for men with dry hair because the bristles of the brush are thick and absorbent.

If you’ve been growing your beard for at least 6-7 weeks, the hair is probably about 3/4 of an inch long by now–just long enough to start getting a bit dry and itchy. Your hair does produce natural oils, but once your hair starts getting long, the oils won’t get to the end of the follicle.

Since the bristles of the brush are flexible, they can grab that oil on the individual hairs and move it all over your beard. It is one of the best brushes for oil distribution thanks to the type of bristles and the spacing of them. They are quite dense and closely packed together, but since they can move around and spread out from one another a bit, it can carry the oil well.

If you are looking for a smooth beard, then the density of the bristles plays a part in that as well.

At this stage in your beard-growing, you’ve probably started using a beard oil, but it won’t help you if you don’t distribute it properly. The boar’s bristles in this excellent brush help you spread the beard oil throughout your beard by absorbing a bit of the oil as you brush across your chin. This set of the best beard combs that made it to our is made from bamboo.

While some customers complained that the handle felt a bit fragile, bamboo is sturdy and hygienic. It’s also a very sustainable material to use since it grows just about anywhere and a bamboo tree can be fully mature in a matter of weeks. I like to recommend using sustainable materials whenever possible so I think the handle is a great way to be responsible.

Wood easily absorbs bacteria, and even if you wash the brush, it may still hold onto some of the oils and balms. Bamboo is far cleaner. The beard brush is perfect for training your beard. Beard hairs, unfortunately, don’t always grow in the same direction.

By rubbing the bristles back and forth against your chin, you prevent the hairs from growing solely in one direction. If you start training your beard right from the start, it’ll be much easier to groom it once it gets longer. Lastly, this best beard combs and brushes kit comes in a handy gift box, so it’s perfect for Father’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays.Check Out Grow A Beard on!

Best Beard Comb & Brush for Men Who Love Luxury

 Kent Combs and Brushes

best beard comb

Kent makes, without a doubt, the best beard combs and brushes around. They are hand-crafted with the highest quality materials you can buy, and the craftsmanship shows. G B Kent & Sons Ltd is a British company that has been producing brushes and combs since 1777.

Established by William Kent , the company has grown into one of the most well-known producers of luxury combs and best beard brushes for both men and women. The business passed from father to son for six generations until the last of the Kent boys passed away and the Cosby family took over management.

I know I said you should avoid the use of plastic combs, but these ones are different. The type of plastic is miles away from the kind from a cheap drugstore comb that come in packs of 10 for example.

Those cheap combs have rough edges due to the manufacturing process. You may not see or feel them right away, but they will rip your beard hair to shreds.

This plastic is not poured, but cut and crafted from a single piece of plastic. Then they are polished by hand. This ensures the finish is extremely smooth. Something no machine process can do. This also explains the price. These combs are not cheap.

The larger comb is great for long beards and even your head hair. The fine tooth comb is great when your beard is not so long or at least is not prone to tangles that the teeth will catch on. It also fits well in your pocket so you can keep your beard groomed wherever you are. Finally you get a small mustache comb that will handle your whiskers accurately.

best beard comb

The brush is made from wood and white boar’s hair. Though it takes a little while to break in the brush, the bristles are particularly soft against the skin. As opposed to other boar bristle brushes, the hair rarely falls out, and while the brush is expensive, it can last you 30+ years. While the comb looks like it’s made of plastic, it’s actually made of cellulose acetate, a polymer originally used as a film base in photography.

It’s beautiful sheen and satiny texture make it a far more attractive choice than plastic, and because it’s hand-polished, it won’t snag as you drag it through your beard. Do note, though, that the best beard brushes photos on Amazon are not entirely accurate.

Both the combs and brushes are smaller than they appear in the photos. Because they’re so small though, they’re ideal for travel.Check Out Kent Combs on!Check Out Kent Brushes on!

Beard Comb for Vegans

 Tombstone Beard Brush

beard brush vs comb

The best beard brushes you find available on Amazon are made with boar bristles. Boar’s hair naturally conditions hair and improves its texture, so it’s ideal in terms of quality. However, you cannot get boar’s hair without killing the animal.

Horse hair is obtained from the tail and mane, so cutting it won’t hurt the animal. So, these brushes are not exactly vegan-friendly. You could always buy one of the best beard combs. Since most are made from either wood or cellulose acetate, you wouldn’t have a problem. However, if you have a short beard, chances are you’d prefer one of the best beard brushes, and steer away from the best beard combs.

This Tombstone beard brush is cruelty-free. It was never tested on animals, and the bristles are entirely synthetic. Though it’s not as full and thick as many of the boar’s hair brushes, the bristles are considerably softer against the face. With Tombstone bristles, you can groom your beard knowing in full confidence that animals were never harmed or killed in the process of making the brush.

The density of the bristles is great for those with longer beards. SInce there is space between the groupings. This gives the hair room so the bristles can evenly coat the hair. When the density is high, long beards have trouble getting in between the bristles. So all you are doing is tamping down your hair and not properly distributing the oils.

It also can still get through long beards right down to the skin. Having a long beard shouldn’t stop you from being able to stimulate the face and bring blood to your beard. It is vital to bring fresh, oxygen and nutrient rich blood to your beard to leave it stronger and healthier looking.Check Out Tombstone Brushes on!

Why Comb Out Your Beard?

If you want to groom your beard properly, you need to comb or brush it. People have been using hair brushes and combs for thousands of years. There are even pictures of the Romans and Greeks braiding and styling their hair elaborately with brushes and combs.

So, what’s the big deal?

Here’s why you should start using the best beard combs or brush right away:

1. Improve Volume & Thickness- By combing through your beard a few times, you can improve its volume. A few strokes underneath can make even thin hair look fuller and healthier. The best beard combs though are made out of wood or horn. These will fluff up a beard without tearing through it.

2. Increase Beard Growth- Brushing over the hair on your cheeks increases blood flow to your face therefore stimulating the hair follicles. There’s reason to believe that simply brushing with the best beard brushes can help it grow faster. By giving a boost of fresh blood to the root, you’re bringing vitamins and nutrients to the root of the hair so it will get more of what it needs to grow. Even if your facial hair doesn’t grow faster, it will grow better. Your cuticle inside the follicle will be strengthened so there is less likelihood of it breaking or getting split ends. It will be thicker from the extra moisture trapped inside and have a healthier sheen.

3. Distribute Beard Oil- Beard oil is a beardsman’s best friend, but it won’t be of any use to you though if you don’t distribute the oil throughout the beard. A beard comb or brush can help you spread the oil from the root of the hair to its end.

I’ve repeated it a few times in this article that distributing the oil is important but I haven’t explained why. Let me shed some light on the benefits of oil to your beard. You can read the full article here, but in a nutshell beard oils contain carrier oils and essential oils that all have different properties.

Some will help your skin stay clear of bacteria and prevent acne or the dreaded beardruff. Others will hydrate your follicles and some will even stimulate beard growth for a faster growing, thicker beard.

You can also try a beard balm that will definitely need to be used in conjunction with a brush. A balm is thicker as it contains beeswax so there is no way that you’ll be able to spread it evenly all over your beard with just your hands. Especially if your beard is long and thick.

4. Train Young Beards- It’s fairly common to find beard hair growing in two different directions. Brushing your beard with the best beard combs regularly from when you first start growing it out will help train it to grow in properly. Just don’t forget to clean your brushes regularly.

It’s important to start early on when trying to train your beard to grow a certain way. If you want it shaped nicely and not have it growing out under your chin, then I highly recommend getting a brush as soon as your start seeing some growth. Basically, before the beard is longer than 3\4 of an inch you should be thinking about getting your beard brush.

You’ll need to use it several times per day if you have a particularly stubborn growth pattern.

Using a beard balm will definitely help you in shaping the beard too since it will soften the follicles making them easier to manage.

Boar’s hair bristles will absorb the oils and balms you use on your hair, and they’ll build up if you don’t clean out the bristles. Synthetic hair is somewhat more sanitary and easier to clean out, but regardless of what tool you’re using, you need to make sure you’re taking care of them properly.

What happens if you don’t brush or comb your beard?

The sky will fall! Dogs and cats living together! It will be total chaos!

On a more serious note, I always like to say that if you plan to grow a beard and don’t plan on taking care of it, then you may as well just keep shaving.

You may be blessed with perfect genes and have an awesome looking beard without lifting a finger, but it is highly doubtful.

Most guys have unruly hair growing under the chin around the Adam’s apple and that will need to be brushed often to train it to grow the same direction as the rest of the beard.

As it grows, your body won’t be able to produce enough sebum to coat the beard entirely. Sebum is your natural oil that is supposed to coat your facial hair so it stays hydrated and strong. When it gets over ¾ of an inch or so, your beard needs a beard oil or balm and to distribute it across your whole beard you’ll need a brush.

If you don’t help your beard out with this then expect brittle, dull hairs that are prone to breakage and split ends.

Your beard will feel rough and wiry. It won’t have a healthy shine to it and it will look very fuzzy instead of smooth.

Do your beard a favor and make sure you are doing everything you can to take care of it. Use a beard shampoo a couple of times per week and then add some oil or balm. Brush it when you apply the oils, and even again a few times per day to make sure it is well taken care of.

Now people will notice your beard for all the right reasons!

Which Do You Think Is the Best Beard Comb & Brush?

Have you used any of these best beard combs on our list? Which one will fit your lifestyle? We want to know which one you think is the best beard comb and brush/ combo kit. Give your comments below.


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