Best Beard Brushes for Perfect Look

Best Beard Brushes

Thick well-groomed beard became a trendy accessory for men of the last decade. If you are on your way to growing a fantastic beard, then you probably have some questions on how to make the process faster and more effective. There are plenty of products available today that can speed up the beard-growing and allow you to achieve tangible results faster.

A brush is a fantastic tool that can make miracles to your beard. It’s an indispensable item for creating a proper beard shape, cleaning it, and making other products penetrate better in facial hair and skin for faster growth. It is a number-one thing you have to purchase to have a good-looking beard.

As a professional barber with more than fifteen-year experience in this field, I know how to grow a beard and make it look stunning. If you have decided to grow a healthy and lustrous beard, then picking the best brush is an essential step on your way.

I love sharing my experience with people, so today, I have prepared some useful beard brush reviews to help you to choose the best one. A high-quality item can take care of your beard shape, get rid of stray hair, and promote an amazing overall look. Keep reading to find out about my top seven brushes to consider purchasing.

Seven Best Beard Brushes You Should Try Out

  1. A Beard Brush by ZilberHaar
  2. Seven Potions Beard Brush For Men
  3. Rocky Mountain Barber Company
  4. Peter’s Brush
  5. Kent MC4 Finest Men’s Brush
  6. Tombstone Beard Grooming & Smoothing
  7. Golden Beards Vegetal Bristles

If you wonder what the difference between a comb and a brush is, the answer is quite simple. You need a bristle brush when your beard is not very long. It will allow you to keep your facial hair in a specific shape, distribute hair care products evenly, and get rid of dust.

On the other hand, combs are usually used when the beard is already long, as the primary purpose of the comb is to detangle long facial hair. So, I recommend you to use a comb after 4-5 months of growing your beard.

Those who have shorter beards will find some amazing brushes reviewed below. I recommend checking all the descriptions and considering the pros and cons of each model to choose the right tool for yourself. Also, the information below will help you to understand the science of facial hair taming and note some useful beard care tips.

1. A Beard Brush by ZilberHaar – A Top Rated Beard Brush

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ZilberHaar is a famous German manufacturer of beard care products. It produces some of the top brushes. Each brush is a handmade item manufactured by artisans. The company cares about maintaining the highest quality of products, and you can purchase this top-rated tool without hesitation.

This particular item is made of pear wood that is considered as one of the most durable materials. You can be sure that this brush will serve you for long. The body of the tool is milled from a wholesome block of wood.

The handle is smooth and comfortable to hold in your hand. It is lacquered, so the tool has an amazing soft-to-touch texture, and it looks satisfying.

The bristles are made of natural boar hair, so you can feel its quality and give your beard an outstanding look. Boar hair is pretty tough, and the bristles will keep their look for a long time.

Also, this model has an appropriate bristle density to style your beard perfectly, prevent ingrown hair, and stimulate hair growth. Such bristles will also exfoliate your skin, reduce itchiness, and you will feel even more comfortable.

A brush with boar bristles will make your stubble softer and allow for keeping it neat and tidy. Also, this model is great for distributing beard care products, such as oils and balms, evenly to reinforce the results. Thus, hair care solutions will penetrate better in your skin and stimulate hair growth.

This brush by ZilberHaar is perfect for everyday use, and what I especially like about this model is that it is the most effective one for preventing ingrown hair and keeping the shape of your beard.

It’s worth noting that the price is reasonable for the amazing quality of the materials used. This item is my favorite, so I profoundly recommend you to consider purchasing this model for yourself or as an excellent present.


  • has a comfortable handle;
  • made of natural materials;
  • comes as a reasonable price;
  • bristles are made of boar hair.


  • a small size.

2. Seven Potions Beard Brush For Men – Best Boars Hair Beard Brush

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Seven Potions is an amazing company that produces all the essential products for men’s beauty. The brand offers hair and beard care products, items for shaving, and other tools that can improve your overall look. This particular beard brush is a great tool for keeping your stubble good-looking.

This item promotes healthy and glossy beard growing, tames stray hair well, and makes your look tidier and well-groomed. This Seven Potions brush can become your weapon for reaching the perfect shape of your beard. I have been using this model for quite long, and I can profoundly say that it ensures excellent results.

The bristles of this item are also made with natural boar hair, and the body is made of pearwood. The tool has an oval shape and universal size, so you can use it comfortably. I like that this tool is made of wood so that it will last forever.

Natural boar bristles are the best ones when it comes to taming unruly hair. It is the coolest model with bristles made of boar hair I have used so far. The brush will help you to keep your beard nourished and moisturized as it distributes natural oil from your skin all over the beard.

If you use the tool with additional hair care products, it will enhance the effect, replenish your beard with useful elements, stimulate hair growth, and allow for a healthy and tidy look.

This brush is also a perfect tool for exfoliating your skin, cleaning it from dust, food crumbs, and other impurities. The item has no handle, so it might not be that comfortable to use at first.

But the main advantage of this shape is that you can take this brush everywhere with you to maintain your stunning look. Whether you’re going on vacation or for a business trip, you can take this beard brush with you, and it won’t take much space in your suitcase or bag.


  • an affordable price;
  • bristles from natural boar hair;
  • perfect for taming facial hair and exfoliating the skin.


  • bristles don’t look accurate.

3. Rocky Mountain Barber Company – Facial Hair Brush for Perfect Oil Distribution

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This manufacturer offers a wide range of men’s products. Rocky Mountain Barber Company is a trusted brand that even professional barbers love. The products of this company include skincare and body solutions, such as beard washes and deodorants.

Moreover, you can choose from many options for shaving and beard care, in particular. This amazing brush is worth your attention for its great quality and good results.

No synthetic materials were used for manufacturing this item. It features natural boar hair, and the body is made of natural wood. The shape of this brush will fit in your hand comfortably, and you can take it wherever you go, thanks to the compact design. Natural boar bristles won’t leave scratches on your face, and you will be pleased with firm but gentle strokes of this excellent brush.

This particular model allows you to get control over unruly facial hair and shape and style your beard with no efforts, whether you have a longer or shorter one. You will get the desired style, make your beard softer to touch, and, therefore, easier to tame in the right direction. All dead skin cells will be eliminated, thanks to this brush, and it is fantastic for distributing natural sebum, as well as other care products.

The product will grant you healthier skin and beard, as it removes not only dead skin but also dust and other particles. Thus, it will allow your skin to breathe and soak in all the nourishing elements from balms and oils easily.

A healthier look is guaranteed with regular use of this Rocky Mountain Barber Company brush. Thus, you will feel no more dryness, irritation, scratches, itching, or flaking. By using this tool, you will be able to maintain your appearance on the top, as well as a healthy skin condition.


  • an eye-catching design;
  • bristles from natural boar hair;
  • a wooden base;
  • perfect for taming and untangling even long beards.


  • the print can get washed away soon.

4. Peter’s Brush  – An Affordable Horse Hair Beard Brush

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The brand creates some amazing and, what is also important, cheap beard brushes that can help you to take proper care of a short, medium, and even long beard.

This item is perfect for taming stray facial hair, detangling it, defining the shape, and spreading all the beard care products evenly. It’s everything you may need to keep your appearance tidy, neat, and be a well-groomed man.

The brush has natural horse bristles that allow you to style your beard easily and make it much softer. The manufacturer uses only high-quality materials. Thus, this model is guaranteed to be gentle to your skin and won’t leave scratches on your face.

The bristles will perfectly exfoliate your skin and eliminate all the dead skin cells so that your skin can breathe, and the beard can grow much faster. The handle of this model is made of natural wood for great comfort while in use and the item’s overall durability.

The brush promotes a healthy and shiny facial hair look. I recommend using it after applying beard oils and balms to distribute the solutions and help them to soak in better.

The compact size of this model will fit even in your pocket, but the round shape maybe not as comfortable to hold in your hand as an oval one, for example. However, the product is worth considering, as the quality tool for such a low price is a great bargain.


  • affordable;
  • comfortable to use;
  • bristles from natural horse hair;
  • made of natural wood.


  • the shape of the brush may be not comfortable for some users.

5. Kent MC4 Finest Men’s Brush – A Premium Long-Lasting Soft Beard Brush

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It is one of the most famous British manufacturers of brushes for men, women, and kids. This model is not a cheap boar bristle brush, but the quality of materials and the convenient design will grant you perfect results so that you won’t regret your purchase.

This item can be used not just for your beard but also for hair, so by purchasing the only tool, you will get a high-quality multifunctional brush. Moreover, the item can be used for the hair of all lengths, so it a universal solution for the most needs. The body of this brush is made of natural cherry wood, so it has a smooth lacquered texture you will find comfortable to hold in hands.

The bristles are made with firm natural boar hair, and this feature allows improving blood circulation, stimulating fast hair growth, and preventing ingrown hair. The Kent MC4 is the best tool to keep your beard shiny, moisturized, and naturally conditioned, as it distributes skin sebum throughout the hair length.

Also, the brush perfectly cleans all the dust and crumbs, as well as detangles facial hair. If you use it with oils and balms, you will only enhance the effect, as the products will be spread out evenly, and you will get better and faster results.

It is a travel-size brush, so you can take it with you everywhere to tame stray hair and keep your hair and beard well-groomed in no time. I would recommend this amazing boar bristle beard brush for sure, as I use one by myself daily.


  • comfortable to use;
  • made of high-quality natural materials;
  • has a smooth lacquered surface;
  • perfect for all beard lengths.


  • a pretty high price tag.

6. Tombstone Beard Grooming & Smoothing – A Fine Synthetic Beard Brush

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This renowned American brand creates cruelty-free products for beard care, including this outstanding brush that can become your lifesaver. This model took a decent place on my list for its great design, soft synthetic bristles, and an affordable price. It can be a perfect tool to add to your beard grooming, styling, and softening kit.

Thanks to the soft synthetic bristles, this brush won’t leave scratches on your face, and you will be fully satisfied by the results. The base of this tool is made of natural wood, and it has an oval shape.

Thus, it will be convenient to hold in your hand. You can take it with you on trips and anywhere you always go to look perfect and make your beard look stunning and well-kept.

This Tombstone beard straightener brush is a high-quality tool that works well for exfoliating and eliminating dead skin cells. If your skin is healthy, you can grow a thick and healthy beard easily, too. Stimulation of blood flow will make the process faster, thanks to the regular use of this brush.

Also, you can easily clean the item from dust and other particles. A good idea will be to use this tool after applying oils and balms to help the products get distributed evenly and soak in faster.

The brush is great for taming, styling your beard, and making it grow in the desired direction. What I like about this model is that it is made with no fragrance or parabens.

So, even though bristles are synthetic, the tool is completely safe to use, and it is environment-friendly and wasn’t tested on animals. I recommend choosing this Tombstone beard brush if you have been in search of a quality tool with synthetic bristles.


  • comes at an affordable price;
  • an amazing design;
  • cruelty- and paraben-free;
  • has a convenient shape.


  • not suitable for those preferring natural materials.

7. Golden Beards Vegetal Bristles – A Great Vegan Beard Brush

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The last but not the least on this list is this amazing brush created by a renowned German manufacturer that produces quality beard care products, such as balms, oils, and brushes that fit different preferences. Moreover, this item is completely vegan. So, if you have been looking for a completely natural vegan brush, then this one will be a perfect pick for you. Also, it is handmade.

The bristles of this product are made from plants. They are very soft and won’t scratch but only gently stroke your beard for shaping it. The body of the brush is made of pear wood that has a smooth and soft texture that you will enjoy holding in your hand. It is also lacquered for an even more pleasant feel.

This Golden Beards model can be a perfect gift for someone or even yourself, and its price worth the quality. The handle is very firm, durable, and this brush will serve you for years. Soft bristles will gently eliminate all particles from your beard and ensure an even distribution of all the care products.

By using this brush daily, you will be able to stimulate facial hair growth and get a better-looking, shiny, and healthy beard shortly. You can take this item with you everywhere to comb your beard and tame unruly hairs easily.


  • vegan;
  • affordable;
  • has soft bristles;
  • a smooth wood base.


  • a small size.

Everything You Need to Know About Beard and Mustache Brushes

Here, you can find my answers to the most commonly asked questions I receive from men clientele. Check these tips out to know more about beard brushes, their specifics, and hints on how to use such tools in your everyday routine.

Why do you need a beard brush?

If you want to grow a healthy beard and maintain a tidy look, it is essential to buy a brush and use it regularly. Brushes help to take care of your stubbles effectively and accurately so that you can be sure that your beard looks stunning. Such tools also stimulate fast hair growth and prevent ingrown hair.

A beard brush is used to make your facial hair look neat and allows beard care oils and balms to get distributed evenly, penetrating better into the hair and skin. Moreover, this item will come in handy if you have a long thick beard, as it will help you to stay tidy and get rid of dirt and dust from your facial hair.

The last but not the least useful feature of a beard brush is that it gives you a chance to grow your beard in the desired direction. By using such a tool daily, you will make your facial follicles get used to the direction and grow in the desired way.

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How to pick the best brush for a beard?

In this article, I have provided you with detailed reviews of the beard brushes that I consider one of the best on the market. However, when choosing the best beard brush for yourself, you should consider some aspects before making a purchase.

First of all, there are different handle shapes, such as oval or extended one, and you need to figure out which one will be the most comfortable for holding in your hand. With a perfect grip of the brush, you can control each stroke.

The next important thing to consider is the brush size. If you have stubble, you probably won’t need a big brush. A smaller one will be the optimal and cheaper choice for you. If you have a long beard, choosing a model with large bristles will allow you to take care of your facial hair properly.

Also, you have to settle on the right material. Wooden or bamboo handles are usually more durable, and such a quality brush will last longer. Bristles made of natural hair will work better for your skin.

So, I recommend choosing a model with a natural boar or horsehair. Such a brush will help you to distribute all the beard care products evenly and achieve better results.

What is the best way to comb your beard?

Brushing your beard will help you to define the shape, so it is essential to choose the combing direction you prefer. Keep in mind that brushing a beard upwards will add more volume to it.

The most common way to comb facial hair is to do it from top to bottom and from the center to sides to get rid of stray hair and make your stubble look well-groomed.

How often to use a brush for beard?

I recommended using a beard brush daily. For instance, you can use it while applying oils and balms, or to make the stubble look well-groomed before leaving for work or a night out. However, don’t get carried away and don’t comb your facial hair once an hour.

A beard brush can help you to make your facial hair lie in the desired direction and give it the right shape, but using such a tool more than twice a day can cause split ends, as well as harm your skin and hair follicles. Once or twice a day will be more than enough to clean your beard from dust and crumbs and apply care products.

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How to use a beard and mustache brush with balms and oils?

Oils and balms are amazing additional products that can contribute to a healthy and shiny beard. Such solutions can nourish and moisturize your skin and stubble and, as a result, give you some glossy look.

Besides, it is vital to use balms and oils for softening your beard and reducing itchiness and irritation of your skin. These products usually have a slight and pleasant scent and are best for controlling stray hair.

It is pretty easy to apply beard balms and oils with the help of a beard brush. I recommend applying a few drops of oil or a moderate amount of lotion on your fingers and spread it throughout your beard.

Make sure to rub the product into your skin and hair. Then, use the brush to spread the solution evenly so that it can soak in faster. As a result, you will get a thick, healthy, soft, and shiny stubble.

How to take care of your brush?

It’s simple to take care of such a tool. All you have to do is to always keep the brush dry. Also, from time to time, it’s important to rinse the item with soapy water to get rid of hair oil or beard care balm remains.

Final Thoughts

In this article, I have shared my barber experience to help you to take proper care of your appearance. We all know how important it is to look well-groomed. As the beard is one of our main assets, it is essential to understand how to choose the best beard brushes, how to take care of it, and how to use it with other products.

Above, I have provided you with the list of beard brushes that I would recommend to everyone and that I have used in my life. Each model is worth considering, so make sure to read all the descriptions carefully and consider all the pros and cons to pick the best tool for yourself. Don’t forget to pay extra attention to answers in the FAQ section, as these tips will help your beard to look stunning.

Don’t be afraid of trying different brushes and other products for growing a healthy and shiny beard. The main idea is to find a tool that will perfectly do its job and suit your personal preferences and requirements. Leave your comments below and tell me what brushes or combs have you used before? Did you like them? What brushes from this list would you like to try?


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