Beyond Beard Grooming | Try These Beard Accessories for a Unique Beard!


Ok, so you’ve implemented a beard grooming strategy and are starting to see some really nice results from taking care of your beard.

But, there is always a but, you feel like it is taking too much time and need some beard grooming hacks to get time back on your side.

Using some of the beard accessories I’ll talk about in this article will help you save some time and really improve your beard.

Besides the beard tools, there are also some cool beard accessories that will make your beard stand out. They also make perfect beard gifts, so if you are looking for some beard supplies for the bearded man in your life read on!

Beard Products Recap

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time then you surely have read some of our articles on the proper beard care routine. Which is why your beard is looking so good right now!

Since we’re on the topic of beard accessories, I feel like I should do a short rundown on the must have beard grooming products in case you haven’t already read about them before I get into the details about the beard tools you need to make your life easier.

If you don’t already have these beard supplies for proper beard care then make sure you click through the links to pick some up.

Beard Oil or Balm

For brevity, I will keep both oils and balms in the same section, though each could use their own complete article.

The purpose of either of them is to condition your beard and are essential beard accessories.

This means that you’ll have a softer, stronger and healthier beard when you use a beard oil or balm. Not only that, but your skin benefits from these beard supplies too. In fact, the best way to deal with an itchy beard phase is to use one of these conditioners.

Both of them contain a host of essential oils that all give some nutrients to your skin and hair. And some even will stimulate the skin to improve the blood flow which brings oxygen and even more necessary nutrients to your facial hair follicles.

If you have a beard you really need to be using one or the other. If you aren’t then your beard is surely suffering for it right now and can be improved in a big way after just a few days of use.

To see which one you should be using then check out our article about the difference between beard oil and balm.

Beard Brush or Comb

Yet again, an entire article has been written about using a beard brush and beard comb. But the gist of it is that each has a specific purpose.

A beard brush, and the best are boar bristle brushes, is essential for straightening your beard while also helping to evenly distribute the oil or balm you have applied. It also helps to stimulate the skin to improve circulation and will keep your hair strong. To avoid having split ends that make your beard look frizzy then you need to be brushing your beard every day.

A beard comb also does a great job at helping to evenly distribute the oils to every follicle, but not as well as a brush.

What these beard supplies are very good for is to help keep your beard from getting tangled. If you have a long beard this works better at keeping the tangles from happening than with a brush, but doesn’t distribute the oils as well.

I recommend using both if your beard is long. As far as beard accessories go, you really can’t skip having one of these in your beard supplies kit. No beard is complete without the proper grooming equipment and these beard tools cannot be substituted.

Beard Wash

Keeping your beard clean is very important. It is also very important to not go and use your hair shampoo on your beard. Or, worse, to use your wife or girlfriends shampoo.

Your beard has special needs since facial hair is much different than your head hair.

Use an appropriate beard wash and your beard will thank you for it.

Now, no matter how good your beard shampoo is, it will strip the hair of natural oils, so make sure you always use a beard oil or balm after drying your beard.

Also, you only want to be using the beard wash a couple of times per week. For the rest of the time, just give it a good rinse when you are in the shower.

I wouldn’t put a beard was in the beard accessories category as it is so important. It is one of the most important beard tools you can have.

Take a look at this article to find the best beard wash for you.

Here’s a list of the must have beard tools to save time

Best Beard Guard | Beard Black Beard Shaping & Styling Tool

Best Beard guard

Check it on

One thing that really sucks about having a beard is how long it takes to edge or line it up.

No matter if you’re using a three way mirror, or how steady your hand is, there seems to be no quick and easy way to get an even line.

More often than not, you make it crooked and when trying to fix it, you give yourself a chin strap.

Besides going to the barber every couple of weeks, the best way to do this is to use a bead guide tool.

It takes all of the guesswork out of trimming your beard. Complete with a ruler so you even know how long it is.

What can you do with a beard guide like the one linked to above by Beard Black?

You can get a step cut on the cheeks or a curve cut depending on your style and how your beard grows. It can give you a straight or curved goatee, or a curve or straight cut on the neck line with an easy guide to edge from the side of the ear so you know it looks proportional.

You want to look for one that gives you a lot of different cutting options and is pretty sturdy. The Beard Black also has combs in it so you can do a one handed touch up and not need to switch to a beard comb in the middle of your trim if needed.

This is one of those beard accessories that some guys can’t live without and others don’t see the need. I think it is one of the best beard tools to save time and highly recommend you get one if you are just starting your beard journey.

Best Beard Tool for Keeping Clean | Beard King Bib

Check it on

One of the worst parts about grooming your beard yourself is the clean up after. Those pesky little, wiry hairs get everywhere. And the worst is when you end up getting a hair splinter since you can’t seem to get rid of them!

The best way to deal with this problem is to use a beard bib. It is ideal at catching those stray hairs and taking a ton of time off of your grooming routine. Even if theoretically you could pick up 100% of the hair with the broom or vacuum, it still would be best to have one strictly for the time savings.

Think about it.

You spend time washing your beard, putting in beard oil, then brushing it and trimming it when it is long. Add cleaning up to the equation and you are looking at least 45 minutes to get this done. Now take away 10 minutes by not needing to clean up and you have one of the most essential beard tools there is.

If I had a beard there is no way I would be trimming without one.

It is a very easy to use beard accessories since it just wraps around your neck and then is stuck to the mirror with 2 suctions cups. These beard accessories are so simple and so genius that I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it!

This way there is nothing blocking the mirror so you have total vision of what you are doing. When you are done, just fold it up and then dump the clippings in the trash. It only takes a few seconds to clean up and you won’t be finding stray hairs lying around for the next few weeks.

Best Hygienic Beard Supplies | Disposable Beard Net

Check it on

If you are in the food service business you may be very familiar with the creepy looking beard net.

For most guys that have a beard and work around food, especially if you are a customer facing employee then you probably required to wear one already and don’t need to see this on the list.

But, I think it should be a regular part of every bearded man’s list of beard supplies for around the house.

If you are cooking then you really don’t want your beard hair falling into the pot of chili that everybody is going to be eating, do you?

What if you are brewing some beer? A few stray hairs dropping in could end up spoiling your batch. Especially if you have a skin condition under the beard that may have gotten into your hair. Not to sound gross, but I have seen some sketchy skin under some beards in my time in the barber shop.

Also, if you have dyed your beard this is something you should have on so it doesn’t end up making a mess on your clothes or surroundings.

You may look a bit creepy and feel funny wearing this when you’re not required by an employer, but I think it is a good idea and am trying to start the trend. Let me know what you think by adding a comment in the box at the end of the article. Do you wear one of these? Would you wear one while cooking or doing other chores?

Funny Beard Gifts

Popsockets for Bearded Men

Check it on

If your bearded fella has a good sense of humor he will get a kick out of funny beard gifts that pretend to take his beard a little too seriously!

If he has a phone that he is always dropping then a Popsocket is a good idea. It helps give a good grip on the phone so it is less likely to be dropped and can even be used as a stand for when he wants to watch something on his phone.

Funny Beard Gifts T-shirt | Bearded for Her Pleasure

Check it on

One of the best beard accessories has to be a shirt for a pogonophile.

This Bearded for Her Pleasure beard gift shirt is sure to get a few laughs when he is out and about.

It’s perfect for wearing during the No Shave November or Movember as it is sometimes called. Of course it works as beard gifts for birthdays or special occasions.

Beard Themed Bottle Opener

Check it on

Further proof that you can buy pretty much anything for anybody on Since a bottle opener is important in life, then getting one with a beard theme puts it at the top of the list of essential beard supplies.

You’ll get a lot of use out of it since your beard will have you making enough friends to be hosting some pretty frequent barbecues with beer flows like wine.

Cool Viking Beard Beads

Check it on

My Great Grandpappy used to say that there are two kinds of bearded guys in this world. Vikings and those that want to be.

Flaunt your facial hair with some Celtic style beard beads like the Vikings used to wear. Why not ornament your beard? If it is long enough and it suits your style then these are a great way to individualize your already glorious beard with some unique beard accessories.

There are a lot of different styles to choose from but the ones linked to above are a very popular beard gift on Amazon.

They are made out of a zinc alloy so they are lightweight and won’t feel heavy on your beard. Then they are plated with silver with an antique patina to look vintage.

The designs are classic Celtic in nature.

The opening is 8mm so it can handle a decent bit of beard strung through them. With 5 to an order, I would say that is enough for most beards, even pretty long ones.

If you do order these you’ll also need the threader to easily get your beard through the hole. Otherwise you’re going to have a tough time of it. You can order some like these from which you can use on any size bead you end up with.

Don’t stop with just these beads! You can also get into the Christmas spirit with some small ball ornaments to really make an impression at your work or family Christmas party! Check out these Christmas baubles from Beardaments on to see what I mean.

Final Thoughts on Beard Accessories

Your beard tools kit shouldn’t just include beard grooming products. I think adding some other beard supplies are just as important. Whether it is to save time like with a beard guide or to have some fun like a beard gift t-shirt.

If you are living the beard life then these beard accessories will add some excitement to an already awesome experience from having a beard.

Do you use any beard accessories that are different and unique? I would love to know how you stand out with your beard in a world where having a beard has become so mainstream. Let me know the fun things you do with your beard by adding a comment in the box below!


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