10 Best Baby Jogging Strollers 2023 (Excellent Workout with Baby)


Just because you’re a new parent, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your workouts in. If you like to work your legs while tagging your little one along, then the best baby jogging strollers is an excellent investment to consider. With this piece of equipment, you can take your child with you on the park or the street for a nice walk or jog. It comes with special features that keep your baby safe and comfortable no matter how tough the terrain is.

Check out these top-rated baby jogging strollers that are worth looking into:

Editor Pick Best Baby Jogging Strollers

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BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Jogging Stroller 2016

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If you love the outdoors just as much as you adore your child, then you’ll find the Revolution Flex Duallie baby jogging stroller by BOB a great purchase. This is a versatile stroller that works well whether you use it on the park, a tight area, jogging track, or the city street. It’s a breeze to maneuver the stroller around, yet there are secure locks to keep the wheels stable as you ascend or descend a rough terrain. What’s more, there is a spacious storage system where you can organize some items you want to bring along such as diapers, toys, or other baby gears.

What We Like About it:

We’ve tested this jogging stroller by BOB, and we’re impressed by the stability and maneuverability of the entire unit. There’s also a suspension system that can be adjusted to maintain a smooth and stress-free ride for your child.

Chicco Activ3 Baby Jogging Stroller

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Chic and functional, every single component of this jogging stroller by Chicco works like a charm. It’s perfect for kids 6 months old until they reach 50 pounds in weight. Among the brilliant features of this stroller include the water resistant cover, adjustable five-point harness for safety, full-coverage canopy, and a reclining seat that you can adjust in several positions. For parents’ convenience, there are a few enhancements thrown in such as the parents tray, storage basket, and the front wheel that swivels for quick maneuvering.

What We Like About It:

Everything about this Chicco baby jogging stroller works – the great aesthetics, maneuverable wheels, self-standing fold for easy storage, and the smoothest ride it offers no matter what type of terrain there is.

Adjustable belly bar by Baby Jogger

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When you jog with your baby in a stroller, it’s common for your child to experience some discomfort on the stomach area because of the pushing action you make. This is why a belly bar that is adjustable and padded should do the trick in keeping your precious child comfortable during the trip. If you have a City Classic, City Mini, City Elite, or City Micro, you’ll find no problem using this belly bar.

What We Like About It:

We love to keep our kids safe, comfortable, and happy while outdoors. By using this adjustable belly bar for joggers, your baby will not feel cramped throughout the trip.You can even adjust the bar in one push, depending on your child’s height.

Baby Trend Phantom Expedition Baby Jogger Stroller

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Jogging strollers are not created equal – and the Expedition is a stunning evidence that some brands make a more lasting impression than others. This jogging stroller comes with heavy-duty bicycle tires for stability, as well as a swivel wheel on the front that you can lock into place when on standby. To make sure your child stays in place, there is a five-point safety harness matched with a tether strap. A few other useful accessories include the adjustable canopy, reclining seat, and the easy-fold trigger release that folds the stroller neatly after use.

What We Like About It:

Whenever you feel like going for a jog or a walk, the Expedition baby jogging stroller makes it more fun for you and your child. With a comfy seat, ample storage, compact size for storage, and maneuverable front swivel wheel, your baby’s safe and sound while you are out and about with your little one.

Glider Board by Baby Jogger

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If there’s no room left for your other (older) child in the stroller, then this glider board is just the answer to this problem. You can simply attach this glider board to your stroller’s rear axle, so big sis/bro can hitch a cool ride. It has a non-slip surface to keep your child secure, and you can easily attach this components to the stroller’s rear axle. A word of caution, though – this glider board is not to be used while you’re jogging.

What We Like About It:

Three’s never a crowd with this glider board by Baby Jogger. It extends the stroller to give an extra room for your older kid who wants a ride. Just be sure to stick to the 45-pound weight limit to prevent any accident.

Graco Fast-Action Folding Jogger Click- Connect Baby Stroller

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As the name suggests, this jogging stroller by Graco is easy to fold after use with only a few steps. With just one hand, you can fold the stroller and put it away in the closet or the trunk of your car. It’s also lightweight and maneuverable, which makes it enjoyable to job on any type of surface whether it is on the park or the neighborhood pavement. This stroller also has three air-filled rubber tires for excellent suspension to enhance your child’s comfort.

What We Like About It:

It’s easy to set up and quick to fold, plus the stroller is lightweight at 30 pounds. Even with the minimal weight, you can be sure that it’s sturdy and stable – and there’s a large canopy to shield your baby from harsh elements outdoors.

Thule Urban Baby Stroller Glide Sport

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No matter where you want to jog or walk, the entire experience becomes a comfortable one for you and your child, thanks to the Thule Urban baby jogging stroller. There are security features in this stroller such as the parking and hand brake, as well as the five-point safety harness. Various features add to the functionality of the stroller including the storage compartment, rear suspension, canopy, multi-position handlebar, reclining roomy seat, and aero dual spoke patter.

What We Like About It:

We feel that this baby jogging stroller by Thule will meet just about every parent’s standards when it comes to quality and safety for their kids. It’s portable, folds easily, lightweight, and feature-rich to add to your total satisfaction.

Joovy Zoom Baby Jogging stroller 360 Ultralight

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Who would have thought that a baby jogging stroller could be lightweight and sturdy at the same time? This stroller is as light as it can get at 25.7 pounds, yet never falls short of high-quality features. Made with durable aluminum frame and straight rear axle, this stroller looks good and performs well when put to the test on various terrains. There’s also a canopy and a high-riding seat to give your child a better view of the surroundings.

What We Like About It:

You’ll fall in love with the maneuverability of this stroller that does not make it a chore to push or pull. Additional features include a tire pump, quick-fold and auto-lock component, and parking brake for optimum security.

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Baby Trend Expedition Baby Jogging Stroller in Bubble Gum Style

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There’s something comforting about the fact that your baby stroller uses large and dependable large bicycle tires for maximum sturdiness. As you push your child, just rest your hands on the rubber handle and the entire stroller will get into action. There are also 2 trays – one for the parent and one for the baby. These should add storage spaces other than the easy compact fold. With several positions available for the reclining seat and the spacious canopy for good coverage, your child will instantly fall in love with his or her new ride.

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BOB FLEX baby jogging stroller Revolution

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Making any turns or keeping the stroller in place is never a hassle with the BOB Flex stroller. The front wheel is swivel locker to make it easy for you to maneuver any tight turns. For parents’ convenience, it’s possible to adjust the handlebar in various positions depending on what you want. As an extra bonus – you should only follow the 2-step fold for quick storage and convenient transportation.

What We Like About It:

You can never go wrong with your purchase of this BOB Flex stroller for your baby. The tires are durable, threre is a quick two-step folding process, and the padded handlebar can be adjusted to meet your desired height.

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Baby Jogging Strollers Buyer Guide

When you are a Mom, it becomes very difficult to include exercise in your daily routine. There are so many small and big routine household chores that it becomes impossible to go for a jog or a run as you cannot leave the baby unattended. Baby jogger strollers are a great way to incorporate a jog in your routine as it will help you improve your health you both enjoy a walk in the park. This will not only help you improve your mental and physical well-being but also help you form a healthier bond with your child. Normally jogging stroller is very different from a normal stroller as it is designed to handle shocks and bumps. If you have decided to buy a good baby jogger stroller, we have compiled a baby jogging strollers buyer guide to help you choose the best model out of thousands of models sold the market.

Factors to consider when buying a jogging stroller for your baby:

1) Wheel Mechanisms

Jogger Strollers are three-wheeled strollers. Wheels play an important part in these strollers as they should be sturdy enough for handling the jogging. There are two types of models i.e. fixed swivel front wheel stroller and locking swivel front wheel strollers. Look for locking swivel front wheels as they ensure that the front wheel is locked properly and does not take the stroller in some other direction. A fixed front wheel minimizes your options and it becomes difficult to move the stroller easily in different terrains.

2) Handlebar & wheel tracking mechanisms

An adjustable handlebar allows you to control your motion according to your height and makes it easier for you to control the stroller. You can increase or decrease the handlebar’s height to suit your jogging pattern. A wheel tracking mechanism ensures that the stroller keeps movie straight without any additional pressure or efforts.

3) Suspension

This is the most important aspect of the stroller and makes it safe for you and your baby. A jogging stroller needs a great suspension system to absorb shocks and bumps of the road terrain when you jog and a bad suspension will harm the baby and alter your jogging pattern too. Sudden shocks can irritate the baby and make it a painful experience for him or her. Adjustable suspensions allow you to control the stroller easily and keep the baby protected from jolts which can damage the spine or hurt the head.

4) Seats & canopies

The seat and canopy of the stroller should be checked thoroughly for comfort and maintenance. Look for seats which are padded to provide that extra cushion to your baby. Easy to clean and detachable seats work well and are easy to maintain. Go for canopies which will protect the baby from sunlight in summers as it can cause discomfort. Fabrics which can be wiped clean also work well. Reclining seat and a see-through window on the canopy are two other features you should look out for.

5) Harness

Look for a stroller which comes with a protection harness. A five-point harness keeps the baby in the right position and reduces the chances of any accident or injury that might result from a fall. Secure the harness tightly before starting your jog so that your baby sleeps or sits peacefully while you jog your way to good health and happiness.

6) Any other special features

Most strollers come with a host of additional features which make them multipurpose and efficient. Slots to keep a water bottle, keys and small knick knacks can be helpful while jogging and reduce chances of misplacing keys etc. Some models also come with snack trays or built-in speakers can be chosen but they are of very little usefulness as you cannot possibly have your baby eat something when you are running. A storage basket beneath the stroller is a thoughtful addition but it can add to the weight of the stroller.

7) Price

Jogging strollers are usually expensive as compared to traditional strollers. Buying a modern model with complex features can be a bad choice as your toddler is only going to sit in the stroller for a year or so. all the required features and justifies its price is a good option to buy.

There are some other tips and tricks you should consider before choosing the right jogging stroller for your baby:

  • 1) One important tip to keep in mind is that you should wait to go jogging with your baby until your baby is more than 8 to 10 months old. Younger babies do not have well-developed neck muscles and a small jolt can cause permanent damage.
  • 2) Jogging strollers have pneumatic rubber tires to reduce stress to both the jogger and the baby but it is important to keep a check on the air in the tires so that you do not have to put extra efforts in pushing the stroller.
  • 3) Buy a model which comes with a safety tether which is a strap attached to the stroller. You can strap this safety tether around your wrist to reduce any chances of the stroller rolling away.
  • 4) A parking brake is an essential feature of all strollers and it should be checked regularly to avoid any mishaps. Engaging the parking brake every time you stop is a mandatory step to keep the stroller stationary.
  • 5) The wheel size of the stroller also matters when you are going for a walk. 12″ or 16″ wheels are good for sidewalks, pavements, and other plain terrains. Bigger wheels are good for rough terrains and off-road jogging.
  • 6) All modern strollers come with folding mechanisms and you should check the folding of the joints before finalizing the model to see if it folds into a compact size for ease of use and storage.

The above features should be considered before selecting the best jogging stroller for starting a jogging routine with your toddler. This Baby Jogging Strollers buyers guide will assist you in choosing the best model out of hundreds of models available in the market. You should get a model which satisfies your budget and requirements. Going for a jog with your child will not only make you healthier but also give a much-needed fresh air to your baby.


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