10 Best Baby High Chairs 2023 (Make Meal Time Fun and Comfortable)

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Make meal time fun and comfortable for your baby by using the right high chair for his or her needs. Aside from the aesthetics, a solid option for a baby high chair is one that has a cushioned seat, adjustable height, security features, and portable. For practical purposes, it also helps to choose a high chair that is easy to clean, with dishwasher-safe and machine-washable components. This way, you don’t have to worry about spending several minutes a day in keeping the chair mess-free and ready for the next meal time.

Here, we give you a rundown of the top-selling baby high chairs in the market today. Find out the features of each and take your pick from the list below.

Editor Pick Best Baby High Chairs

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Summer Infant Tan Portable Deluxe Booster Seat

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Add some color to your dining area with this vibrant high chair that your baby will fall in love with. It comes with a machine-washable smooth cover, three-point safety straps, and a tray that’s safe to clean in the dishwasher. When not in use, you can simply fold the chair and store it in the closet or the trunk of your car. Perfect for kids up to 33 pounds in weight, this is an excellent addition to your baby’s necessities.

What We Like About It:

Convenience is everything when it comes to baby items. With the foldable, safety, and lightweight features of this high chair, it’s impossible not to put it in our wish list.

BABYBJORN White High Chair

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If your baby’s happy during feeding time, then it’s a breeze to get him or her to finish up what’s on the plate. This high chair by BabyBjorn makes it possible to give your child a great mealtime experience as it’s a comfortable, safe, roomy, and supportive. The backrest has a curved design to fully support your child’s body while ensuring comfort at the same time. No debris gets caught on the table because of the curved design, plus you can simply remove it for a more thorough cleanup.

What We Like About It:

Roomy, yet snug enough to keep your baby seated in a comfortable position, this high chair by BabyBjorn is a keeper. We also love the ergonomic design of the chair that also prevents spills and messes since food has less chances of falling into your baby’s lap (a common issue with a feeding table pushed too far from the child’s body).

Phil & Ted’s Black “Lobster” Baby Highchair

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Unlike other high chairs, this one by Phil & Ted’s come with a 4-point snug safety restraint system that keeps your child secure while seated. The straps have comfortable pads that prevent your baby from wiggling out of the seat, yet without a tight grip on the body. There’s also a dishwasher-safe food tray that attaches to the seat, along with a machine-washable fabric for the seat.

What We Like About It:

Assembly is a breeze with this high chair, and it’s also quick to fold and store it when not in use. What’s more, the frame comes in a brushed stainless steel material that’s durable and easy on the eyes at the same time.

Ciao Baby Portable Travel Highchair

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Always on the go? Then, this baby high chair is your best bet. It comes in one piece to spare you from a lengthy assembly time, and there’s also a carrying bag to keep the chair neat and dust-free. Just a little reminder – this high chair has just one belt that fits your baby’s lap, unlike the other chairs in this review with a 3- or 4-point safety restraint system. Nevertheless, the biggest selling point of this product is its ultra-lightweight quality (only 8 pounds in weight!), which makes it great for travelling.

What We Like About It:

Whenever you are going on a trip, this travel high chair is perfect to pack up and bring anytime and anywhere. It weighs under 10 pounds, and there’s a handy carrying bag that can hold the folded chair well.

Fisher-Price “Luminosity” Spacesaver Baby High Chair

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If floor space is an issue in the kitchen, you’ll find this space-saving high chair by Fisher-Price an outstanding product for your needs. With its sleek and smart design, you can easily make plenty of room for your other furniture. To make it even better, the seat pad is stain-resistant and machine-washable to keep it clean and hygienic.

What We Like About It:

This chair is a combination of several things – sleek, supportive, and comfortable for your child. Our favorite thing about this chair, though, is you can recline it in three different positions while maintaining the right level or height of the food tray. Very smart!

Cosco Foldable High Chair

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A great high chair that grows with your little one, this foldable high chair offers 3 different positions for the tray to give ample room your child needs. To give parents an easy time in cleaning the chair, the seat pad has a quick-wipe design. Most importantly, the high chair folds neatly for hassle-free storage or for travel purposes.

What We Like About It:

No matter how messy feeding time can get, there’s no fuss or worry in keeping this chair tidy. With a food tray and a seat pad that wipe clean, this chair still looks like brand new even after several years – ready to use by a new addition to the family!

Graco Foldable TableFit Baby High Chair

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We’re impressed by the multiple possibilities this chair offers with 8 different height positions for a customized fit. There’s no more feeding time drama that’s high chair-related because of the ultimate comfort that this baby furniture offers. As for parents, they’ll love the easy cleanup features of the chair such as the machine-washable seatpad and dishwasher-safe tray.

What We Like About It:

Comfortable, supportive, and secure, this high chair is a fine investment worth your money It’s also adjustable to give more room for your child as he or she grows.

Graco 4-in-1 Convertible Baby High Chair

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An innovative baby high chair, you can choose 6 height positions and adjust the recline level according to what your child prefers. This product can serve as a toddler booster seat, baby high chair, or a comfy chair for your preschooler. For added comfort, there’s an adjustable footrest and soft cushion for the seat. Lastly, there’s no need to worry because this chair also comes with a 3- and 5-point safety harness that you can convert with ease.

What We Like About It:

Aside from all the comfortable features of this chair, it also comes with wheels for easy transport from one section of your home to another. With so many options for the height and style of the chair, this is the kind of baby product that goes a long way.

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Evenflo Portable and Convertible Baby High Chair

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Convert the chair in different ways to meet your child’s special needs. This is the kind of chair that will stay with your baby as he or she grows, which means value for your money. Just be sure to check the manual for the age and weight requirements to ensure your little one’s comfort and safety.

What We Like About It:

We appreciate the aesthetics and functionality of this high chair for a decent price. Adjusting the height and style of the chair from one way to another is also hassle-free and effortless.

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Ingenuity 3-in-1 Baby High Chair, Ridgedale

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The more options you have for the high chair’s style, the easier it gets to accommodate your little one’s needs and comfort. This baby high chair can be converted into a toddler seat, booster, and full size high chair in just a few simple steps. Cleanup and maintenance are also a breeze, thanks to the easy-wipe table and dishwasher-safe seat and tray.

What We Like About It:

With numerous choices of style on how to use this high chair, babies will experience maximum comfort during mealtimes. Parents will also appreciate the ease in cleaning up the tray and seat in just a matter of seconds.

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Baby High Chair Buyer Guide

Buying a high chair for your baby becomes a necessity once he or she begins to sit properly. A high chair helps your baby to learn to eat properly. If you have a table, you can feed the baby easily while having meals with your family. There are a lot of models available in the market but you need to decide which features you need for your baby. Chairs with advanced features can be a good investment but if your baby does not use most of the features then there is no point buying such expensive models. We have put together a baby high chairs buyer guide to help you make an informed decision among the many models available in the market in terms of functionality and practicality.

What to look for when buying a high chair for your baby:

1) Size

The size of the chair is the most important aspect of any high chair. If space is an issue in your house, try buying a sleek chair which folds comfortably. This will save a lot of space and also make it easy for you to carry the chair anywhere during traveling and outdoor excursions. Some models convert into a toddler chair and table whenever required which is a great feature to use. When your baby is young, use the low chair and ease him or her into a high chair when the baby grows up. Please keep in mind that a chair which has a really small base should not be chosen to save space. These chairs can be wobbly and unstable and pose danger to the baby. Folding chairs should be checked at joints to see if the chair is secure and sturdy when it is unfolded. Chairs with adjustable seat height work for a long time as the baby can use the chair for a few years easily.

2) Height Adjustment & Reclining Feature

If you are looking to invest in a chair that will last for a few years, go for a model which has variable height adjustments to suit the height of the baby. Some models come with up to 7 height adjustments which make the chair a great piece for investment. Seats which recline easily and can be adjusted to support the baby properly should be preferred for back support while eating. Check whether the reclining seat is secured properly and locked when the baby sits to avoid any accidents. Adjustable seat height and footrests are an added advantage.

3) Chair & Seating material

Ensure that the material of the seat is soft and comfortable to the baby. Opt for chairs which have removable bedding which can be cleaned easily in case of spills. Go for some extra padding if you think that the tray is a bit higher for the baby. This ensures that there is no food spillage and other chaos if the baby fails to reach the tray comfortably. Go for a waterproof material if available as it can go a long way without wear and tear due to excessive washes. A wipe-clean material works well too. A removable tray works well for cleaning purposes. Choose from wooden or plastic chairs depending upon your taste and requirement. Wooden chairs are a bit hard to keep clean but they look classy.

4) Price

Choose a chair which suits your budget. There are a lot of advanced models which come at a very high price but most babies do not prefer a high chair after 2 years of age. A model which works for you and your baby is good enough but if you looking for some extra features like a basket for toys underneath the seat and handles around the seat, these features can cost extra. A model which justifies its price in terms of features and size is the best choice.

5) Other advanced features

Some models of high chairs come with a variety of features like harness and safety belts which keep the baby secure. Other advanced features include a model which fits on the table and does not occupy any space on the floor. You will need a deep and sturdy table for such models but they are safe and get secured tightly. These features cost extra or can make the chair bulky. Choose the model after due thought as to what will be helpful for your baby. Try to avoid any chairs which have small toys or learning equipment for the baby as these can pose a choking hazard to the baby if left without adult supervision.

Apart from these main factors, there are some other general shopping tips you need to know before you go shopping for a high chair for your baby:

  • Keep a watch on the baby at all times when he or she is sitting in the high chair as the baby can move a lot causing the chair to topple.
  • Look for a model which has a medium sized tray which fits the chair nicely. The right tray size can keep the baby comfortable and avoid unnecessary strain on the arms of the baby. Secure the baby with the help of harness or safety bar before keeping the food on the tray.
  • A dishwasher safe tray works well as it can be cleaned without any efforts. A wooden tray can be difficult to clean and the food particles can decay within the crevices causing a danger to the health of the baby.
  • Some models also convert into adult chairs for the times you need to make some extra seating arrangements around the table.

So these are some of the factors you need to consider before buying a highchair for your baby. This buyer’s guide will help you to choose the best model from the ones available in the market in terms of price and functionality. Teaching your baby to learn to sit on a high chair goes a long way in developing the body. Buy the one which is easy to maintain and works well for your baby’s needs without being too expensive as most babies are reluctant to sit on a high chair after a couple of years.


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