10 Best Baby Bassinets 2023 (Falling asleep with Good Dream)


Just like any responsible parent, you only want what’s best for your precious one. So, when it comes to buying baby essentials, a bassinet should be a part of your shopping list. After all, you would not risk having your baby sleep on the same bed with you unless it is completely safe for your child. With the best baby bassinet, your precious one can doze off like a little angel through the night, and so will you!

Here, we highlight the top 10 best baby bassinets and the cool features they offer.

Editor Pick Best Baby Bassinets

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Dream on Lacy Convertible Baby Bassinet and Cradle in Pink/White

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Why buy a separate cradle and a bassinet, when you can get both in one package? This 2-in-1 bassinet and cradle by Dream on Me has plenty of sleeping space for your baby. This baby bassinet is equipped with a mattress pad with a decent thickness, although you can always buy a thicker one if this does not suffice. There is a full canopy that keeps pesky bugs away while providing a cozy ambiance for sleeping. Newborns and babies up to 20 pounds are safe to sleep in this bassinet, as long as they cannot roll over or push themselves up unassisted.

Why We Like:

It is a breeze to convert the bassinet into a cradle since there are no complicated tools or techniques necessary to do so. There is also a storage basket included, so you can easily organize your baby’s items such as diapers, a few clothes, and some linens. Quite sturdy and stylish, it is a neat addition to your nursery.

Orion Contours Classique Wood Baby Bassinet

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Elegant, stable, and functional, this 3-in-1 bassinet is a fine investment new parents should make. Featuring a stunning solid wood with dark cherry finish for the frame, it exudes sophistication that will complement any interior design. There is a padded and quilted fabric for the interior, combined with a vinyl-covered mattress. So, when your baby makes a mess, simply remove the washable fitted sheet for an easy clean-up. The spacious storage organizer, diaper stacker, and hanging organizer give you plenty of space for your baby’s essentials.

Why We Like:

The wood frame makes this bassinet very stable and sturdy, so you can be sure it will not fall apart or wobble. The changing table added to it is another plus point since you can attach it on the bassinet without any problem or clip it underneath after use.

Deluxe Baby Sleeper – SwaddleMe By Your Side

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Sometimes, all it takes for your baby to have a restful sleep is the right ambiance and an ultra-comfortable sleeping space. This sleeper lets you have your little one close by while making sure it is completely safe for him or her. With mesh side panels, you can have a clear view of your sleeping child, plus it promotes better air circulation to prevent overheating. What’s more, there is a vibration unit that plays nature and heartbeat sounds, as well as soothing music to pacify your restless baby. Perfect for travel, just fold the metal frame flat and lug it in the trunk of your vehicle.

Why We Like:

The combination of smart features in this sleeper makes it a brilliant solution to babies – and parents – who have been having some trouble sleeping. It is well-ventilated for maintaining the optimal temperature, and you can play nature sounds or activate the vibration unit to let your child snooze the hours away.

Serta iComfort Infant Sleeper, Gray

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A great product that is ready to use right out of the box, the Seta iComfort baby sleeper is spacious, well-ventilated, and convenient to use. There is no assembly necessary to set it up, and you can simply fold it with one hand for storage or travel purposes. If your child is having a hard time sleeping, just activate the special feature that plays nature sounds and lullabies. The side panels are also made of mesh to help you check on your baby without any problem.

Why We Like:

Compared with other sleepers in this review, this product has an extra large design for a wider sleeping space. It even has a quilted cover that you can machine-wash to keep the mess away.

HALO Premiere Series Swivel 360 degree Sleeper Bassinest

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Not enough space on the bed for a sleeper? Then, this sleeper and bassinet with swivel legs is a practical solution let your little one sleep right next to you. It has sturdy legs that can swivel and rotate at 360 degrees for easy customization, and this also prevents any obstruction when you need to get in or out of bed. You can even tuck the base under the bed to keep it out of the way and maximize your floor space. For a peaceful ambiance, just activate the soothing sounds or vibration in this unit, which automatically shut off after 30 minutes.

Why We Like:

The solid and adjustable legs, waterproof mattress pad, rotating base, and the two storage pockets all add up to making this sleeper bassinet an excellent buy for your baby. It lets parents and babies sleep in comfort all night long.

Travel Baby Bassinet by BRICA

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Bedtime does not have to be a challenge for new parents, as long as they have one of these travel bassinets by BRICA. It is a perfect travel sleeper for your child as it nestles your precious one in a comfortable and secure sleep environment. It has a tubular steel frame with double-locking feature for optimum durability and mesh panels for an outstanding ventilation. Since this entire unit is lightweight, you can carry it with you when out on the beach, the park, or elsewhere.

Why We Like:

This bassinet has a carry handle and a slim design that make it portable for travel. It also stays stable once set up, but folds quickly when not in use.

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HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Bassinet – Essentia Series, Honeycomb

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If your room is a bit cramped for a bulky cradle, then this space-saving swivel sleeper bassinet is an outstanding solution. It has a spacious sleeping area for your baby, and you can just swivel it to draw your child closer to your bed. Adjust the base according to your desired height and tuck it under your bed to keep it out of sight or save more floor space. In case your baby makes a mess at any time of the day or night, remove the sheet and wipe the PU mattress pad clean.

Why We Like:

Slim and sleek, this swivel bassinet and sleeper is ideal for smaller bedrooms. You can customize this unit in many ways whether it is to adjust the height, side wall, or to add some functional accessories (the latter, though, is sold separately).

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Kolcraft Cuddle ‘N Care 2-in-1 Bassinet and Incline Sleeper, Emerson

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Some babies have a problem sleeping because of certain reflux or congestion problems. This is why this incline sleeper works for these children because the surface alleviates such conditions. If you think your baby no longer needs the incline attachment, just remove it any time. It is also effortless to facilitate a soothing ambiance for your baby’s bedtime by activating the nature sounds and vibration. Another interesting feature is the mobile with plush toys on the canopy, which keeps your baby entertained and promotes visual stimulation.

Why We Like:

The incline attachment is a brilliant addition to this sleeper as it helps babies feel better when they suffer from reflux or congestion from colds and respiratory issues. There is also a soft glow light included for checking in on your child without disturbing him or her.

Summer Infant-Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet in Espresso Stain by Fox and Friends

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Make sure your baby gets his or her precious sleep all the time with this comfortable and secure bassinet. There is a sheet included, although you may consider buying a pad for a cozier sleeping space. The canopy works great in blocking overhead lighting or shielding your baby from mosquitoes. As extra features to promote quality sleep, there is a music module the allows you to play calming sounds and vibrations when your baby is a little fidgety.

Why We Like:

The wooden frame gives this bassinet a classy appeal while adding to its sturdiness. It is also easy to transport from one location to another because of the built-in sturdy wheels.

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Sweet Beginnings Falling Leaves Baby Bassinet by Delta Children

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Before your bring your baby home from the nursery, be sure to prepare a secure sleeping environment for him or her. This bassinet by Delta has a fitted sheet for maximum comfort during bedtime, along with an adjustable canopy to eliminate glare from bright overhead lights. Made with steel frame and locking casters, this bassinet stays stable while allowing you to wheel it to various areas of your home. When your child is feeling agitated, just play some soothing music or switch the calming nightlight on, which are additional features of this bassinet.

Why We Like:

There is no doubt that the bassinet is as sturdy as it can get with a steel frame, unlike others made of cheap plastic. With other interesting features such as the music module, locking casters, canopy, and storage baskets, this all make this bassinet a must-have in every nursery.

Bassinet Buying Guide

Bassinets are the perfect sleeping companions to your baby but it is important to keep a few things in mind before buying a bassinet as the safety of the baby is of paramount importance. There are many types of cribs available for babies in the market but the cradles and the bassinet make up most of the market as the safety and comfort features of these two types are better than older cribs. The basic difference between a bassinet and a cradle is that the bassinet is a complete baby bed with fabric lining and wheels in some models. A cradle is a simple rocking arrangement which is small in size. These days, bassinets are the most preferred sleeping beds for the baby as they offer a completely secure and sound sleep for the baby. We have put together a Baby Bassinets Buyer Guide for you to make an informed decision among the many options available in the market.

What to look for when buying a bassinet for your baby:

1) Functionality

Your baby’s sleep is important and that is why the best way to choose a bassinet is to check whether it will be useful for the baby. There are various models available in the market which are certified by competent agencies and conform to the highest standards of safety in terms of construction and material used. Check whether the model you are choosing will require a separate hood arrangement, basket, or a small nightlight. All these expenses can add to the cost of the bassinet so choose the model which has inbuilt features to keep the baby calm and provide him or her some restful sleep. Also, make sure that the bedding is not extremely soft or squishy as it can affect the baby’s posture.

2) Safety Features

The safety features of all bassinet models differ from one another so keep a check on which model serves your purpose without compromising on the safety of the child. Some models have many features but lack on some very basic requirements of safety. Look for a bassinet which has a sturdy base and should not have any sharp edges and small objects which can pose a choking hazard for the baby.

Also look for the Juvenile Products Manufacture Association (JPMA) certified products as this agency checks the models exhaustively for any unsafe practices which can harm the baby in the long run. If the bassinet is a folding one, make sure that all the folding mechanisms lock securely to avoid collapsing of the crib.

3) Price

Your baby is going to outgrow the bassinet in a few months so it becomes important to buy a model which justifies the price. Buying a modern complex bassinet which will just be used for four months can be a wrong investment. Go for a little bigger size if you want your baby to sleep in the same bassinet for more duration.

4) Portability

There are many models available in the market which include a detachable basket for carrying the baby around. You can also keep some baby items in the basket when you are holding the baby. The multi-purpose models will save a lot of space and expenses in buying the additional accessories. Bassinets with wheels are a great choice as they help in moving the crib around the room easily.

5) Other added features like light effects and canopy

Most of the bassinets come with a foldable canopy which helps in keeping the baby cool and keep the light away in case you want to keep the room lit when the baby is asleep. Choose a suitable canopy bassinet with a removable canopy to help the baby sleep better. Keep in mind that the material of the canopy should not pose a strangulation hazard to the baby. There are some models which also play light and sound effects for enhancing the night time experience for the baby. Just make sure that the bassinet has soothing and calming light effects which do not stimulate the baby and hamper the sleeping pattern.

Apart from these factors, there are some more general shopping tips you should follow to get the perfect baby bassinet:

  • Do not choose a model which includes strings and cords near the sleeping area as these can strangulate the baby.
  • Choose the model which comes with extensive locking mechanisms for all movable parts like wheels and foldable parts.
  • Go for a lightweight sturdy bassinet which provides enough support to your child.
  • Choose some breathable bedding model as a thick blanket can hamper the breathing pattern of the child.
  • Do not keep your baby in the bassinet when he or she is active as it can prove to be dangerous due to a fall hazard.

So these are some of the factors you should consider while buying a bassinet for your baby. Choose the one which you feel will be the most comfortable and safe for your child.


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