Best Asphalt Crack Fillers: Reviews of Brands Delivering Great Service


Nowadays, technology is developing at an astonishing pace, compelling modernity of unimaginable standards ranging from cars and machines to the building and road construction. We can use amazing technologies for our houses, yards, and driveways to make them sturdy, durable, and visually appealing.

Now imagine you’ve finished constructing your driveway, and months later, you see cracks or potholes. Would you think of rebuilding it from scratch? Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune on giving your driveway a striking new look. All you need is the best asphalt patch.

There are a variety of reasons why driveways crack, with the major one being winter weather. During winter, whenever it snows or rains, the driveway made of asphalt tends to absorb the moisture. The precipitation held in the driveway freezes and then expands, compelling a crack to appear. Other reasons behind the cracking include the overgrowing tree roots system, poor installation, and tool or traffic damages.

Do you know what crack fillers to use to save your driveway from wearing out? With extensive experience in home improvement and renovation, I have decided to compile a list of the best asphalt crack fillers to help you to make an easy choice. Also, below, you can find a helpful guide on purchasing such products.

7 Best Asphalt Crack Fillers: In-Depth Analysis

filled road cracks

Below are asphalt crack filler reviews from a professional perspective, so make sure to check them out to have an insight into why you should acquire one of the products for your driveway. I have highlighted their characteristics, as well as the pros and cons, to allow you to make an easy comparison.

1. FDC Epoxy Mortar Patching System – The Best Asphalt Crack Filler on the Market

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Does your driveway have a blow of cracks? Here is the number one solution to your problem. You can repair your road quickly by using this powerful three-part Epoxy Mortar patching system.

It is an ideal epoxy filler for fixing driveway cracks, holes, as well as any metal, wood, or concrete issues, among others. This solution is made with two extra-strength mixtures of liquid epoxy, having strong bonding capability. This element makes it ten times stronger than an ordinary cement crack filling.

Besides, this product is easy to use. It comes with a detailed manual to give you directions on how to use this FDC filler for your area. Moreover, it is water- and weatherproof, meaning you won’t have to worry about your driveway condition during adverse weather conditions.

This epoxy patching system is a perfect option to use on your driveway cracks up to one inch in thickness. Besides roads, you can also use this FDC solution on anchoring objects, for instance, signs and posts. The epoxy mix is dense and forms a paste that is easy to apply on the required spot.
Once you purchase this FDC epoxy asphalt filling system, you can fix all the cracks and holes on your driveway surface. Its ultra-strength patching formula can withstand even heavy rains and snows, besides the hot sun. What’s more, the feather-edging feature of the mortar allows creating a sleek surface to any patch you make.

The product is made of three components, namely hardener, resin, and aggregate, that make this RDC product a strong patching unit. Thus, you can use this powerful asphalt crack patch to fix your driveway quickly and easily. It is my favorite product when it comes to filling asphalt cracks, and I can guarantee that you won’t regret using it on your driveway.

2. Dalton Enterprises 35099 PLI-STIX – The Best Asphalt Driveway Crack Filler That Offers Great Value

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Are you looking for the best permanent crack filler option on the market today? Dalton Enterprises 35099 PLI-STIX can do a great job. It is made with Latex-ite PLI-STIX 30 that is a well-known reliable bonding material ideal for cracks.

This Dalton Enterprises solution can fill a crack of up to thirty feet in length and one inch in width. What’s more, if this product is used, it forms a sidewall bond on the crack, making the spot discreet shortly.

Besides, it works well for sealing gaps between asphalt and sidewalk concrete. Moreover, if your sealing spot is fifty feet long, you can use a torch or any other similar tool to foster the process of eliminating the crack.

Thus, with the crack filler in place, begin by removing dirt from the spot using a screwdriver. Use a garden hose with a jet on the spot to remove the remaining dirt and let the spot dry for a day. Then, position the asphalt filling material approximately fifteen feet on the place and melt it with the torch in slow-moving motions. Ensure that the melting product sweeps in slowly at approximately one foot at a time.

If you need an effective asphalt crack filler to work on your driveway fast and effectively, this product will serve the purpose just right. The only difficulty is to make sure you melt the solution correctly, but once you do it, you can forget about the cracks on your road for long.

3. Red Devil 0637 Driveway Repair Caulk – Blacktop Crack Filler That Is Easy to Apply

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If you are looking for a cheap alternative solution for your driveway cracks, Red Devil Blacktop will serve this purpose right. It is made in the form of a caulk tube compatible with any caulking gun.

The process of applying the product on the selected spot is simple. All you need to do is to place the tip of the caulking tube on the spot. Then, pull the trigger to shoot the material into the asphalt crack.

The caulk tube is lightweight and comfortable to hold in one hand. Thus, the operator will have an easy time moving around the driveway while applying the material. By creating watertight seals with this Red Devil solution, you can also prevent further cracks on your road.

Therefore, if you need the best crack filler for asphalt driveways that is simple to use, this product is the one to purchase.

As soon as you apply the solution on cracks, it delivers outstanding adhesion and water-resistance. Unlike other asphalts fillers that tend to transfer the heat to the boots of the person applying the solution, this mixture includes acrylic so that you won’t dirty up your shoes.

It is a rubberized asphalt crack filler that acts as an insulator when working in a sunny area or on hot asphalt. Thus, you won’t feel the heat under your boots when working. I profoundly recommend you to purchase this Red Devil asphalt solution if you need the best blacktop crack filler at an affordable cost.

It is a universal product that can be used on any driveway. Even though it’s application is versatile, the solution may be not that effective if you apply it on a spot that experiences fluctuation in temperatures. It may crack inside the crack you are trying to fill.

4. Road Rescue Asphalt Repair – Great Driveway Crack Filler at Affordable Price

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Are potholes becoming a problem on the road you frequently use? This item can put the problem at bay shortly. It is the best solution for fixing roads and driveways you can find for this cost.

You won’t have to wait for long for it to dry on the road so that you can drive on it. You’re you apply the solution on the spot that needs to be filled, it dries in seconds, and the road becomes ready for use.

What I like about this product is that it is easy to use. You don’t need an additional tool to make the asphalt crack repair, as all you need is a piece of Road Rescue solution. It is the best alternative for filling cracks in asphalt driveway.

Begin filling the asphalt crack by sweeping the spot to be filled. Then, fill it with the product and compact the area using a tamper or your car. Once you apply the product on the affected road area, I recommend driving your vehicle over the spot back and forth to compact it. By running your car over the filled crack, you can ensure the longevity of the patch.

This product is made of natural ingredients, meaning it has a different service span compared to other similar products on the market. Once you open the bag, it starts drying. However, that doesn’t affect its effectiveness. What’s more, this Road Rescue product is infused with oil, and when you compact the filled spot, the oils burst and create a strong bond of the material.

Therefore, if you want to get rid of potholes quickly and cheaply, this brand is what you need. It can cover seven square feet with a depth of one inch at once. I find this Road Rescue product reliable when applied during any weather, whether raining or sunny.

5. Aquaphalt 6.0 – Asphalt Patch That Will Last for Long

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Unlike the hot asphalt crack filler options available on the market, this Aquaphalt solution binds cracks on the spots with the help of water. Therefore, it is an eco-friendly asphalt filling solution that reacts with liquids and binds the material without polluting the environment.

What’s more, its application is simple. This item doesn’t disrupt road operations, as it requires no preparation before the application. All you need to do is to fill the asphalt crack with this product and add water. You don’t need to take any additional equipment to fix the road, thanks to the simple applicability of this Aquaphalt solution.

The material is long-lasting, pre-mixed, and contains no toxic solvents. What’s more, it is a one-time fixer that can be applied even in cold and wet weather.

6. Driveway Elastomeric Emulsion Crack Filler – Driveway Crack Repair with a Strong Seal

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Are you concerned with how to fix cracks in asphalt driveway? This product is the answer to your worries. It works differently from other solutions mentioned in this article, being a liquid polymer contrary to the common solids.

This product is retailed in gallons, and that’s enough to fill a spot of any diameter. What’s more, the bottle with the product has a narrow nozzle that allows easy application. You can put the nozzle inside the pothole and tilt the lid to fill the spot.

This Elastomeric Emulsion solution contains rubber polymers, adhesives, and asphalt particles that create a tight seal on the crack. The ingredients were mixed at high temperatures and pressure to ensure that the resulting product comes as a reliable solution for fixing road cracks.

The ingredients made a substance with high adhesive forces and excellent flexibility, an element that preempts water intrusion and further cracking of the spot on the driveway. This product works excellently on areas with cracks with thickness up to two inches. However, I would recommend opting for another solution if the potholes on your road are thicker or extra wide.

7. Asphalt Patch & Pothole Filler – Asphalt Crack Repair with a Longer Storage Life

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Asphalt patch and porthole filler is the last product I want to recommend today. It’s an all-in-one solution that can help you to fix your road quickly and for long. I used this asphalt crack filler a year ago, and the sealed spots are still durable and don’t crack again.

For applying this product, you do need any preparation steps nor additional tools at all. With this filler in place, fixing your driveway cracks and potholes becomes a simple thing. Moreover, you need no prior experience with crack filling to apply this solution to the required spot successfully.

Once you put the product on your driveway, the road will be ready for use in an hour. EcoClean Solutions item is a blend of fast-drying ad flexible limestone, petroleum solvent, quartz, and an asphalt base. It is the element that results in a strong seal and shorter drying time.

From my experience, this product is effective even when it is pretty cold outside. What’s more, you can store the package for a long time, and it won’t decay or harden. Its durability and long storage life are what made this product on this list.

Buyer’s Guide

cracked asphalt repairing

Even though all the asphalt crack fillers serve the same purpose, there are different aspects to consider when purchasing such products for your road. Depending on the potholes and cracks you want to fill, you need to opt for specific solutions that meet your needs.

For instance, some of the products on the list above have a simple one-step application procedure, while others have more complex ones that require the operator to do some extra work. However, the main thing you need to pay your attention to is the longevity of the applied solution.

Also, it is important to buy a crack filler that meets industrial standards. Therefore, before choosing an asphalt filling product, consider the size and depth of the potholes you want to fix. Then, check out whether the selected item matches your budget, the weather conditions around, and if you have the additional tools if needed. If these aspects match your requirements, go for the best driveway crack repair that you find suitable for your driveway.

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The FAQ on Asphalt Crack Fillers

Many people have lots of concerns regarding asphalt crack fillers. Below are some of the commonly asked questions and my answers to them.

Why Do I Need to Fix the Driveway Asphalt Crack?

If you don’t fix a small pothole timely, you’ll end up with large cracks soon that will worsen your driving experience and can be even dangerous to drive through. Instead of spending a fortune on reconstructing the whole driveway, you can use a high-quality asphalt filler to prevent the expansion of the crack.

Like the first time during the driveway construction, a solid foundation was laid, and filler does the same job. It is essential to use durable asphalt crack filler to avoid the retention of water inside the pothole that can make the crack even bigger and deeper so that it will be only harder to fix.

Is It Appropriate to Use Caulk or Epoxy for My Driveway Repair?

While using these products is recommended for minimizing further damage to your driveway, a material purposely made for filling asphalt is a better option. Epoxy solutions proved to be an excellent option for dealing with asphalt potholes. Such products are not only good because of their ability to prevent further cracking, but they will also give your driveway an authentic look.

Once My Driveway Is Repaired, Should I Coat It?

Coating a driveway is not necessary, but it will contribute to the longevity of your seal. However, if you are on a budget, you can just fill the required spot.
Having your driveway sealed will give it an overall good look. What’s more, it will help a lot in slowing down the cracking process. Thus, giving your road an additional coating will make it last longer.

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How Much Asphalt Filler Do I Need?

The amount of the asphalt crack filler needed depends on the pothole you want to repair. I also don’t recommend applying more material than the spot can contain.

How to Heat Up Asphalt Crack Filler?

If you decide on a solution that must be heated to seal, you need to fill the crack with the material first. After placing the filler in the spot, use a propane torch above it for thirty seconds.

Is There a Big Difference Between a Crack Sealing and Crack Filling?

Crack sealing is the process of applying a sealant to asphalt to prevent further water intrusion and, thus, damage. Crack filling, on the other hand, is the process of putting fillers in a crack to prevent water intrusion while ensuring reinforcement on the road.
However, the time that such products take to dry varies, depending on the solutions used. Some crack fillers may take days to dry, while some crack sealers can be driven on right away.

How to Fix Cracks in Asphalt Driveway?

Firstly, clean the area to put the material. You can use a wire brush to remove debris if needed. When the crack is cleaned, put in the asphalt crack filler, and leave it dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

How Long Will an Asphalt Driveway Crack Repair Last?

Depending on the asphalt used for your driveway, the filler may last between twelve and thirty years. Sometimes, it can last even longer. The lifespan, however, depends on factors, such as weather conditions, water, and UV light. For instance, the more the driveway is used, the shorter the lifespan is.

Closing Remark

With this reliable driveway crack filler review, selecting the best product to fix your driveway shouldn’t be a problem. From the list above, you can choose the best option that will meet your requirements.

Ask yourself, do you need a weatherproof solution? How much are you willing to spend on the product? How long would you like it to dry completely? By answering these and some additional questions, you can select the right item for your needs.

My top pick is the FDC Three-Part Epoxy Mortar Patching System. It is an extra-strength mixture that has a strong bonding capability. Moreover, it is easy to use and comes with an elaborate manual to guide you through the process. Also, this product is completely water- and weatherproof, meaning it can withstand adverse weather conditions. However, any of the products reviewed in the article proved to be durable and worth one’s attention.

Have you tried any of the brands mentioned above? If so, what was your experience? Would you recommend it to anyone? Share your experience by leaving a comment below.


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