Beard Balm vs Oil: The Most Important Things You Should Know


Alright, gentlemen! It’s time for a favorite topic of mine: the whole beard balm vs oil debate.

I’ve sported just about any type of beard. From that shy little stubble to a glorious full beard I could lose my utensils in.

Guess what? Yeah. I was pretty dumb with my first efforts in growing a beard. No oil, no balm, no beard care at all…

And I wondered why the hell it itched like crazy. Not to mention my skin was as dry as a Sahara desert patch.

Before, I used this sandalwood oil from It ROCKED! Out of curiosity, I’m currently using organic pure Jojoba oil:

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The reason for that is I’m sporting a medium length beard. My beard is somewhat orderly, so all I need is light daily maintenance and to take care of the skin underneath.

But you’re not me. Your beard might be different.

One thing’s for certain, you’ll need one or the other. That is why you’re here after all, to find out why some guys need beard oil and some need balm.

Beard balm vs oil – so where do we draw the difference?

Using either one will be better than not using anything at all, but they both are used for different reasons. Yes, they are both there to condition your beard, but you need to use the right one based on your beard.

Hint: The general rule is, beard oil is for softening/conditioning, while balm helps with keeping things in shape/providing hold.


Beard oil in a nutshell – when & why to use it

Beard balm summarized – longer beards need it

Beard balm versus oil – usage comparison

But… beard balm or oil – which one do I really need?

How often should I use beard oil?

Additional care: Good to consider

Beard oil in a nutshell – when & why to use it

You should start using beard oil the day you decide to let your beard grow. I’m serious.

(Alright, maybe you need to have a few grown hairs present already, as rubbing it on bare skin would be strange.)

Beard oil isn’t only about that facial hair you want to see blooming. It also takes care of the skin beneath it. Let me tell you a harsh truth: your newborn beard will itch, and it will itch like there’s no tomorrow. Your skin will be dry and patchy. You’ll probably see what beardruff is all about.

Beard oil is your sidekick that soothes all these symptoms. From the very first hairs popping up your face, right until you get a decent, medium length beard: use beard oil.

Once you grow a beard you probably will be suffering from beard envy. Yes, it’s a thing. You see a beard and want yours to look like his. But why is his beard to glorious? Because he is using a beard oil. When you use a high quality beard oil, you are feeding your beard everything it needs to be happy. When your beard is moisturized, the free radicals are dealt with, your pores are unclogged and the hairs thicker, your beard will look unbelievable. Take care of your beard and it will take care of you!

A cheatsheet on beard oil

  • Softens your otherwise bristle facial hair
  • Reduces the darn itch that’s been driving you insane
  • Moisturizes and softens your skin too to prevent any irritations
  • Promotes healthy growth of a gentlemanly, lush beard

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An important note is that beard oil gets “soaked” into your beard faster than beard balm.

It can either come packaged in a full bottle like the Jojoba oil I use…Or you can get it in a more easy to use packaging like the Gentleman’s oil I used before.

Beard oil is made of carrier oils (utility ingredient) and essential oils (fragrance/scent ingredient.) I recommend you to pick a beard oil product that has at least one of these carrier oils:

  • Jojoba: very easily absorbed, less “grease” after application
  • Argan: best carrier oil for your skin, silky effect
  • Coconut: awesome for dry weather, best moisturizing effect. 
  • Sweet almond: for those of you who suffer from inflammation/ingrown hair

Note: Some researches show that Coconut oil is a DHT blocker and negatively impacts beard growth. Keep that in mind!

In terms of fragrances, you can pick whatever tickles your fancy. I love the smell of sandalwood, so I’ve stuck to this for a long time.

Just make sure you’re getting essential oils for your beard, and not pure fragrances. You want natural ingredients, not cheap synthetics that might cause irritation.

So how does beard oil do all of these things? First it penetrates the skin so it starts there. A good beard oil will bring moisture to the skin so it is not dry and itchy.

It will also hydrate the hair from the skin up. When you have beard itch it is also because the follicle is rough and irritates the skin as it grows.

The beard oil will smooth out that follicle and make it softer not only to the touch but also the rough edge won’t irritate the skin as it grows.

Some beard oils also increase blood flow by stimulating the skin. When the blood is coming into greater volume, it brings nutrients and oxygen to the root of the hair. This makes the hair stronger and less likely to become brittle and have split ends.

 Other beard oils I’ve been satisfied with:Shop Beard Oils on

Beard balm summarized – longer beards need it

Once you find yourself having quite the volume of facial hair, it’s time to think about beard balm.

You see, beard balm has beeswax and usually a butter like shea or cocoa to give it more texture than a beard oil. It essentially does the same thing as an oil, but because it is thicker, it can be more evenly distributed to each strand of hair without giving your beard a greasy look.

If you used beard oil, then you may find you have to use a lot to get it all over your beard. You end up wasting most of it and again, can make your beard look oily. Now, there is nothing wrong with using a beard oil on a long beard, you just may have to go through a few different brands before you find one that leaves your beard looking natural and not weighed down.

Unlike oil, balm mainly focuses on your beard.

To be more precise: beard balm helps with making your facial hair more orderly. Giving it a presentable appearance and proper shape so you stay sharp and charming.

After all, you don’t want to look like a caveman (or at least I hope so!)

The thing is, some guys (me included) have awfully wiry beard once it grows to a significant length. And nobody likes an unruly, disheveled beard that looks like something electrocuted you just before you went out.

Now, good beard balm brands will also help with controlling the beard itch. A good beard balm example would be the popular Honest Amish Balm:

Honest Amish is among the best balms for all lengths of beards, shorter too.

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But as I said, the main purpose here is to give your follicles some hold and form.

When your beard is longer it definitely pays to use a balm over an oil. You will need to use so much beard oil to coat all the hair that it will end up giving your beard a greasy look. Not to mention you will be burning through oil like crazy. A beard balm seems like it is heavy since it is sticky with beeswax, but the reality is that it goes on much lighter than beard oil. Rather than a shine from oil, your beard will have a glow to it because it is much healthier than before and getting the nutrients it needs.

A cheatsheet on beard balm

  • Provides hold for better beard styling/shaping
  • Makes your facial hair look a bit thicker/dense
  • Helps with the beard itch
  • Isn’t as shiny as beard oil; more of a matte look

Summed up, jumping on the beard balm ship is a natural progression once your beard enters the medium length stage.

If you have a long beard, skipping on beard balm borders with insanity…Or you just don’t care much about looking neat and stylish.

What happens if you don’t use any balm when you have a long beard? Split ends are the most common problem so your beard always looks frizzy and is unmanageable. You’ll never have a smoothed out beard like you see some guys with.

It will be rough to the touch and always look kind of dried out.

If you decide to brush it out, it just won’t do what you want it to like it has a mind of its own.

When you do use one, your beard will be smooth and flowing. It will have a healthy sheen. And it will feel soft to the touch as well as more easily styled if you wan tto give it some shape.

Similar to beard oils, try to be as natural as possible with your facial hair balm. Good ingredients include:

  • Beeswax: provides the “hold” for the balm
  • Butters: shea, coconut are top of the top
  • Carrier oils: same oils as in the beard oil section
  • Essential oils: again, same as the beard oil section

If you see the term “Petroleum jelly” written somewhere on a beard balm…RUN away! Synthetics are no fun, as I pointed out before. They might irritate your skin and hinder the growth of healthy facial hair.

Beard balm versus oil – usage comparison

The beard balm vs oil usage comparison? Well, it’s ridiculously easy.

No, seriously, there’s no chance of you getting it completely wrong. But there are a few good practices to keep in mind.

Essential rule #1: Always make sure your beard is clean before applying either of the products.

The perfect time is just after a good refreshing shower. Bonus parts for it being hot, as this will soften up your facial hair. It’ll also allow for better oil absorption.

Essential rule #2: Always make sure your beard is dry.

If it’s not, the beard oil will get diluted. The balm might turn into something messier than you wanted it to be.

Essential rule #3: Don’t overdo it.

You need no more than 2-4 drops of beard oil. Rub it so it gets spread evenly in your fingers, then gently rub your fingers on your facial hair.

Bonus points for combing your hair with your fingers or a beard brush while doing so.

Essential rule #4: Give your mustache some love too!

Plenty of people neglect the mustache in favor of the glorious full length beard they aspire to sport. Remember, that upper lip is a pain to have if it’s too unruly or itchy. Take care of that area too!

But… beard balm or oil – which one do I really need?

Yes, if you want a healthy, nice looking beard that will turn the heads of men and women around you.

If you want a frizzy, disheveled pile of facial hair that’s causing your skin some serious issues…you can skip on these products.

For me, it’s unthinkable to NOT use either (or why not both) if you’re in for the long term. Your beard, your skin and you yourself, actually, will be thankful.

Once your beard gets to a certain length, it will end up with split ends if you let it go without using a beard oil or balm. So, that is totally avoidable. Once you have split ends, there is simply no way for that beard to look good. It will look unhealthy and be very hard to maintain.

How often should I use beard oil?

Once daily is enough. Some people will do it every other day.

It really depends on your skin type, beard length, and last but not least – the climate you live in!

I’ve lived in both humid and dry areas. I couldn’t go even one single day without applying some beard oil – my skin would dry out like crazy.

2-4 drops of oil per day are a recipe for healthy growth and follicles ready to give their best to make you a full bearded gentleman. So, beard balm vs oil – who wins? Well I hope you know by now when to best use each of them.

Additional care: Good to consider

Beard balm vs oil comparison and beard balm vs oil usage is a good start, but for a great beard you need to make some additional efforts. The top one would be properly trimming your beard so you don’t look like a (total) caveman. If you don’t do this, not even balm or even wax would be able to help you out. A few tools come in handy when taming your beard and making it look as awesome as it should be. If you’re at a short-to-medium length, consider grabbing a proper hair trimmer. For performance, barber-grade trimmers will provide you with what your stylist would use. Some people prefer convenience – vacuum trimmers reduce post-beard shaping clutter so you don’t need to collect all these fallen hairs. That said, at one point you’ll see trimmers can’t keep up with your beard’s length. This is when you know you need a pair of scissors. They might look like this:

Or you might prefer not-so-flashy designs. In any case, grab a good pair of hair scissors and get to work! For those who like neat designs, over the past year or so I’ve seen quite a few beard shaping tools pop up. Some of them are great, others not so – we’ve done some research on beard templates for your convenience.


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