Best Apps To Keep Your Family Organized In 2023

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We’ve made it through January (and it seemed like it lasted a year), and this is the time where so many of our New Year’s Resolutions fall to the wayside. Instead of focusing on resolutions, let’s take the time to focus on the things that can help improve our lives and make it easier for us year round. As Marie Kondo says, let’s keep the things that spark joy, and get rid of the things that don’t.

Here at Family Living Today, we’ve rounded up some of the best apps that will help keep the joy in your life, and will take away the stress of trying to keep your family in order. With school back in full swing, sports, after school activities, clubs and more, these apps will keep your family in line and the joy in your lives. No more stressing about who can pick so-and-so up from practice, who can watch the little one while you run errands, what meeting falls on which day, what to pack for lunch – these apps have it covered for you! Stress free is the way to be in 2023!


Finding a babysitter that can take care of your little ones while you run errands, work and get things done should be simple and easy. The app improves the lives of families and caregivers by helping them connect in a reliable and easy way by finding and managing quality care for their loved ones. They have over 28.4M users in over 20 different countries worldwide.

2. Habyts

After having so much time off for winter break, your kids might have a hard time getting back on track and staying focused while doing homework. Habyts is a free family habit-building app that regulates screen time, eliminates homework distraction and motivates your kids without having to monitor them 24/7.

3. Cozi

With school in swing, trying to manage multiple lives with multiple schedules and priorities is a tough task. This app is designed to make it easier to manage everyone’s schedules and activities, tracks grocery lists, manages to-do lists, plans ahead for dinner and keeps the whole family on the same page.

4. Kango

Sometimes, drop-off and pick-up can be the most stressful part of school! This CA-based family rideshare and childcare app has been rated the best “Uber For Kids” two years in a row by SF Magazine. It makes it easy to have a background-checked, trustline certified driver/sitter pick the kids up from school or practice, and watch them at home while you’re at work or running errands!

5. ​myHomework

Staying on top of homework and due dates is crucial for every student, no matter the age. The myHomework student planner app can remind you of any important dates and helps organize all of your assignments, exams, and deadlines into one place for easy access to stay on track.

6. Retail Me Not

Shopping for school supplies, lunches, new clothes, etc. can get extremely pricey, all let’s be honest, this is a year round thing. Retail Me Not guarantees you can get the lowest prices by providing coupons and sending alerts about any deals from saved stores.

7. LaLa Lunchbox

LaLa Lunchbox is a fantastic app to create easy and healthy lunches that your kids can be a part of. Kids choose graphics of food to place into the “monster’s” mouth, which then becomes a grocery list for the parents.

8. Family Tracker

No more stressing about where everyone is! This app allows you to track your entire family’s whereabouts. ​The app uses a built-in messaging system, separate from standard text messaging, that allows you to contact family members and receive notifications that they read your messages. You even have the capability to get your kid’s attention by setting the device to “play a loud, annoying siren.


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