American Standard Champion 4 Max: Choose the Best Toilet for Your Bathroom

American Standard Champion 4 Max

If you search for a convenient and reliable toilet that will suit your bathroom design for sure, the American Standard champion 4 max will be a great choice. It has a comfortable size and height. Also, the seat is closing slowly – no more loud noises.

The toilet has an EverClean surface that makes this device highly durable and easy-to-clean. A flush system is made with all innovative features. What is more important – the toilet installation is simple and takes a little time. If you want to know more, here is the American Standard champion 4 max review.

Product specs
Model:American Standard Champion 4 Max
Dimensions:31.125 x 17.375 x 30.25 inches
Comfort height:yes
Item weight:104 lb
Flush type:Gravity Fed, Single Flush
Flush capacity:1.28 gpf
Bowl shape:Elongated
Rough-in:12 inch
Material:Vitreous china
Available colors:White
Certification:ADA Compliant
Warranty:10 years

Detailed American Standard Champion 4 Max

This model is one of the most reliable toilets in the Champion toilets collection. Here you will find the reasons why.


Champion 4 Max Tall Height 2-Piece HET

Most large toilets may use a lot of water and, as a result, will guarantee you a large bill. The design of this model gives you comfortable usage, together with the water savings. It has an elongated bowl. Such a feature makes it more convenient – besides, this construction will fit any bathroom. The container also includes a trip-lever, tank, bowl, seat with cover, wax ring, bolt caps, and speed connect tank-to-bowl coupling kit.

Thanks to the design, the toilet is easy to install. Besides, the manufacturer offers you everything you need for installation. Overall, American Standard has taken into account all the smallest details, so there won’t be any champion 4 max toilet problems.


The material for toilets should be sturdy and easy-to-clean. This model is made of fabric that has a vitreous China. It is an enamel coating that is used for ceramics. Most other products may not include this part. Such a design requires more time to prepare the material, but, as a result, the toilet becomes tighter and shinier.

With the American Standard device, you won’t need to change it every 2-3 years. Thanks to the durable material, the toilet will serve you at least ten years. Also, it has an EverClean surface. This feature allows you to prevent the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mildew, and mold. You don’t need to clean it too frequently. The cleaning will take a little time if you know the steps to cleaning the toilet bowl.

Shape and dimensions

The most comfortable toilet has the height of the chair. An American Standard champion 4 max specs have a 16.5 inches bowl height without the seat. Besides, the seat ring is included. So, you don’t need to spend time searching for additional toilet parts. The width is about seventeen inches. The construction allows setting a toilet in a bathroom with any design – it is made in a minimalistic style that looks great with any other types of equipment.

The toilet has an elongated bowl. It’s a plus because the seat becomes more durable and easy-to-clean. Besides, the usage is much comfortable with the elongated shape. Of course, American Standard also offers the model with a round seat. So, you will find the product you need with this provider for sure.

Flushing technology

I think it’s hard to find a toilet with such an ideal flushing system that champion 4 max has. It consists of a 4 inches piston for an action accelerator flush valve. A one flush takes a few seconds every time. Besides, the toilet is high-efficient because it uses 1.28 GPF that saves a significant water amount.

Champion 4 Max Tall Height 2-Piece

Toilet construction prevents clogs formation. It can easily flush the bucket of golf balls in a single flush – or in other words, it may flush one kilogram of waste at one time. Besides, the device has a PowerWash rim. It rinses the bowl with the pressurized water, making a fast 100 percent flush at the first try.

Extra features

The American Standard champion 4 max toilet is made for the most comfortable usage. It includes an innovative telescoping slow-close lid. The seat doesn’t make a loud noise when closed. Besides, it is much more convenient when the cover completely conceals the seat – such a design will complement most bathrooms.

For the correct flush system working, the toilet has a separate tank and bowl. In addition, the elongated siphon jetted bowl prevents clogs. Such a construction also saves water a lot.

Price range and warranty

Although this model has many innovative features, the price is not the biggest on the market. It varies in the range between two hundred and two hundred forty.

I think it’s an excellent price for such quality. The toilet has a ten years warranty, so you can repair a device or exchange the old one to the same model. However, the seat has only a one-year guarantee.


The best thing is that the American Standard adds all the needed instruments and equipment to install the toilet. You can spend up to an hour for the installation if you follow the instrucчtion correctly. First of all, you should turn off the water supply.

Before removing the previous toilet and installing the new one, you have to flush so that no water is left in the toilet.

After you have taken off the old toilet, you should install the tank. You will use the wax ring for this – be sure to set it tightly, but do not overdo. Then you should install the bowl. Don’t forget to connect the water supply line and turn it on. The lid has separate instructions on how to install a toilet seat.

elongated seat;the flush system prevents clogs;easy-to-install;durable and anti-bacterial surface;convenient design.available only at The Home Depot.


The difference between American Standard champion 4 and champion 4 max is quite big. Those model I have described has separate tank and bowl when the champion 4 is a 1-piece complete toilet. Besides, if we talk about champion 4 max vs champion 4, the efficiency is lower in the first model. But overall, these two products are very similar so that you may consider these two variants.

The American Standard champion pro is more similar to the champion 4 max because it is a 2-pieces toilet. But, it has flush on 1.28 gpf as well as champion 4. This model will fit you if you want to be able to choose from two colors and right-hand or left-hand designs.

Want to see more models from American Standard? Check out my American Standard Optum Vormax and Cadet 3 reviews.

Champion 4 Max – Key Takeaways

Nowadays, there are many toilets offers, but not all of them work correctly. If you want a device that will serve you for long, American Standard champion 4 max elongated is definitely the one you need. It includes all the innovative features. Even the seat closes slowly without disturbing noise – I think it’s a necessary construction part.

There are also other variations, which may be a great option as well – all depends on your preferences. Have you ever used American Standard products? How long did they serve you? Feel free to leave your comments below!


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