Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats? — 5 Reasons


In this living world today, we sure have both sides – cat person and dog person. There is no wrong or right whether you prefer a cat or a dog, it’s all about your preferences. However, most of us, especially men, would prefer having dogs rather than cats. And if you are doubting why people think dogs are better than cats, the following points might be the reasons.

#1 Dogs Can Be Trained Quickly.

It is technically “Yes” that Cat can be trained, but even cat owners themselves admit that it is somehow hard to teach a cat. Dogs, on the other hand, are very talented in communication. They can quickly understand and catch direction and signal and perhaps verbal language. An excellent example of this would be: many dogs got their training in the police department for several purposes against crime and drugs. Unlike cats, I have never seen any cats that can perform these kinds of tasks. I am not saying that we all should train our dogs for this purpose, but at least we can just teach our dogs to perform various tasks for entertainment in our leisure times.

#2 Protection For The Owner

I am not sure about all of you guys, but for me, I have never seen any sign said: “Be Aware of Cats”. All I have seen is “Be Aware of Dogs”. Okay, I am not saying that dogs are a danger to other people, I just want to express that most of the time, a human being usually has dogs, instead of cats, as their protection. For sure, if you are the owner of both cats and dogs, I bet that you will depend on your dog rather than the Cat when it comes to the security of your house. This is very common for pet owners, including me.

#3 Dogs Are Both Indoor And Outdoor Pet

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor environment, dogs never mind about that. Dogs enjoy both of the atmospheres. Dogs hardly care about that. Wherever you are – in or out, dogs will sure to go there and comfort you. Different from dogs, cats seem to be very indoor. Cats don’t like going out much. They enjoy staying inside mostly doing nothing. Maybe there is, but I have never seen someone walk their cats in my neighborhood. So if you consider having a dog for a pet, either indoor or outdoor setting will be excellent!

#4 Dog Has A Superior Long-Term Memory Yet A Bad Short-Term Memory

Dogs tend to remember what you do to them in general for the entire time you spend living with them. Say, you spend your time playing with them, give them food, teach them to do this and that. After that, the connection will tend to grow, and they will likely remember what you did to them as in their long-term memory. On the other hand, they are poor when it comes to short-term memory. Say, you mess up with them like hiding their foods, playing with their tails, or what have you. After that, they tend to forget whatever you have played with them. Then they still act usual as nothing happened, they just don’t have any anger for that.

#5 Dog Is Man’s Best Friend

Last but not least, I bet we all have heard this phrase “Dog is man’s best friend”. And what about a cat? I am really sorry, but to be really honest, I have never heard any phrase that a cat is a man or a woman’s friend. You may create your own quote saying this and that, but this is like a universal truth that, in most scenarios, a dog is always a better pet for us all.

Final Words

To wrap up, it is all about personal preferences. A dog can be a better pet than a cat or vice versa! There is no right or wrong to own one of them or both. But in case if you are sitting on the fence and not really sure which one you want to adopt as your pet, we suggest you go for dogs. Dogs are always fun! They will be surely your best mate if you treat them right!

Having any thoughts or suggestions on the topic? Why not tell us with your comment below on how you think about these two pets! Cats or dogs?


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