4 Ways How to Choose The Best Baby Monitor


Are you looking for baby monitoring?Parenthood is the most sensitive period of life. Anxiety goes on all the time whether your baby is safe when it is out of sight of you. And here a good baby monitor can be your ultimate solution.

Well. But you can be tension free only when you choose the perfect baby monitor. Otherwise any unexpected situation you may have to face.

But nothing to worry if you know the way of choosing the best baby monitor. There are lots of options to navigate here. There is vary chance to fall in tricky. And to avoid this dilemma, you have to know about all the things that you should consider. 

I know it is a little bit difficult. And that’s why, based on deep research and first-hand experience, I have brought up here all the considerable things of choosing the best baby monitor.

Then why late? Grab all the information here and be expert in choosing your baby monitor. 

Choose the best baby monitor: What to look for

There are two things you need to think about before buying a baby monitor.  The first one is why you want to buy a baby monitor and the second one is what services do you want to get from this baby monitor. Ask yourself that do you need to buy a baby monitor?

Maybe your home is small, or there are some available human made resources to continuous look after your baby, in that case buying a baby monitor would be unreasonable for you.

However, if your baby has any health risks or his/her room is a far away from your room, if you need to stay out of your house for a longer time, then you can obviously think about buying a baby monitor. And here for you the must considerable factors in choosing a baby monitor. Let’s have a look.

How to choose the best baby monitor

1. Types of baby monitor:

Not all of the baby monitoring devices in the market are same. They have a different design with a diverse functional ability.  Some of these baby monitors will display your baby’s video on your mobile phone display, while others will use their display monitor.  Again, you can probably use a Wi-Fi network for some baby monitors; on the other hand, some baby monitors use a radio network.

All baby monitors in the market can be placed in three categories.  These are –

  • Audio baby monitor:

Although these are old-fashioned devices, there are still many people who prefer to use this type of equipment.  These audio devices are affordable, also well performed. 

  • Audio-video baby monitor:

Nowadays, these are the top listed baby monitor for their fantastic features.  As both audio and video monitoring facilities are present in this device, so It is gaining popularity day by day.

Suppose you have twins and you have fixed an audio baby monitor in your twins’ room to monitor them. My question is, if one of your twins suddenly starts screaming, how do you know which one is screaming?  That is the reason for which we recommend any parents to choose audio – video baby monitors for a twins room.

In most cases, when one of the twins makes a noise, another wakes up and begins to cry. In spite of this, you can buy an audio-video baby monitor to observe both babies so that you can look after both babies by seeing their face and body accordingly.

  • Health tracking baby monitors:

For any baby with a risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) needs this type of baby monitor. This type of device is new in the market, but they contain some distinctive features. Such as, they can trace the baby’s heart rate and movement, also can count the baby’s oxygen level etc.

These devices are very new and still now going through a research and development stage. So, make sure your device never makes you unnecessarily worried by giving any false alarm.

2. Features of a baby monitor:

  • Night- vision:

Do you want to see crystal clear pictures of your baby even in the dark of night?  In that case, you should buy a baby monitor with night vision facilities. If we list the top ten baby monitors available on the market, we will get the night Vision facility in each of them.  Just place a dim light in your baby’s room. Even with the little view of the dim light, you will able to see the image of your baby very sharply.

  • Voice activation:

Baby Monitoring Devices are the most popular device only for this feature.  This feature will alert you instantly when your baby wakes up. Looking at the video monitor all the time is a lot of troublesome too.  That is why this function is essential and useful.

  • Multiple camera setting:

This feature is very useful if you have twin babies (or more than one baby) and if they have a separate room.  With just one monitor, you’ll be able to look after your kids in different places.

  • Talkback:

Suddenly your baby wakes up, but you are not near your baby.  There is nothing to worry about; with this feature, you can at least inform your baby that you are going to meet him/her very quickly.

  • Lullabies:

If you want to calm down your baby with a song or lullabies, you can play a variety of song and lullabies from your baby monitor. You need only to select the lullabies or songs from your mobile phone or parent unit.

  • Room temperature:

It is an essential feature if your baby is living in such a place where temperature and humidity can vary rapidly at any time.

3. Cost Efficiency:

As far as I know, many people have a misconception about the price of things. Baby monitors, like all other products, have different types and prices.  For example, you can buy audio baby monitors for fifteen to fifty dollars and can buy video baby monitors with fifty to two hundred dollars. Now could you claim, your audio monitor is terrible because the price is low?  Or does the price higher mean your video monitor is better? However, we should all come out of such misconception.

So, the question may be, at what price should I buy a baby monitor?  And how can I get my desired services with my baby monitor?

Sometimes you can’t calculate everything only by the price of it. Like you will never calculate the amount of money for the well-being of your baby.  Whether the money is fifty dollars or two hundred dollars, if you can adequately take care of your baby with a highly-priced baby monitoring device, believe me, its service will only seem important to you compared to its price.

4. Safety and security:

Suppose you have set a baby monitor in your baby’s room, thinking about the security of your baby’s every minute.  But what if the reverse happens? If the safety for which you set the monitoring device is not itself secured? What will happen then?

We all know a little bit about baby monitor device hacking.  The fact is that the common Wi-Fi network that we use on a baby monitor is prone to be hacked.  Hackers hack the network and do horrible things like kid kidnapping.

Wi-Fi monitors are more prone to hacking than radio monitors.

However, ensure the below-listed action to avoid any unwanted hacking of your baby monitor. 

  • At first, please register your device; as a result, you can maintain continuous communication with the manufacturer.  If they find out that their monitors are having vulnerable security problems, after releasing into the market, they may then withdraw the entire batch of those monitors from the market.
  • Never miss the encrypted connection of your baby monitor. If your baby monitor contains a continuous encrypted connection, any hacker will never be able to see any footage details.
  • Let’s the security system of your baby monitor very updated. Shut down and re-open your baby monitors minimum once in a week. It will enable your monitor to grab the updated security. Besides this, its functioning quality will also improve if you restart the machine.
  • After the unboxing of your baby monitor, please settle your device with your email address.
  • Reset the factory password and make it reliable. Never set any four digits ordinary password for your device. Also, try to establish a google alert for your baby monitor. Don’t forget to set the monitor model and registration number with the google alert system.

Besides the hacking-related safety hazard, there is also another type of safety hazard by which baby’s health can face a severe problem.  The radio-magnetic emission from each baby monitor can harm the baby’s developing body and skin. Besides the brain developing problem, this emission can harm to baby’s reproductive system and immune system as well.

If you want to maintain safety from these safety hazards, please try to use any monitor with low frequency.  Also, try to set the baby monitor far from your baby.

Final Verdict:

So many brands in the market, so many offers, so many features – yet you’re wondering how to buy an excellent baby monitor!

Never be confused with so many options.  You fix your budget and short out the features you want.

So, why are you still late?  Go to the market as soon as possible and buy a cute baby monitor for your baby.

Oh yeah, don’t forget about your budget and features! 

Happy baby monitoring.

Thank you.


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