Use These 15 Grooming Tips for Men to Get Yourself Dapper!


I would guess that most men like routines.

It may seem boring, but having routines that you do every day can really streamline your life and really save time.

Having a grooming routine that you do every day is something you may look at as a chore, but I really think it is not as bad as it sounds and will pay huge dividends.

In this article, I am going to lay out 15 grooming tips for men that are easy to maintain and will make you look and feel like a million bucks.

What’s better is that your new found impeccably groomed self will draw a lot of attention. Even if you are usually a wallflower and not looking to stand out, you may find yourself getting a raise at work, getting phone numbers from admirers or even just more smiles in your direction as you go throughout the day.

There’s no reason to look like a slouch with these easy grooming tips to start your morning routine!

Change your mindset

Before you can start any routine it helps to get your mind right. Think about what it is you want to accomplish.

In this case, you want to look well groomed and present yourself in a certain way. It doesn’t matter what style you are going for, be it corporate, hipster, bohemian or sporty. What matters is that you have your grooming habits on point.

Take some time to go through the list presented here for your grooming tips for men and make sure you set aside the time required to stick with it.

Remember, getting groomed doesn’t need to be a chore it just needs to be adhered to.

Tip #1 – Go to the barber regularly

Whatever kind of haircut you have or want, you need to maintain it. This is true whether we are talking about a long or short haircut. You may feel like you can get away with not going to the barber on a regular basis if you have longer hair, but you need those ends cut.

Long hair is susceptible to split ends which can kill your hairstyle no matter how good it looked for a while.

And, if your hair is short, then you shouldn’t wait until it no longer resembles the original hairstyle you left the barbershop with.

Put a reminder on your phone to make an appointment at least once a month to get your hair trimmed up. No need to go crazy with a new do every month, but just to tighten it up and keep it looking fresh.

If you have a fade, then you will need to go more often.

Don’t wait until it starts to look shaggy. If you are only just noticing that you need a fresh cut, then chances are everybody else already noticed.

Besides, if you go on the regular then it’s actually one less thing to stress about since you aren’t going last minute when you’re pressed for time.

And when in doubt, your barber is always ready to give you some grooming tips for men if you ask nicely!

Tip #2 – Use the right hair product

Now that you have your perfect hairstyle, you need to keep it that way. Every hair type needs its own specific product as well as each style. When you are at the barber, make sure you ask him what product he recommends for your hair and style.

For instance, if you have curly hair, but want to push it back you will need some high hold product like a pomade. If you have fine or thin hair and are going for the spiky look, you’ll need a lightweight clay or something similar.

You can take a look at an article I wrote about the best pomade for every hair type for a more information.

Pomade isn’t the only hair product that guys tend to use. I also wrote an article about the best hair wax for guys.

Tip #3 – Keep your hair clean

There is actually a lot to know about how to maintain clean hair that almost warrants an article on its own. But the basics are that you need to use the right shampoo and conditioner to get the most out of your locks.

There are those going for the “No Poo” trend these days in which you don’t wash your hair at all. Which still doesn’t mean letting your hair look greasy and unkempt.

best soap for men

If you opt to wash then do so every other day so you don’t end up drying out your hair and scalp because you’ve stripped the natural oils. And use a good moisturizing shampoo to lock in moisture and leave your hair with a healthy sheen.

You can take a look at this article about professional shampoos the pros use to keep your hair looking clean, healthy and manageable.

Just avoid greasy hair at whatever the cost.

Tip #4 – Keep your hair combed

This doesn’t apply to those guys that have the messy look as you can’t really use a comb or brush to achieve that look.

If you aren’t going for the messy look, then make sure you are using a brush or comb to style your hair. You only need to take a few seconds of your day to get it looking good and well maintained.

Don’t think you can just let it air dry after the shower and be on your way. It will look like you just don’t care and that is not what you want to be going with.

Even if you go for the messy look, it needs to be cultivated so it looks like a style and not just that your hair is out of control.

This could be the most overlooked of the grooming tips for men.

Tip #5 – Find a good cologne

You should have a personal scent when you start putting the whole grooming package together.

In fact you should have several. One for each season since it doesn’t make sense to wear a light, bright scent in the dark days of winter. Likewise, in the summer a heavy, spicy musk won’t work.

Whatever the scent you go for, try to find the kind that fits your personality.

Don’t go for cheap cologne, though. Yes, there are some good smell alike ones that copy the expensive ones well, but in most cases a cheap cologne just smells, well, cheap.

Get yourself two or three decent colognes and wear them when the situation calls for some class.

I wrote an article about some really great old school barbershop scents that you can read all about by clicking the link.

Just don’t wear too much or you kill the effect. If you can still smell it after 30 minutes or so it means you wore too much.

Tip#6 – Get a good deodorant

It doesn’t matter how good your cologne is, it can’t mask body odor. Make sure you are tackling your BO before you go out and spend a fortune on a good cologne.

The thing to keep in mind, though is that you shouldn’t have a deodorant that will conflict with the scent of your cologne. Go for an unscented one or least one that compliments the scent of your cologne.

If you ignore all these other grooming tips for men, make sure you at least wear a good deodorant!

Tip #7 – Take care of your face

Obviously your face is what everybody that you encounter on a daily basis focuses on.

You should definitely have a routine in which you wash, exfoliate and condition your skin to out that best face forward.

Get yourself a good, natural exfoliant and once a week give yourself a good scrub. Try to avoid anything with harsh chemicals that exfoliate and use something natural that uses something like ground walnut shells to scrub away the dead cells.

Removing the dead cells gives your skin a vibrant look and allows for the absorption of face cleanser and lotions.

After you’ve exfoliated, use a good moisturizing lotion to repair your skin and add back some moisture.

Focus on an anti aging cream especially around the eyes.

For the rest of the week when you don’t use an exfoliant, make sure you are using a good face wash. Look for something natural, again because otherwise, you’re exposing your skin to some harsh chemicals that are totally unnecessary. Every morning and every evening give your face a light scrub with the face wash.

Finish it off, again with a good moisturizer.

If you really want to gild the lily, then use a toner to keep your skin tight and fresh. Closing up the pores will give your skin a smooth appearance.

Tip #8 – Use sunscreen

You may want to look like a bronzed Adonis, and yes, tan skin is very attractive, but don’t overdo it.

You know what isn’t attractive? When you look like a leather messenger bag!

And even worse, skin cancer is a real concern.

Wear some sunscreen on your face and try to manage your time in the sun.

Aside from the cancer risk, you will prematurely age your face if you get too much sun.

Even using a light SPF sunscreen like around 20 or so will do the trick.

It may not seem appropriate as another grooming tips for men, but trust me, if your skin is important to your loo, and it should be, then you need to protect it.

Tip #9 – Trim the loose ends

Since we are still focused around the face area, this is a good time to remind you to make sure you are trimming any stray hairs. Get your nose hair under control and don’t forget about your ears and eyebrows.

Nothing looks worse than those hairs poking around. And it would be a shame to have your style looking great and your grooming on point and have it ruined by some stray nose hairs.

Make a point to keep your eyebrows cleaned up. Don’t try to shape them as they will look unnatural. Just clean up the thinner hairs around the edges and any hairs on the bridge of your nose.

Tip #10 – Learn to do a wet shave

One of the most satisfying things in life is learning to do something the old way. And chief among them is to learn to shave like your Granddad did.

Get rid of the disposable cartridge razor and learn the lost art of the wet shave with a straight blade.

You can get a safety razor and make it easy on yourself so you don’t have to figure out how to use a straight edge razor. Either way your shave experience will be something you look forward to.

It does require time, so you need to set aside at least and extra 20 minutes to your routine on the days you do it.

You don’t even have to do it every day. If you do your wet shave once a week you will still get the benefits of a closer shave and improved complexion.

The key is to have a good set with a shaving brush, good shaving soap and bowl to whip it up and a super sharp single blade razor.

It is an involved process and there is a learning curve, but it is so worth it. If you want to learn more about it then check out my wet shave guide.

This is my favorite of the grooming tips for men as I love to wet shave and really get into helping people get started with it.

Tip #11 – Groom your beard

One of the most common grooming faux pas that I see on a daily basis is a guy that has his style down pat. He is dressed to kill, has his hair looking fresh, shoes polished and confident air about him. Then his beard looks like it is housing a small animal.

Guys, you can’t just grow a beard and forget about it.

If a beard is worth growing it is worth taking care of.

Make sure it is shampooed occasionally and that you are using a good beard oil or balm. It will look and feel soft and have a healthy sheen to it. Then use a beard comb or brush to get the tangles out and allow it to grow faster and straighter.

Once in a while give it a trim with some clippers to get the split ends off, or go have your barber do it.

Tip #12 – Keep your nails in good shape

You may be going for a rugged look, but let’s not kid ourselves. Everybody knows you didn’t spend the weekend chopping wood, so don’t think you can let your nails look like a mess.

Either go to a nail salon, or your barber if they have a manicurist and have them professionally done. Or, get yourself a good manicure set and learn to do it yourself. This will save you some money in the long run and allows you to do it on your own time.

You want to have neat cuticles, trimmed and clean nails and a healthy shine to them.

This goes for your toes, too. Your feet may be hidden most of the day, but if you want to hit the town in flip flops this summer you better have your toenails in good shape.

Tip #13 – Keep your shoes smelling fresh

It is seriously the last thing people think of. Just like with toenails, they feel that nobody is going to smell their shoes unless you have to take them off. Which in an office or someplace is obviously not going to happen.

If somebody comes over to your house, though, the first thing they will notice is the smell of some funky shoes.

Fresh smelling shoes starts with proper foot care so read this article about how to eliminate foot odor and then you’ll see your shoes also follow suit.

Tip #14 – White teeth

Do you smoke? Drink coffee? Red wine?

All of these things and more, are staining your teeth and you probably don’t even realize it.

Make sure you are not only brushing your teeth, but also getting them pearly white. You can go to a dentist a couple of times per year or you can get yourself a teeth whitening kit to take care of it at home.

I don’t recommend going with teeth whitening toothpaste as it can strip away your enamel and leave you vulnerable to cavities.

Do this on a regular schedule so people don’t notice. Let them think you just always have wonderfully white teeth!

If you wait until you’ve noticed they are getting stained, and then suddenly you have sparkling white teeth it just doesn’t look natural.

In this vein, you should also be using a good mouthwash, too. It doesn’t matter how white your teeth are if your breath is out of whack.

Tip #15 – Manscape, manscape, manscape

If you look great with clothes but then you look like Sasquatch on the beach then you need to take control of your body hair.

Keep yourself trimmed or shaved from your neck to your toes.

You can go down to the skin if you want, but at least break out the body groomers once in a while to keep things from growing out of control.

If your chest is really hairy then you can trim it down.

You can shave your pubes or trim them with a grooming trimmer. Nobody wants to see a big hairy bush so keeping it trim or shaved is the way to go.

Your back also needs some attention.

There are few things as big a turn off as a hairy back. You can use a depilatory cream or a back shaver, but do what you must to get those tufts under control.

Yes, it sucks that you’ll need to do this regularly, but it is necessary. Unless you go for laser treatments, but they are expensive and don’t always work 100%.

Final Thoughts

You know what a well-groomed man should look like. You’ve seen some and they stand out.

Don’t you want to be seen the same way that you looked at them?

With these grooming tips for men then you should be well on your way to making an impression.

Add some properly fitting clothes and your total look is complete!

Do you have any questions about these grooming tips for men or anything else? Just drop a line in the box below and I will get back to you very soon to help you out!


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