12 Ways How To Make Your Skin Glow Naturally


Who wants a dull, saggy, dry, and tired-looking skin? Nobody.Everyone yearns to have healthy glowing skin. Healthy skin not only makes you feel confident but also portrays your healthy lifestyle. In layman terms, it can be said that the skin is a reflection of your inner body. Moreover, if you have a healthy lifestyle, your skin will look healthy and would glow from within. However, if you opt for a poor lifestyle, your skin will definitely speak of it. By lifestyle, I don’t mean your monetary conditions. Here talk of lifestyle takes account of your eating habits along with your ways of taking care of yourself.

12 Ways How To Make Your Skin Glow Naturally

There are many ways, the adoption of which can definitely lead you to flawless glowing skin. Here I have listed down things from diet to DIY remedies that can help to achieve glowing skin.


You are what you eat. Your skin body and hair is an outlook of what you eat and drink. A balanced nutritious diet is a key that would help to achieve a healthy mind and body inside-out. By balanced diet (balanced nutrition) I mean that you are taking an optimal amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals which are necessary for healthy processes and growth. You will be able to visibly differentiate between a person having a healthy diet and the one who does not have one. If you will maintain your diet which fulfills your nutrients needs, you would definitely have a healthy glowing skin. So be aware of what you eat.


Exercise is one of the very useful habits that give you glowing, active, and perfect skin. Moreover, exercise improves the circulation of blood which ultimately produces a glow on your skin. Additionally, better circulation of blood helps to deliver the right quantity of oxygen to each and every cell of the body leading to good health. Apart from keeping you, active exercise brings good health and shine that can be visibly noticed. So, keep your body active and get a natural glow in bonus.


You must have heard a lot of beauty influencers talk about drinking plenty of water to get glowy skin. Yes, it is true water makes about 80-90% of all your body constituents. Water not only keeps your skin hydrated but also helps to pour toxins out of your body. The exact amount of water you need to drink varies according to your needs, but as a general rule, men should drink 3.7 liters, and women should take 2.7 liters of water per day. It will not only keep your body healthy but also produce a healthy glow on your skin.


The sleeping requirements vary from person to person. Most healthy adults need 7-9 hours of sleep every night to function at their best. Taking the right amount of sleep not only keeps the body in optimum functioning conditions but also produces a wide healthy shine on your skin. People who do not have proper sleeping habits are visibly distinguished and can be seen and dull and lethargic. Proper sleep automatically brings a glow on your face and makes you active and energetic. So, you get a healthy body and a glowing skin in a package.


Exfoliation is very necessary for your skin. It removes dead skin cells on the top and prepares the skin for cleansing and toning. It is an interesting fact that human skin continuously regenerates producing new skin cells and sheds off the older skin layer. Moreover, exfoliation doesn’t let the dead cells keep sitting on top rather removes them exposing new cells and hence produce a glow to your skin. Use a cleanser to gently massage on your face in circular motions for a few seconds, which will increase the blood circulation and also remove dead skin cells and leftovers of makeup.


After exfoliation, take some toner on a cotton pad and gently rub it all over your face. Keep rubbing until all dirt has been removed. Moreover, you can check the list of new and improved toners by thecopcart as well.


Daily moisturization is essential rather than critical if you have a dry skin type. Moreover, the daily application of makeup, following the removal procedure can drain out excess oils from your skin can lead to dry, dull, and flaky skin. Choose a moisturizer with infused natural oils like almond or olive oil and use it after makeup removal and cleansing. This would help you to achieve hydrated and glowing skin. Organic ingredients are most trusted and used by the majority, as these are unlikely to produce any side effects. You can simply use organic oils to get that moisturization even if you are on a budget and can’t afford expensive lotions or moisturizers available in the market. Just know your skin type and know what suits you.


Taking a unified approach towards the products you use on the skin is often better for the skin. It is highly recommended to use the toner, cleanser, and moisturizer from the same company or brand. It is seen very commonly that products from different brands often do not interact well and can lead to unwanted side effects, most common being acne or allergy. Products from the same brand interact more gently towards each other and hence do not harm you as well. This is especially of arch-importance for people with sensitive skin.


Hot showers no doubt, make you feel great, and you don’t want to get out of the bathroom. These hot showers, if taken for extended time periods, can stripe-off excessive oils for your body, making it dry. This happens, particularly in winters. So, to avoid excessive oil loss from your body use luke-warm water and keep the duration of shower less than 10 minutes.


The soaps with heavy deodorants use the detergents which have added fats. These will not stripe of excessive oils from your body; rather they’d leave a moisturizing layer on the skin after the shower is over. There are many soaps available in the market, like Neutrogena and Dove, etc.

Pro-tip: Whenever you go to buy something, always see the ingredients and see what you are applying on your skin. The perks of the internet make you able to know the actions as well as the side effects of each and every ingredient.

11. TEA

Tea is an excellent source of antioxidants. Antioxidant agents fight the free radicals that damage your skin. According to a study, people who drink tea are less likely to develop squamous cell skin cancer. So incorporate tea in your diet. However, you are always advised to stay away from the excess of everything and adopt moderation.


Skincare routine is essential for your skin. If you didn’t pay attention to taking care of your skin, you would suffer from tiredness and dullness. Skin-care, especially at night, is very effective as your body is naturally recovering itself. You can use a good chunk of moisturizer and cover your hands and feet with nice warm cloth or wear socks. This process would help to deeply moisturize your skin and help to achieve healthy glowing skin.



Garlic has excellent potential advantages for your skin. Garlic helps to make cells more youthful, providing the youthful appearance to your skin. It also prevents cells from developing cancers. The best way is to increase the use of garlic in your daily cooking. So, you won’t have to put an extra effort taking garlic.


Choose vitamin-rich foods rather than ingesting vitamin supplements. Vitamins are those parts of our nutrition that the body itself cannot synthesize but make an integral part of our diet. Vitamins, if consumed through food, are absorbed more compared to supplement intake. There are a lot of foods that are rich sources of vitamins as carrots, spinach and potatoes are rich in vitamin A, citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C and vitamin B is richly present in lean meat, soy, and whole grains.


Fatty fish is also a rich source of omega-3s. Olive oil and walnuts also provide you a high content of omega fatty acids.


  • Make a paste by addition of aloe vera gel, milk, and rose water. Let the paste sit on your skin for 10-15 minutes. Your skin would feel the freshness and tightness, making it feel young and adds sheer glow. All the ingredients are natural, and there are minimal chances of any side effects.
  • A mixture of a teaspoon of honey, lemon juice, and a thin layer of milk makes another great mask. All ingredients are natural and immediately provides freshness to the skin. Vitamin C in lemon not only acts as an exfoliant but also acts as a natural bleaching agent.
  • You can apply aloe vera gel on your face at night and wash it off in the morning you will feel a youthfulness on skin gradually by continuous use.

It is seen that often, people are using 6-7 chemical products, including face washes, masks, cleansers, and toners, etc. It is good to use products no doubt, but the best approach is to use one or two products that best suit you without irritating your skin and don’t keep budging to achieve something perfect. Let your skin live and breathe. Nourish it well with a healthy diet, and you will see that eating good is the best way to get a glowy and healthy skin.

Drink lots of water, as You are what you eat. Stay positive and spread positive energy.


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